People Break Down The Biggest Mistake They've Ever Made In Their Entire Life


Did I do that?

Life is full of whoopsies and uh-ohs; solid truth. There is nothing we can do to undo an action taken. The only power we have is to embrace mistake and fix what we can. Too often we get caught up in the damage done and then wallow in the debris. The only thing to do is to move on. Yes some mistakes are huge and life altering, so alter the outcome and forge forward.

Redditor u/lazydogg9 wanted everyone to open up and share about those certain follies of life that haunt them by asking.....


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Trying to make a doomed relationship work and losing myself and my dignity by doing it.


On the plus side, you're probably better at recognizing a bad relationship and are more likely to nope the heck out quicker.



Wasting too many years on people that didn't deserve my time.


Yup. Had too many "friends" who did not have my best interests in mind. When I started getting serious in my career path, I had to cut many of them off because they wanted to do risky stuff and I wanted to obtain and maintain a security clearance.



Going to college without a plan.


I had a plan. It didn't work. I came up with a second plan. It didn't work either. I finally came up with a third plan.

It worked well enough to get through a Master's degree, but not well enough to get a job. Gotta job in unrelated field. I decide to go back to school with a really good plan. Got another Master's. Still working in an unrelated field.


Not so Death do us part....

Marrying my first wife when she was 19 and I was 22. I was not old enough to be married. she discovered alcohol after we got married and grew up. turns out she was one type of person, and i wasn't the kind of person that was at all interested in who she had become.

I changed a lot to. there was a lot of growing up i did during that marriage.

towards the end i asked her if we shouldn't look at buying a house. she told me she didn't know, because that was kind of a big commitment.

i started working night shift or traveling jobs to avoid her. i thought marriage was until death do you part. i was waiting to die.

time away was convenient for her. gave her time to date other people, and get knocked up, and use our rent money on a tattoo. seriously, all of it.

i wasn't perfect, by any means. we were both to young, to immature to be married.


all of me....

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Well "gestures broadly at my entire life"....


Mouth Shut

Talking to the police because I knew I was innocent.


Yep, always consult a lawyer/bring one with you. They know the game, how to play it, and when they're trying to put you at ease.

They say asking for a lawyer makes you look guilty, but I'd rather look guilty than be f*cking found guilty.

Source, I've worked for two different police departments and half of my friend group are current or former police. None of them have railroaded anyone I know of, but they'll tell you when they believe it's happening to someone.


those who destroy us....

Calling out an up-and-coming trust fund baby, actor, and narcissist on his abuse of me. He kicked me out of a friend group so I wouldn't warn his now-ex, who is a famous actress. He and that friend group have been thoroughly indoctrinated that I'm crazy and out to get them. A bunch of those friends currently work on a very famous science fiction show.

Narcissists will try to destroy you if you call them on their abuse. They're frequently quite effective.


I'm Out

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Moving in to my ex-girlfriend's place when I really wasn't all that serious about the relationship. Man that sucked when things went off the rails.


"meh, it's just allergies."

I didn't realize that asthma stays with you your whole life. I was visiting family and had a little trouble breathing, I thought "meh, it's just allergies." Popped some allergy medication and it didn't go away. I was staying with my brother and his wife, and as the night went on my breathing trouble got worse and worse. Finally around 2 AM I went and woke them up saying that I needed to go to the hospital like now; I could hardly breathe.

Once there, they took care of me pretty quickly and luckily my aunt was working as a nurse. After I could breathe again and had recounted the story, she asked "Wait, you had asthma as a kid, didn't you?" "Yeah.... why?" "You... you do realize that that doesn't just go away, right?" I'd been symptom-free for over a decade by that point; I didn't even think about asthma anymore.

If I'd just gone to the ER sooner I could have gotten the whole situation taken care of much more quickly. I didn't have to struggle for several hours as my breathing became more and more labored, but I was stubborn and thought it would subside.


Bye Mom

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Not realizing sooner that my mother was an extremely toxic human being who was slowly destroying my mental wellbeing.


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