People Break Down Which Activities They Did As Children That Kids Today Would Never Understand
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Being a kid during the 1990s was wild, man. So much so that I don't think a lot of kids today can truly appreciate what it was like to live in a world where the internet, social media, and smartphones had not yet pervaded all aspects of modern life. It was a simpler time... I remember how odd I thought it was when we finally got rid of our landline! (Kids today: "Landline?")

People shared their thoughts after Redditor AFSprivz asked the online community,

"What is something you did as a child that kids today won't understand?"


​"Waited for your favorite songs to come on the radio so you could tape-record them."


Those were the days! I had so many mix tapes.

"Going to Blockbuster..."

"Going to Blockbuster and picking out movies."


This was probably one of my favorite activities in the world.


"Knocked on each other's houses to see if they wanted to come out. No texting beforehand. Just literally showing up, unexpected.

Then.... even better, you'd make plans on that day for the next, or even a week in advance, and you wouldn't flake."


"Writing down..."

"Writing down friends' contact information in address books."


I had so many phone numbers memorized. I should probably memorize some now...

"Having to get off the computer..."

"Having to get off the computer because mom needed to make a phone call."


Ah, yes. The frustration was real.

"Having mom mention..."

"Having mom mention while driving (so I couldn't escape), that we had a particularly high phone bill this month because someone in the house went on a pay-per-minute porn site for 26 minutes."


"Bringing my memory card..."

"Bringing my memory card over to my friends so we could play all the characters that I unlocked."


Being a gamer was so fun –– and you had to get creative if you wanted to enjoy it with your friends!


"Rushing to go to the bathroom and get snacks during commercial breaks."


I remember hearing "IT'S BACK, HURRY!" and sprinting back to the living room like my life depended on it.


"Needing (and I mean needing) to find a really shaded spot outside to play my Gameboy."


The Gameboy didn't have a backlight! Shock! Horror!

"Blowing into..."

"Blowing into the bottom of my Nintendo or Sega game cartridges to get them to work."


These were such a throwback, huh? Do you feel old yet?

Have some stories of your own that you'd like to share? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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