People Break Down The Most Unexpected Twists That Have Happened In Their Lives


"Life is what happens when to you while you're busy making other plans."

John Lennon never spoke truer words. Twists and turns are very much a part of your life.

They may be unexpected, unwelcome, or amazing, but they are there.

u/questionhorror asked:

[Serious] What twists/events have happened in your life that you never imagined would?

Here were some of those answers.

Better Words Outside A Pandemic

Doctors found a brain tumor in my dad. During surgery, they could only take out 98% of it, for taking out the last 2% would cause too much damage to the brain.

He comes out of surgery, and can't feel or move anything below his chest. My dad is 6'3, and built. I've never seen him down. The day I saw him after surgery, he looked demolished, puny.

This was ~5 months ago. Today, my dad can move his left leg, bathe himself, feed himself, and even take some laps around the house with a walker. Every day is a struggle for him. And the only thing my old man says is, "I just want to go back to work"


Trying To Save The Family

When we were 13, a man we had never seen before showed up on our door step and beat our father nearly to death.

Turns out he was our (much) older brother we had no idea existed. He caught wind of our existence, correctly deduced that our father was as abusive to us as he was to him, a drove across the country to save us in what I hope is the most soap opera thing that will ever happen to us.


Reconciling Parents

Probably that my parents no longer scream at each other over anything and everything. My brother said they were even holding hands the last time they visited him. It is so outlandish I am having a hard time believing it until I see it for myself.


It's About One Moment

My dad finally getting sober. He was a case a day from the age of 16 up until a few years ago. Had several DUI's, didn't get a job until he was in his 50's, constantly drank while driving even with us kids in the car. He never talked about his drinking, NEVER admitted to having a problem. He had a medical procedure and BAM, sober. It's been so weird and so awesome at the same time.



During my time in the military, we ported out in Sri Lanka. During my night out, I had four Coronas and a shot of Jack, over the course of about 6 hours. My friend had the same.

We were used to drinking and had a good fortitude about us, but that amount of alcohol shouldn't have gotten us that messed up. He began slurring his words hard and was unable to stand properly. As I tried to get him outside, the bouncer stood before me. He said that my friend would be fine and to sit back down and keep drinking. My head was heavy but I wasn't about to just sit there.

I told the bouncer that we'd be right back, we were going to use the restroom. When we left this bar we shot straight out and grabbed a tuk tuk (Sri Lankan 3-wheeled taxi) and got the hell out of there, back to our hotel.

I remember getting my friend to the bed, slapping him on the ass and saying, "Sleep tight, bud."

Next thing I knew I was waking up to small pebbles being tossed at my head. I looked around and I was on the roof of some building, in Sri Lanka, alone. Some gentlemen helped me inside their house from the roof and I was escorted back to base where I promptly told the command that we'd been drugged.

Watch your drinks folks. Anyone, any gender can fall victim to these things. Stay safe.


The Most Fun Kind Of Love Story

There was a guy I could not stand in high school. We hated each other. 10 years after high school we reconnected on Facebook. Now we're married and have a kid. 🤷 And honestly, it's the happiest I've ever been.


Missing Mumsy

Both of my parents died when I was in my 20s and I ended up inheriting property and a significant amount of money, but would trade every cent of it to have either one of them back for one day.


An Up And A Down

In January I broke up with the girl that I thought was the one

In February I got severely sick, diagnosed with ulcerative colitis

Then I had to withdraw from university because of how sick I was

Right when I started getting better the quarantine was put on place.

So now I've been stuck inside my house the last 3 month's, and I've left it probably 10 times. Did not imagine id be this alone and sick right now.


Life Goes By Quickly

More than 10 years ago my mother told me we would move to another state within the country. School was way easier there and my grades improved drastically. Due to this I was able to go to a good university, studying the subject I wanted back then and having the possibility of a successful career and life. I was happy to get this chance and took it.

Now as I have finished university I'd wish to go back and change my subject because the last few years haven't been at all what I was expecting back then, but unfortunately I realized too late.


The Road Less Traveled

When I was in school, I was pretty much convinced I'd join the Air Force and become a pilot. Skipping a few years ahead: graduated in journalism and I'm making a career out of video editing/producing. Weird twists, man. Weird twists.


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