People Break Down Their Absolute Worst Vacation Experiences


I'll need a vacation for this vacation and therapy!

Vacations are supposed to be a time of rest and rejuvenation; our bodies, minds and spirits have earned this life reprieve. But sadly, many a long awaited getaway can turn into utter chaos and disaster prompting us just to stay home or go back to work. There is nowhere in the world immune from tragedy and craziness so we just have to travel and pray. Heck, look what is happening now? The stories about vacation post-Coronavirus will be full of disappointment.

Redditor u/cukatie2983 wanted to see who wished to commiserate about the times their vacations turned into nightmares by asking.... [Serious] What was the worst thing to ever happen to you on vacation?

Caio Bella.


I was in Italy (south though) when the CDC raised the threat level of cv to 3 lol. kredica

I have relatives from a suburb of Seattle who are touring Asia. They already did South Korea and are in Thailand. Somehow they haven't gotten it yet. I imagine when they get home they'll be quarantined. XxsquirrelxX

The Rainbow Bridge....

My dog passed away 2 hours before I got home from a 1 month trip. Kayskseyy

My cat passed away the day I got home from a 2 week vacation. We had someone watching him that took care of him, and it was clear that he had just passed away right before we got back. Basically got home from traveling 12 hours and came home to find that he had passed away. That was probably one of the worst days of my entire life.

Ever since then, if we go out of town, I have a pet sitter come daily that is a vet tech. Otherwise, I would be way too nervous to go. keebedy

Miami Nights. 

Had a guy try to break into my truck, I caught him and held him at gunpoint till the cops arrived. The cops tried to say I was trying to rob him, and after watching the dash cam they didn't know I had they finally let me go. I left and went to the store before I went back to the hotel, to have another guy try to rob me with a knife. The look on the cops face when he realized it was me again is something I'll never forget. This was in Miami. bootypatrol89

Food Issues. 

My husband got food poisoning on the second day of our trip to Japan. We spent the entirety of our trip inside our air BnB, then flew home. I felt for him, it was a very violent illness if you catch my drift. And Japan apartments are small as hell. Plastic_kangaroo

Jelly Attack.


Apologies for my bad English, I'm not good at speaking.

While on vacation in South Carolina (I think?) I got stung three times by jellyfish, twice on my right foot and once on my left thigh.

This was a week or two before a hurricane hit, so it makes sense for all those jellies to be so close to land. GodOfTheFrogs

Overseas Trouble. 

I was on an international vacation with my husband when he was in an accident that killed him. I had to make my way home and stumble through all the documentation in a country where I didn't speak the language (and being we were in a small town, not many spoke English) and tell our kids that daddy wasn't coming home. mpmp4

All the pain. 

I went to an area with a very different elevation level and got some intense elevation sickness. Turned out it was also Spring and the trees were giving off so much pollen and such that I started having some intense allergy side-effects. THEN, to top things off, I never had my wisdom teeth removed (still haven't) and the teeth in the far back of my mouth started to break through the gums which is the worst in-mouth pain I've ever experienced. Nothing like a trio of pain to make it hard to enjoy a vacation. Gorssky

"The Chiweenies" 

My wife and I got a call from a (now former, for other reasons) friend in the middle of the night that our dog (elderly double-dappled female dachshund) staying at their house got attacked by two "Chiweenies" (part Chihuahua part dachshund) he was pet-sitting. Drunk roommate of the friend carelessly let the two dogs loose into the bedroom where our dog was and attacked her, crushing a vertebrae in her lower back and paralyzing her back legs.

She was already suffering from Cushing's syndrome but this trauma led to her passing a lot more quickly. DarthContinent



I bought a fake Rolex for 10 euros and went into the pool with it because it said "water resistant". Who would have thought - that too was fake! Fooled by my own foolishness, twas NOT water resistant!

I also had diarrhea for 15 days in Vietnam. Didn't feel bad, just had to empty out every morning. But damn, they make good food. Totally worth it. Veximusprime

Swept Lenses. 

Was on the beach with my family, swimming in the ocean. Got dried off and we started walking. My brother went in to swim again, I dove in right after without thinking. I wear glasses and had put them back on.

The glasses were immediately swept off, never saw them again. Luckily at the time I did not have a ridiculous prescription, so we could get it replaced in a day or so. But still on a week long vacation not being able to see literally anything sucks. chcampb



We were on a family vacation to Hawaii. My aunt had been having some hip pain but didn't think anything of it.

About halfway through our trip, as soon as we got to Maui, her hip gave out. And by gave out, I mean the hairline fracture in her hip basically shattered. She had to have a full on hip replacement in Maui. Then fly home, just after a hip replacement, from Maui. Hoorayforkate128

You Couldn't Wait until the Toasts?

The week before my wedding my Mom confided in me that she was going to leave my Dad. My wedding day was the last day I've seen them in the same room together as she left him the day after I got married. My Dad flipped out and spent my whole honeymoon calling and leaving voicemails of him sobbing. Was one of the wooooorst weeks of my life. Reddit


Happened to a friend of my mom's. She went on an extended trip to her hometown with family, then war broke out and they were stuck there and had to find jobs.

Then an atomic bomb got dropped on them. Husband usually stayed well away from Hiroshima but just happened to be in town that day unfortunately, they found his motorcycle but not his body.

She survived unscathed less than a kilometer from the epicenter because she was blown out of the trolley car she was in and under it IIRC, while her son was taking a break in a basement area to get away from the heat and also survived unscathed.

Pretty much everyone around them died horrific deaths. sir-clicks-a-lot


It was my honeymoon and we were camping in a secluded spot near Mammoth Caves. I cut my finger on a can of beans and when I went to get the first aid kit I passed out. When I passed out I landed on my face and slid about 8 feet on gravel down the mountain. This time when I came to my husband was trying to help me. He said I could use some stitches and I passed out again.

Worst part was we came home a few days early. The people house sitting were there just chilling. No problem. Then I found my toothbrush used in the shower. snakeoil-huckster

Be Insured.


I pulled over the curb and scraped the bumper on a rental car. I thought nothing of it at the time. When I pulled out, it ripped the entire front bumper off the car. I declined the damage waiver insurance. loudog8

'Where Dreams Come True'

When I was working at resort we had a family come in from NYC that was placed in a handicapped room with a door lock that was pretty much at child-height.

Well the little boy for some reason put his finger in the flip lock as the mom was opening the door. It happened with such force that the tip of his finger came off. So all of a sudden half of the hotel's leadership shows up, so does our resort EMS, county EMS, and a litany of other people. This happens during rush hour so by the time he gets to the local hospital it is too late to attach the tip of his finger.

I speak with the father later and this guy didn't even want to come to FL to begin with.... and this happens. So the little boy is now leaving the place 'Where Dreams Come True' without the tip of his finger and the resort was in an uproar making sure that for the remainder of their stay they had pretty much everything they asked for. So yeah, that was a ride of a night. Sgt-Tibbs


I drove for hundreds and hundreds of miles through Spain in very hot weather with no air conditioning. It was left hand drive which I wasn't used to. After driving for hundreds of miles we eventually got to our apartment. We had to go straight back out to find a supermarket to get food. We passed many sex workers by the side of the road. The supermarket sold tea but it was weak.

Trying to get to sleep that night there was some event right outside with loud music and fireworks (that's ok, it was a holiday resort) but I didn't get any sleep. The next day I just wanted to sit on the balcony and read a book but my girlfriend insisted we drive out to 'explore' the locality. I said no and she freaked out, wouldn't let it go. I said I'd been driving most of the holiday, can we just have one day where we relax. She was proud of the fact that she had never read a book in her life. True that. That was the start of the breaking up. chippingsodbury

Bless West Jet! 

On our way home from our honeymoon, airline changed our connecting flight, giving us 30 minutes to get off our plane, get our bags, recheck them, and go through customs. Needless to say we did not make our next flight, on top of that they blamed us for it saying we didn't get off the plane fast enough and we didn't move fast enough through the airport. They told us our only other option was to book brand new flights and pay for them, and that the next available would be a day or two away.

In case your wondering, this was American Airlines. Good news to the story though, West Jet employees overheard our situation and booked us on their next flight out for no charge. We fly to visit family at least one to two times a year guess which company gets our business and which doesn't. 74catch74

The Long Way Home. 

Grandfather passed away 2 days before I got home from a vacation following a 10 month stint abroad. Found out just before the final flight home, then got off the plane and had to rush to his memorial.

Basically went from crying on the plane to seeing his body in a casket within an hour, it felt like a terrible way to cap off vacation. And needed a few more days to process. Reddit

Simple Heartbeats.


Dad had a heart attack and ended up in the ICU of a rural African hospital for a week. Quadruple bypass surgery upon arriving back in the US.

The week in the hospital was a far better life shaping experience than the two weeks prior. sitsontoilets


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