People Break Down The Most Useless Facts They Know
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The mind is an amazing muscle. The amount of information it holds is awe inspiring. Why is it that sometimes one can solve the answer to a historical question (like who created bread) but can't remember how to change a tire? Knowledge is power and useless knowledge is abundant and always at the ready. If you are that person brimming with mundane facts... get yourself to Jeopardy!

Redditor u/ReverseFlash_94 wanted everyone to divulge all the information our minds have downloaded that seems to be useful if we end up on 'Jeopardy' by asking.... What is your most useless fact?

Hey J....

Michael J Fox Waiting GIF by Back to the Future TrilogyGiphy

Michael J. Fox's middle name is Andrew.


I before O

Confetti is the plural word, the singular is confetto.


Oh, like how macaroni is plural and the singular is macaronous.


Say what you Mean

The term "third world country" refers to countries not allied with NATO or the USSR during the Cold war, not developing nations.


Like the word "literally" literally meaning "figuratively," and only figuratively meaning "literally."

Or "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" originally being a saying to demonstrate how impossible something is, but now being considered (by some, at least) the standard for how hard-working a person should be.


What about a Hiney?

sexy the simpsons GIFGiphy

A "butt" is a unit of measurement equivalent to 126 gallons. So if you claim that you have a buttload of something, you better have 126 gallons of that something.


Thanks Bill

Bluegrass music isn't named after the type of grass.

It's named after Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys (the original blue grass band the category comes from)

It's interesting... but I haven't found a use for it.


Dumbo is Lucky

timothy q mouse disney GIFGiphy

Elephants can move their skin to crush mosquitoes between their rolls.


Wish I could do that. Lord knows I have the rolls.


The List is Long...

Oh boy do I have a few! I collect these!

  1. A chinchillas fur is so thick it can suffocate fleas
  2. Cows have best friends and accents!
  3. The human nose is one of the best predictors of when its going to rain because it can pick up its scent
  4. The reason zebras are black and white is for camouflage! Their main predators are lions which are black and white color blind! Seeing a moving wave of stripes makes it harder to single out one sole zebra to focus on!
  5. The human brain has the consistency of soft butter and is mostly water which is why staying hydrated is so important
  6. There are such things as underwater lakes. Water meets another liquid which has a different density creating the illusion of a lake under water. Think oil and water. You should honestly look up pictures they look amazing.
  7. Squirrels have been known to adopt other squirrels babies if they have been abandoned!
  8. The reason dogs look to their owns when they poop is because they feel scared and vulnerable and like knowing your keeping an eye out
  9. Albino plants exist! However, they are really rare and often don't survive due to the chlorophyll (which makes plants green) being necessary for photosynthesis
  10. Popcorn was an accident! I don't remember the details but essentially they were trying to eat the kernels but couldn't so they said they were useless and threw them away into the fire. Boom. Popcorn. Honestly_Done

Go Fish

sushi GIFGiphy

'Sushi grade' fish isn't a real thing.

Fish grading is a real process, but it's to do with weight and size, and it doesn't go C, B, A, Sushi.


Here comes the Sun

The diameter of the sun is roughly 400 times that of the moon but it's also approximately 400 times farther away from earth. These two things cancel each other out and, with astronomical odds, they end up looking the same size from earth.


King Shot

elvis love GIFGiphy

I learned this yesterday that Elvis was asked in 1956 before going on the Ed Sullivan show if he'd get a polio vaccine in front of cameras, that photo was put in newspapers nation wide. There was a vaccination gap in teens of the time they were not getting it, that photo caused I believe a 15+% increase in the total vaccinated population of the US.



  1. The center hole of a CD/DVD/BD is based on the Dutch 10 cent coin called dubbeltje.
  2. The dubbeltje was the smallest coin in the world until it was replaced by the Euro. AncientMumu


Death Becomes Her 80S Movies GIF by absurdnoiseGiphy

It takes a full three rotations to remove the human head due to the elasticity of skin.


So Much Knowledge

You're more likely to die on the way to buy a lottery ticket than to win the jackpot.

You're nose is always in view but your brain blocks it out.

Homosexuality occurs in 90% of known species, none more than spiders who are predominantly homosexual rather than heterosexual like most species.

In Harry Potter all pure blood wizard families follow naming schemes and are closely related and accidental incest was caught on an official family tree JK Rowling made for Pottermore.


Following Dinner

Crows are symbols of death because they followed the soldiers to war because they knew that there would be something to eat afterwards.


Cars Then?

easy rider motorcycles GIFGiphy

It's illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle in London.


The Family Süd

The store Aldi was founded by two brothers in Germany. At one point, they had a falling out, and the store was split into two different corporations - Aldi Nord (north) and Aldi Süd (south). As you might guess, you can find Aldi Nord in northern Germany, and Aldi Süd in southern Germany. The Aldi that exists in the US is owned by Aldi Nord. For trademark reasons (I believe), Aldi Süd was unable to come to the US and call itself Aldi. However, Trader Joe's is owned by Aldi Süd.


In Time

A second is called a second because it is the 2nd division of the hour by 60 (pars minuta secunda), the 1st division being a minute (pars minuta prima).




The phrase "I told you so".

  1. It is a fact since you told me.
  2. The fact that you told me doesn't help me at all which makes it a useless fact. Boring_Youth3531

How about Bare?

Bears were not always called bears. The word bear was used as a placeholder name for the animal; as medieval folk thought that saying the real name of the animal would cause one to appear. The original name for a bear has since been lost and no one knows what it was.



squirrels GIF by CheezburgerGiphy

Squirrels can fall from any height and not get hurt. It something to do with their terminal velocity.


Squirrels can fall from any height up to about 4800 miles, because they are able to spread out their body, which slows their terminal velocity to a slow enough fall that they survive. The only reason they can't survive from 4800 miles is that they will starve to death (assuming they were somehow managing to fall at terminal velocity towards earth, since that is in the frigid cold that is space).


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Everyone always harps on the importance of first impressions.

But we also need to pay attention to all that follows.

I'm starting to believe a first impression can be a great fake-out.

People will allow their true colors to shine over time.

Redditor Xanax_Sprite wanted everyone to open up about what things people can do that immediately change one's opinion of a person's character, not for the better.

They asked:

"What immediately makes you think less of someone?"

It's entirely too easy to turn me off. I admit, it's an issue. Maybe that's a thing people suddenly dislike about me.

Bad Behavior

rude bon qui qui GIFGiphy

"Intentional embarrassment. When someone brings something up in front of a group to humiliate someone else."


Man Up

"Not taking responsibility for their actions."


"Even worse. people who make excuses for their mistakes, no matter how bluntly you point it out to them that this is their shortcoming. Man up and admit you make a mistake. Stop telling me A happened then B happened so C happened. we are here to work, not tell each other make believe stories."


Be Quiet

"Someone who interrupts a serious conversation to make it about them."


"Being subject to that infuriating s**t was what eventually inspired me to listen to people more, especially regarding heavier topics. Sometimes people just need to be heard and held, and it isn't fair for them to expose their vulnerabilities only to have you dismiss them by trying to make their suffering about you."


Where are they?

"How they speak about a person who is not present in the conversation."


"One of the most important lessons my father taught me..."

"Don't speak about a person if they're not in the room."

"They don't have a representative in the room and especially if your words get back to them and they can't say 'I know, he already had that convo with me.' I've earned a rep for not speaking behind people's backs to the point where when someone claimed I did, that person called them a liar. Pops sucked but I thank him for that lesson."


Be Consistent

Jennifer Lawrence Reaction GIFGiphy



"100. People can change their opinions, but not flip flop regularly."


I can't with hypocrites. My life's biggest pet peeve.

Be clean

Season 4 Episode 22 GIF by The SimpsonsGiphy



"Yep, had a coworker once who spit on the floor inside."

"It was a warehouse-type building, but still. This particular guy also left cigarette butts on the floor inside and dumped a dog on the business property. Needless to say, he didn't last long here. Some people are just really rude and stupid."


Say Sorry

"Had a friend who never, ever apologized for anything or really took any responsibility. Even in situations which were funny and non-serious, he’d always talk his a** out of it (in a jokey matter). But when some s**t hit the fan, that guy turned into one of the scariest, manipulative and aggressive people I’ve met that would rather die than take accountability for the things he’s done."

"And for which there were many witnesses and evidence against him. Moral of the story, if you know someone who won’t say sorry or admit they did something wrong for even the least serious things, run, because when they actually do something seriously bad it’s just gonna get real ugly."


Face 2 Face

"Lying to my face. There’s no going back in my eyes because I will never trust you. Secrets are fine and dandy. That’s not quite the same as straight up lying. A direct example is people lying about their family dying to get out of work or when this older woman in her 40’s tried to lie about cleaning up her work station when she left it for me to clean."


“as a joke”

"Being mean to animals."


"Even when people joke about being mean to animals. I have a cat I love dearly and the number of comments I get about harming cats because people don’t like them 'as a joke' is infuriating and not funny, Ken."


"I include poorly training their pets in this. It’s neglect/negligence and it’s abuse."


Eyes Up

Call Me Lol GIF by Black PrezGiphy

"When they’re looking at their phones, not paying any attention to you when you’re trying to have a conversation with them."


It doesn't take much to change an impression. Let's do better.