People Break Down Which Foods They Completely Despise

Yuck. Just yuck!!

People Break Down Which Foods They Completely Despise
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Food is an essential part of life. We need it to survive. But there are some foods that I'd rather drop dead than have to consume. Now I get that there are otherworldly concoctions that can give the palette an orgasmic shock but if the ingredients contain a few certain things--like cow tongue--I'll stay food celibate.

Redditor u/Dependent-Recover353 wanted to know what menu items gets your stomach turning by asking...

What food do you just completely despise and why?

I'm not a foodie, so for me a meal is just a meal, not a religious experience. I don't need to sample wonderous delicacies. And apparently I'm not alone. Everyone does have that line were food just goes a little too far. Like, why would anyone eat a chicken gizzard? This is a thing? I have no words. Thankfully others do.

Death Greens

jim carrey asparagus GIFGiphy

"Asparagus. It tastes good but my dad choked on it when i was a kid and it was so scary that i've never eaten it since then."


A Hard Chew

"I absolutely hate chewing on tendon... whether it be from beef, or chicken.. God dammit, anything with meat and a rubbery chewy feeling just makes me gag. The sensation is god awful for me, and is the best I can explain.I also dislike papaya because the smell is off putting. The smell coming from that specific fruit triggers memories when I was a kid and tried it and gagged from it. I can handle other fragrant fruits, but papaya - no."


The Bone

"I can't eat bone-in meats because of tendons. Not only do you have that feeling of it in-between your teeth, but scraping the bone has a really cringy feeling similar to scratching a chalkboard."


"I'm the weirdo that will get every bit that I can off the bone, but only at home. I know to refrain when in public. But it hurts my soul. I knew my husband was my person when he offered me the chicken wing bones on his plate lol."


Soy you Say...

"Soy anything, I am deathly allergic to it and they put that crap in everything in America. It's the wax we shine our fruit with, the oils we make everything with from soup to coffee creamers. They inject the isolated protein, my allergen, into random meats and products. Forget soy."


Scrub a dub spice...

"I've got that thing where cilantro tastes like soap, so there's that."


"I always figured cilantro was some regional American spice but I've only just learned it's coriander lol. Does this gene make the seeds taste like soap as well?"


Some spices, sauces and meats are meant to be left OUT of a recipe. Food is really a "to each their own" type of situation. The people who spoke up enjoy embracing "their own." I remember the one time I tried goose liver pâté... the nightmares still reverberate. The next group of people clearly have some edible PTSD.


gross gag GIF by Anime Crimes DivisionGiphy

"Water chestnuts, its the texture."


An Ill Slaw

"Sauerkraut, I am from south Germany and a total disgrace to my culture and family for this but man forget that dish."


"Finally! I'm not alone! There's plenty of foods that I don't really care for, but there's only one that I literally can't eat without getting physically ill (hell, I have to leave the room if someone is eating that crap)."


Seafood Roulette

"Oysters, clams, etc. The texture, smell, flavor. A massive no from me."


"Eating raw oysters from the Gulf of Mexico is like Russian roulette with better odds. It is not often considering how much get eaten, but every year a few people get viral meningitis from eating them raw."


Bad Oils...

"Truffle, it's definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing but it just tastes like feet to me."


"The first time I tried truffle was in a macaroni and ammonia was all I could taste or smell I decided to try it again now that I knew what to expect and I found it MUCH tamer the second go around."

I tried it again and now I love it, well, at least how a little truffle oil tastes in an extremely cheesy macaroni. I even made my own at home one day with black truffle oil and it was awesome. I then used a small amount on my plate to dip my pizza in and that was also really good. I mainly dipped my crust into it."


With a nice Chianti

hannibal and clarice GIFGiphy



"Whenever my mom makes something with liver I can smell it throughout the entire house, it's so disgusting. It's a weird kinda sweet smell/taste that just reminds me of decay."



"Natto. Just look at it. It looks like the weird creatures from Beyond the Aquila Rift shat it out."


"Not to mention it smells like death and any sound associated with it sends shivers down my spine."


"Never heard of it. Looked it up. Looks rank. Sounds like it smells rank. I'd be raging if some cunt pulled that out to eat first thing in the morning for breakfast."


In the genes...

"Cilantro. I have that gene."


"I do too, and the soap taste is SO overpowering like a small bit in my food and I may as well be eating a bow of dawn. I just want to know what it tastes like to people that don’t have it, but no one can describe it."


I Can't

Freak Out No GIF by pikaoleGiphy

"Shrimp, I’m not allergic but I get nauseous whenever I eat it."


With a Passion

"Chitlins or tripe, I hate the smell and I can't digest because they're never going in my mouth."


"I hate chitlins (pork chitterlings) with a passion. I literally don't get WHY anyone likes them. They taste and smell awful, and you have to clean them a lot to cook them to the point where they still taste and smell awful. So much work for a terrible food."


tastes like dirt

"Beets. They taste like dirt. And the beet blood gets all over everything and then everything else tastes like dirt, too. (And before you ask, yes, I have tried them that way. My partner loves them and served them to me every which way. They're all gross.)"


"My husband hates beets for the same reasons you do, but I love them. They taste sweet to me, not like dirt. I suspect it’s like how coriander tastes like soap to some people."


Beaned Out

"Lima beans, no matter what you do with them they taste like sh*t."


"For me it's a texture thing. Lima Beans and Baked Beans are awful to eat. I try to avoid getting the mixed vegetables that have lima beans but sometimes the fiancee gets them and I have to pick the lima beans out."



"Eggplant. Even the name sounds disgusting."


"My aversion comes from having to eat them all summer, like every other day, so we aren't 'wasting' food. But because we grew so many my mom would wait to pick them until they were rugby ball sized and tasted like balsa. Now I've learned to pick them at lightbulb sized and they are pretty tasty."


Just Plain Gross

"Plain yogurt. I can’t really say why, aside that it’s a little too similar to just straight-up sour cream."


"God my mom only lets us have Greek yogurt in the house and there’s like maybe three flavors that don’t suck. Normal vanilla yogurt is a good taste to me, but vanilla Greek yogurt f**king sucks. Plain is even worse, but we don’t have that ever."


Bag Cherry

winona ryder heathers GIFGiphy

"Twizzlers. I f**kin' hate Twizzlers and I will die on this hill. They taste like saran wrap that sat next to a cherry for a couple hours."


yes I can...

"Celery. I hate it so much. I do not care if it's dipped in peanut butter or ranch. Even if a small amount is in a soup, I can still taste that overwhelming flavor. I cannot stand it at all no matter what. Keep that devil plant out of my food."


"Yes!!! My friends always give me weird looks for picking celery out of things- 'you can’t even taste it!”' Yes, yes I can."


Bodies process food differently. Things aren't going to taste the same for everyone. So good luck in life tastings. There are two truths with menus we all must accept... eating is always a game of roulette and pineapple IS good on pizza. The End.

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