A vital part of survival in life is finance. As much as they say money isn't everything, it certainly is a whole lot of something. Saving money and finding ways to be frugal is a smart and efficient way to find financial stability. But every once in awhile there is definitely good reason to splurge a bit and spend money on an important product or an indulgence that will enhance your existence and bring a smile.

Redditor u/TheCommentPolice519 wanted to know who had no issue throwing out that coin by asking.... What is expensive but worth it?

Sleep Land....

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A weighted blanket. I got a cheap one for around $40 but it's so so worth it.

We have a queen size and put it over our sheet and blanket so it doesn't get hot and the weight helps you sink into the mattress and fall asleep. I have restless legs and my husband has insomnia. We've been sleeping MUCH better since using our blanket.


Knife that fits the hand?

A high quality chef's knife.


To add an extra bit, a high quality chef's knife that fits your hand.

My husband hates my chef's knife because it's too small of a handle for him and I hate his chefs knife because it feels too clunky. We both loved cooking before we met so we ended up with two different sets of prep knives once we combined everything.


Think Ahead

Investing for retirement.


I work for the federal government and have a good retirement. While many of my friends make more per hour than I do I don't think they've even thought of their exit strategy while I already have 6 figures saved. I don't want to be working forever.


Good Ingredients....

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For a cook, good salt and olive oil goes a long way.


If you are in the United States both California and Texas have olive orchards that are producing. Domestic olive oil is significantly more expensive than foreign grown. I was amazed the first time I tasted 100% pure olive oil that was at peak flavor.


Being Grounded....

Anything that goes between you and the ground. Footwear, tires, beds, etc.


You need to be careful though, lots of good brands which are pricey have moved their manufacturing offshore and now just make expensive crap. I had some go-to brands that I've literally worn out in a few months.


Slumber Home

A nice bed.


You spend 1/3 of your life on here, so this definitely makes sense.


I think its about 60% of my life, so it's definitely worth it.



A house.


While houses are definitely great, I don't think everyone is cut out to own one. Houses require a lot of maintenance and time invested, and for some people it's just a better option to rent.


Health through the gums...

Dental work.


Britain actually has world class dental care for many many years. They just don't focus on cosmetic stuff like us Americans. They generally have better teeth than us nowadays and apparently they don't even need to pay for it! Jealous.


Keeping them White

A good electric toothbrush.


I have the oral b pro 3000 it's a good starting brush, first time using it I felt like I just got a dental cleaning. It has several different modes including a whitening, I've been using it for almost 2 months now and my teeth got noticeably whiter, you just have to be consistent. The Bluetooth app makes it easy.


Bye Felicia....

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A divorce.


Couldn't agree more! Also worth the time/money to consult multiple attorneys. Even if you don't think you have much to fight over, you need an attorney you trust to protect you.


for the 20/20....



I went with intralase SBK. Hybrid of Lasik and PRK. Pricier, but less risk of complications. Faster recovery. 20/20 vision the morning after and I could have driven myself to the follow up appointment but husband wouldn't let me. Little bit of light sensitivity now which just means I wear sunglasses more often which isn't a bad thing.



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Education. No one could take that away from you.


Also, practically free in many parts of the world.


On a Cloud....

Sneakers for working out or hiking.


And proper running shoes for running! I decided to start running and in order to motivate myself, sunk 160 bucks into proper running shoes. Like running on a freaking cloud.



Good boots/shoes.

Went through several pairs of work boots that consistently hurt my feet. Finally spent the money on some Irish setter (redwing) boots. They're the most comfortable shoes I own (including tennis shoes).


I paid out for my kennetrek wildland firefighting boots and I can't recommend them enough. I love kennetrek in general and have always got 5 years of daily use out of them but these wildland fire ones are easily my favorite so far.


Do you hear the people sing?

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A musical instrument and lessons.


I found a Casio CTK-5000 discarded on the sidewalk last week. It was filthy and the plastic sides were collapsing in on themselves, and it didn't turn on. After a quick scrub, some superglue, and a set of D batteries it works like a charm.

Last week I couldn't play piano, either. Now I know where the notes are and how to play chords. I've been practicing random songs and have the first bars of each down, and I'm hoping to get better with time. I really need a better teaching resource.

Considering that last Monday I wouldn't have ever considered I'd have a functional instrument now, it's kind of wild.


Smells like you...

Good cologne. It seems vain and silly, but once you find that one scent that really works on you. Man. It's like being reborn.


I have chronic migraines and strong smells (especially cologne, scented spray etc) trigger really bad ones. I will get an instant migraine from cheaply, strong, sugary, flowery cologne or body mist/spray and eau de Toilette.

Like the crap they sell at Victoria Secret. It's horrible but yet so many woman spray that crap on themselves and they smell like they bathed in it for hours. I just can't... I personally buy only two brands of perfumes and they are on the more $ side. Still searching for a third alternative.


Pain Away....

Epidural. Would recommend to anyone in labor.


Susan all loopy and riding an epidural high on Coupling:

"Hello Dr Take-Away-My-Pain"

"Feeling better Susan?"

"Yes, I'd have you right here in this bed, but I've got someone coming the other way"


Fur Baby price tag...

A pet, they can become VERY expensive.


Emphasis on the VERY. Believe it or not I had a white German Shepherd that cost me a little more than 10,000 in the first year and a half and it didn't stop there. But still was the best dog I ever had. Much to loved to not be missed... terribly.



Noise cancelling headphones.

I went through the first 3 years of school with budget noise cancelling headphones. I just couldn't justify dropping $300 on a pair of Bose QC25s being a broke student and all that.

I ended up buying a used pair about a month in to my 4th year and boy oh boy did they make a difference. I regret not scraping together the cash and buying them in 1st year.

In terms of dollars per hour of enjoyment, that's probably the best damn money I've ever spent.



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Quality condoms.


Or a vasectomy.


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