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The world is a messed up place, fam. A lot of the stuff that we don't even realize is messed up is actually ridiculously sadistic. The horrors are everywhere, and they're inescapable.

So now that I've gotten you feeling depressed AF, here are some sad and sometimes gruesome examples of sadistic things we encounter every day. Thanks, Reddit. Thanks a lot.

AParable asked: What's way more sadistic than it seems?

Perhaps the most sadistic things are actually the ones that are well-intended.

Letting them go peacefully is better.

Making your 90 year old grandma/grandpa with end stage dementia a full code. CPR and defibrillation are violent and painful. We will break their ribs while doing CPR. Possibly all of them. It's just plain cruel. As a nurse it is the worst part of my job. Not the dying, not the blood, not the poop, it's the keeping someone alive by force.

I understand losing a loved one is painful and horrible, I've been there. But trust me, the kindest thing you could do for them is to let them die peacefully.


And the fact that you're literally just delaying the inevitable for probably a fairly short time. It's just selfish.



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Class pets, especially rodents. They're almost never given appropriate care, they're put in unsuitable cages (think of all the class hamsters that get stuck and die in those colorful plastic tunnels), and they rarely live anything resembling their full lifespan.

If class pets are meant to teach kids about responsibility, teach them the proper requirements instead of subjecting the poor animals to awful conditions and the stress of little kids trying to grab and pet them.


Can confirm.

Expecting a smart child to continue that level of excellence, and essentially benchmarking their academic life based on them being above average during their formative years.

Kids are sponges, if something interests them, they will pick it up quickly, it doesn't remain that way for every single kid, one day they might like books, the next they like dinosaur toys, if you keep picking the dino toy out their hands, and shove a book in them, they won't like books anymore.


​On that note, stop scarring children. That’s it, that’s my comment. Stop.

These are creepy af.

Family YouTube channels.

I don't think there is ever a healthy way to profit off your kids like that.


So there's a tiktok account of a person who was the child of a "mummy blog" I think they are in their early 20s now and they don't say who their mum is but apparently it was one of the first big ones. Anyway they does a lot of videos about how it affected them and how much they hated it.

There was one really sad video where they said when there mum would write about them being naughty they wasn't just being scolded by their mum but thousands of internet strangers as well. So sad.


Consent is always important, in every situation.

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Tickling. Especially when you tell them to stop and they don't.


Tickling kids is a great way to teach them a lesson in consent. When they tell you to stop you stop, and tell them that you stopped because you respect them and their right to make decisions about their own body. With enough reinforcement, you'll raise a kid who values consent and respects other people


Just let them pee.

Not letting kids leave class when they need the bathroom.


My parents told me when I was a kid that if I had to go to the bathroom and a teacher wouldn't let me, to just ignore them and go.

Only did it a couple times and nothing bad happened.


This is child abuse.

Scary or humiliating pranks, or public shaming for punishment, of young children.


I don't think actual pranks even exist anymore. Nowadays, people just film themselves doing horrible things to others, and then saying "chill bro, it's just a prank!". The pranking trend with social media really ruined it.


​And of course, pets. Poor animals get some of the worst “well-intentioned” treatment out there.

Let the mice live.

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Glue traps for mice.

I used to share space for my business with a guy who used those traps. I would come in in the morning and there would be a high pitched screaming that would go on for hours.

When I realized what it was...


So messed up.

Goldfish bowls

Your 1 year old stunted little goldfish didn't "live a long time," Felicia.


Can't remember where I read it, but supposedly the whole goldfish-in-a-little-round-bowl thing came from Westerners seeing Asian fish on display in bowls. They didn't know that the fish actually lived in a pond and were just on display for the evening.


Seriously needs to stop.

Breeding brachycephalic dogs. Pugs, English bulldogs, frenchies etc. It's a literal deformity that causes respiratory issues. Owners think it's "cute".


I think it's time the entire world had an overhaul. Maybe the end of times will be a good thing, considering all of the BS human beings put each other and other creatures through.

Be good to each other, y'all. And use your brains

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