Don't pet the platypus.

It looks cute (and a little weird, which is probably why you want to pet it in the first place).

But I implore you to resist the urge!

Did you know that the platypus has a poisonous kick?

That's right. The platypus has venom glands that are connected to hollow spurs on its hind legs. It's one of the few mammals to produce venom. While it's not lethal to humans, it can cause excruciating pain.

People told us about other animals with deceiving appearances after Redditor [deleted] asked the online community,

"What animal looks innocent but isn't?"

"My mom was attacked..."

"Otters. My mom was attacked by one while she was swimming in a lake and she got 10 deep cuts on her legs that left gnarly scars. Some of the deeper cuts were infected so she had to go through months of antibiotic and IV treatment all because of a water rat."


That's pretty terrifying.

Aaaaaaand this is why I'm a city boy who steers far away from wildlife.

"Like what could possibly go wrong..."

"Jellyfish, specifically box jellyfish. Like what could possibly go wrong if I touch this little box shaped piece of jewelry with strings on it? Aaaaand I'm dying."


I was stung by a jellyfish once. Thankfully not the lethal kind. But it was terrible. I thought it was a plastic bag!

"Australia has too many..."

"Australia has too many… The platypus has 'excruciatingly painful' stingers on the back of their heels. Blue ringed octopuses can make you die. The cassowaries have a dagger as a beak. There's even this microscopic jellyfish that, if you are stung, literally makes you suicidal. Irukandji Jellyfish."


See?! What did I tell you? The platypus is one of nature's more deceptive and scary creatures!

"I used to love..."

"I used to love chipmunks and squirrels. So cute. Then some got into one of my coworker's attic. $15,000 of damages. Yeah. I now see them for the vermin with fluffy tails that they are."


I don't know what people see in them... yes, I have chipmunk prejudice.

"They look like..."

"Cone snails.

They look like empty shells on the beach. Then they spear you with a venomous barb when you pick them up."


"Don't be fooled by..."

"Hippos. Don't be fooled by how the cartoons and folktales are portrayed. They are dangerous and unpredictable. They are the animals crocs are afraid of."


I once stayed up all night reading about hippo attacks. Wikipedia can take you down some rabbit holes.

"They are more aggressive..."


Especially Canada Geese.

They are more aggressive than wasps, attack more people than the scariest-looking animals do, and have teeth on their tongues."


"Because of their endangered status..."

"Pandas. Because of their endangered status and how they are portrayed in media people seem to forget they are still a f****** bear."


"One of the most terrifying facts..."

"Golden Poison Frog.

One of the most terrifying facts about the Golden Poison Dart Frog's toxins is that they can kill nearly any species in under ten minutes, and there is no cure for the toxin."


Another reason why I don't want to be in the jungle anytime soon!

"Nothin' innocent..."

"Raccoons. Nothin' innocent about rabies, or the other diseases they can carry, including an infection in your eyes!"


Nature is terrifying, isn't it?

If you're looking to enjoy it, remember that it's best to keep a safe distance.

Have some opinions of your own? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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