People Break Down The Best Non-Sexual Pleasure They've Ever Experienced
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Life is full of the simplest pleasures; we just have to be open enough to all of them. Pleasure is not singularly linked to the sexual aspects of our brains. Everything from a good grade to a winning lottery ticket can give us full on body spasms. For me, the sound of Adele can transcend me to a place of peace and send shivers of ecstasy down my spine. When you stop to enjoy the moments, you realize finding sensation, is far easier than we think.

Redditor u/neeluxmth26 wanted everyone to share about what certain things in life give us all the feels and tingles by asking... What is the best non-sexual pleasure or sensation a human can experience?

My Mixtape

Driving Off Episode 11 GIF by The Simpsons Giphy

Having someone sincerely listen to the playlist you put on.


My grandpa's here!

Arriving early to pick up my grandkid (F7) who I (M61) had not seen in months, she spotted me in the hall outside her 2nd grade classroom, With a squeal of glee, she blurted out, "My grandpa's here! My grandpa's here!" Her joy was very evident. Yeah, that stayed with me.


Auditory Feelings

Water coming out of your ear after it's been stuck there for a bit.


My ears don't always clean right and once a year I need to get my ear cleaned out at a doctors office. It hurts during but feels so good after.

They take a spray bottle and shoot up your ear with water and month old ear wax comes flowing out. It's like an enema for my ear, feels so good.


Counting threads...

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Fresh bedsheets.


When I was a kid, I would play at the beach for hours. I'd run back to the house, rinse myself off and dive under the blankets. Most cozy comfortable feeling ever. Instantly out cold.


New Schedule

Working from home (before Covid once per week, since Covid 100% of time), I low-key already do this. Work more Mon-Thurs if needed, do meetings Friday early morning and then mostly chill. Same amount of work gets done per week regardless. This is in two different companies btw, and haven't had a single complaint so far.


the little things

Doing multiple in case someone already said one:

  1. When your scissors glide along the wrapping paper
  2. When you're using a nonstick pan and all of the sauce/ grease just sliiiiiideeeessss right out
  3. When there's a pause in the music and you hit the next note at JUST the right time
  4. Finding money in your wallet when you thought you had none
  5. When you're nice to a restaurant employee and they give you free food in return 💕 this one is fun for everyone involved so it's extra good 🥰. Edog6968


Waking up at 3 am with massive thirst and then you take that nice, cold and godly sip of water!


I appreciate this so much more since in college there was a chance that water bottle had vodka. Starting to chug what you think is water and turn out to be vodka is the absolute worst throw up feeling I've had.


That Extra Day

waking up GIF Giphy

Having a 3 day weekend and waking up on that Saturday realizing you still have two more days off.


Adding to this, thinking it's Sunday, and that tomorrow you have to get up early to go to work, and suddenly realize it's still Saturday.


The Givers

Seeing someone happy with the gift you gave them.


You know what I like to do? I like to put a lot of effort into the wrapping paper. I even learnt a way to do it without any sellotape and my good friends were so wowed and impressed with what I had created.


I love the whole process of preparing and giving a gift. I love it 100x more than receiving any gift. One of the very few things that brings me true joy.


Toilet Time

Sick Toilet Paper GIF by Tricia Grace Giphy

Taking a smooth, efficient, clean poop.


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