People Break Down Their Absolute Favorite Words To Use


Such Language....

The language of language is a beautiful gift. Words are so underappreciated by so many. Language and it's origin are fascinating, seriously, spend a day just writing down and looking up words that are new to your ears. Its not a deleterious task. You'll find some words will be keepers to use, just like your favorite XXX words. They have interesting origins as well. Its all so.... beguiling. Don't allow your closest dictionaries and thesaurus' go to waste.

Redditor u/mexgema wanted to discuss the beauty.... and scandal of language by asking everyone to shout out..... What is your favorite word?


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One of few words that sounds exactly like the emotion it entails.


For the birds

A while back, we decided to try birds as pets. My daughter used the Smashing Pumpkins album cover as inspiration for their names, Melon and Collie. If we had liked being bird owners (we definitely did not), we would have acquired a third, darker colored, bird and named it "The infinite sadness".



As a french, my favorite English word is thorough as I absolutely can't pronounce it right.

Edit : Many people have been trying to help me pronounce it but I still can't xD.


I'm also a native speaker so I don't know quite why he enjoys the phrase so much, but I think it has to do with how snappy the two syllables are: "all" and "set". It's a quick little phrase and it's satisfying to say and being ready for something is already satisfying in itself. Anyway that's my guess.


Off the Tongue...

Soliloquy. It's pretty much just a synonym of monologue, but I love the way soliloquy flows off the tongue.


It's a literary device used in dramatic productions. The main difference between a soliloquy and a monologue is that a soliloquy is spoken thought, meaning a character who is alone on stage or thinks they're alone on stage is speaking their mind.

A soliloquy is letting the audience know what the character thinks through literal spoken thought. Whereas a monologue is a speech spoken to another character or the audience.

Source: Was bullied as a theatre kid in high school.


From the Back....

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It starts at the back of your mouth and moves to the front as you say it.


Such Silence....


What a dumpster fire. 4 silent vowels.


Blame the French. They're the masters of not pronouncing things. "Beaucoup" is pronounced "bo-coo".


No offense was meant -- I described my favorite word as a dumpster fire. To me the phrase represents chaos, the unexpected, something against the norm. And there's beauty in that.

Keep on keeping on. You got this.


So Laxx...



Had a coach in high school who loved to complain that we were being lackadaisical on the field, but pronounced it lackSadaisical...bugged us then and still bugs me 15 years later.



Discombobulate! It sounds so bouncy, I love it.


My favorite usage of this word was watching bored sportscasters trying to make chitchat while watching a really bad game (both teams were sucking it up).

Commentator 1: Wow their defense is just so, so discombobulated. Commentator 2: Huh, discombobulated... how do you spell that? Commentator 1: Haha uhhh D-I-S........ combobulated!


Loving Excess

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Grandiloquent — an excessively flowery, fancy word used to describe the use of excessively flowery, fancy words.


That's kind of like how sesquipedalian is a long word to describe long words.


Out of the Dark....


It just rolls off the tongue so beautifully.


I love the title of the Arctic Monkeys song Fluorescent Adolescent for the same reason.


"He who stumbles around in darkness with a stick is blind; but he who sticks out in darkness is fluorescent." —Brother Silence



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It's beautiful, and haunting.

Just like the meaning.



I first read it in a Lovecraft story. I saw it, and had to find out the meaning, and how to pronounce it. It stuck with me ever since.


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