Have you ever heard of the Australian box jellyfish? They live primarily in coastal waters off Northern Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific. There are several different species out there, and the most venomous of these, Chironex fleckeri, can kill a human in between two and five minutes. In fact, the amount of venom in one animal is said to be enough to kill 60 adult humans. All of this is to say that the next time you're in the ocean, you might want to steer away from anything that looks like an angry plastic bag.

People shared their observations after Redditor MyCatIsFatAndSmelly asked the online community,

"What is more deadly than people think?"

"You are so much more likely..."

"Driving. You are so much more likely to die on the roads than a hundred other things everyone is worried about."


Don't ever drive if you're not feeling up to it. There is a high likelihood you'll end up paying the price.

"I've known two people..."

"Mouse droppings (hantavirus). I've known two people who have passed away from hantavirus while cleaning out storage units and coming into contact with mouse poop."


This is terrifying and yes, can be deadly, especially if the droppings have been sitting around undisturbed for a while.

"You might think..."

"Picking fights with people on the street/in a bar. You might think it will be over after a few punches, but next thing your family needs to identify you at the morgue."


"If you find..."


If you find the statistics, you will see how many people get injured or even die while working as farmers."



"Anesthesia. I've been administering it for about 15 years and I get all the time "oh you push a button and they go to sleep." Actually, I poison them, take away all their reflexes, and have to support their heart, lungs, and brain for however long the surgeon decides they need to work, then bring them back to life like (hopefully) nothing happened. It's magic, dangerous magic."


And right now, I am especially thankful that the (few) times I've gone under were successful.

"There are signs..."

"Rip currents. I grew up by the beach so I and all locals know.

There are signs and lifeguards but a few tourists will drown every summer season because they try to swim against the current instead of parallel to the shore."


I was caught in a riptide as a teenager and thankfully remembered this. All of you should remember this: It'll save your life.

"Not sure why it has to be said..."

"Fire. Not sure why it has to be said, but with all the gender reveal party disasters I think people need to be reminded that fire is in fact very dangerous and very deadly."


The Strangest Superstitions People Actually Observe | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

The world can be a superstitious place. If you've ever knocked on wood or thrown salt over your shoulder then you've run into one or two throughout your life...

"That's how I almost died..."

"Deer. Yes, they can kick and gore you to death but the real dangers are not just the thousands and thousands of deaths and injuries from traffic accidents but also all the horrible tick-borne diseases. That's how I almost died: untreated anaplasmosis from a deer tick."


I admire deer from afar, and that's how I like it. Keep them far, far away from me.

"The dose required..."

"Tylenol. The dose required to cause liver damage is mighty close to the regular dose."


"Coronary heart disease..."

"The standard American diet. Americans mostly die of preventable chronic conditions. Coronary heart disease chiefly among the causes of death."


Are you afraid yet?

Just be smart. Listen to these. You'll thank yourself later.

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