We are all good at something however, some talents are a bit more obscure than others, or perhaps your talent isn't something that easily comes up in conversation. I have almost oddly successful thrifting and sale trips. My designer dress? Got it for a small fraction of the price. I've literally had multiple people ask if I could take them shopping to help them find stuff like I do.

It's fun and who wants t spend $500 on a dress when you can find it for $80, it's like a game. It's a weird skill but handy nonetheless. Whatever the case may be for you we want to hear what hidden skills you've got.

Redditor Sacrificial-Toenail asked the Reddit community:

What's something you're good at but don't get to brag about much?"

The responses went from school band to some interesting natural talents.

Deserved a raise...

​“Worked fedex ground for a few months a couple years ago. Was the youngest, and they had me loading 3 trucks (one of them was a semi literally fully loaded every single day). Sometimes I would have a 2nd guy helping me on that truck only. Sometimes.”

Consistently #1 every week, and never had a mistake on any of my trucks, to the point that my drivers would tip me or buy me breakfast almost everyday. They kept me at 11.75 3am-9am the entire time and never once talked about any kind of raise. Had me in the best shape of my life, but f**k fedex lol.xXregularShmegluarXx

​No one wants to sound pretentious...

“I have a very well-developed musical ear. I can point out just about any detail you can ask about if I hear it, and I can replicate most songs I hear on the piano. Can't really brag about it since I feel like it just comes out sounding pretentious.” mysterioso7

They left her a raving review...

Cleaning. I'm so good, I started my own home cleaning business (I'm a one man show) and in almost five years, have never needed to advertise. All of my clients have come to me by word of mouth.”

“I'm currently off due to a hand injury that is looking like it'll need surgery to fix and today, actually, one of my clients texted me to let me know she hired a different cleaning company temporarily while I'm out.BustAMove_13

"I can play the Tuba and Euphonium...”

​“I can play the Tuba and Euphonium, and pretty well at that. I don't really get to play much since graduating from HS, but it's still a relatively rare ability, especially in this country where school bands are not as common as they seem to be in the USA.” NyanNyanNo

Moms everywhere would hire you.

“I'm really really good at soothing babies. Getting them to calm down. Most of my friends don't have kids. But my wife remarks on it any time I get the chance. Bit of a baby whisperer.”​ WhiteTshirtDad

All around the world...

Bill Nye Spinning GIF by Nike Giphy

“I've vomited (from sickness) in 5 out of the 7 continents. It's my proudest achievement. Im not sure if that makes my life uneventful or my accomplishment is amazing... Probably the former.” ​Cute-Explorer-1653

wobbly-wobbly timely-wimey stuff...

​“I never have a watch on me and don't really look at my phone much… but I can always tell the exact time of day within about five minutes every single time.”

“In all my years of people asking what time it is not even my close friends have noticed that I can do it without looking at a phone/clock/watch, I just know it in my head. Other than that i'm helplessly stupid.” Qav

Faking they can see...

​“I am blind, and I've gotten really good at faking like I can see. My eyes don't look blind, and I can make eye contact and have great spacial orientation. Can't brag about it, because a lot of people think I'm faking. I am able to access read it on my phone by using voiceover, a built-in screen reading software on every iPhone.”

“You can find it by going to your settings > accessibility > voiceover. You can also tell Siri to turn on voiceover. Turn it off by doing the same thing. Also, I know I am making eye contact with people because I am always asked if I'm really blind because I don't look blind.” Dapper-Angle8778

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A little extra flexible.

“Im an over 400 pound man that can do a split.” ​MarquisDeSarc

“ my surprise the muscle memory is pretty much still there.”

​“In high-school I did Colorgaurd and Wintergaurd, which is essentially dance mixed with equipment work. It's quite a bit of fun and, though I'm no dancer, I was always pretty good with the flag and rifle in particular. I recently acquired a rifle again, and to my surprise the muscle memory is pretty much still there. I'm no professional, but I can still do some pretty impressive tosses.” Skyaboo-

Indulge in the skills and hobbies that make you happy and often you will find that you are good at them

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