People Break Down Their Best 'Guy Tips' That Every Man Should Know
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One of the best lessons I learned as I grew older had to do with taking care of myself and looking presentable. Skincare, dental care, and wearing clothes that I feel good in did a lot to help my self-confidence. I felt vibrant and more attractive. And guess what? I attracted some similar people. It works! It's so odd, looking back, that I was one of the few people I knew who valued that. I also have a parent who proved to be a valuable resource. A lot of the guys I knew growing up did not have that at all.

There are other tips out there, guys, that will help you out immensely. You can thank Redditor impossibleexpert79 for bringing them to the forefront after they asked the online community,

"What are some "guy tips" you think every man should know?"

"Learned this the hard way..."

"It's easier to stay in shape than to get in shape.

Learned this the hard way as I am slowly starting to work out again...It's easier to stay in shape than to get in shape.

Learned this the hard way as I am slowly starting to work out again..."


This is true! I have an uphill climb once I feel comfortable going back to the gym again (thank you, pandemic).

"People won't tell you..."

"Brush your teeth every day. Use mouthwash.

People won't tell you that you smell like a goat.

They will tell others."


This is true! Brush your teeth! Always. Dental care is costly.

"No one wants to hang out..."

"Get curious about people and make everyone feel like they matter. Defend your friends when someone is putting them down.

No one wants to hang out with someone who is too self-centered or mean....and there's a lot of that out there."


"You will never ever win..."

"You will never ever win against emotions, if you try to hold any feeling back it will either win or manifest into something else later on. If you're angry, leave the situation until you have calmed down, if you're upset go and have a cry. No one worth worrying about is going to judge you for crying."


Adding to that: Take your responsibility for your emotions, especially if you unfortunately take them out on other people. Don't do that. Your relationships will thankfully.

"Keep on top..."

"Keep on top of your basic hygiene, shower every day and once a week give your beard/body hair a trim. If you can only grow a patchy beard then just go clean-shaven or well-trimmed. If you are lucky enough to be able to grow a full beard make sure you look after it (beard oils, brush it, and regularly cut it)."


"Don't be afraid to voice your opinion if it is needed and don't talk about someone behind their back without making sure it's not something you would say to their face."


Spot on advice. It will protect you and spare you a lot of grief in the working world.

"Learn to differentiate..."

"Learn to differentiate between love and lust, connection and desire. And don't put someone on a pedestal. Be logical."


"Keep your focus on..."

"Be careful in your selection of a partner. They can build you up or destroy you. Keep your focus on your goals."


"Most of appearing charming..."

"Listen actively. Most of appearing charming is just proving to people that you paid attention and genuinely heard what they were saying... Plus you'll learn things which can give you advantages everywhere."


Active listening is one of the best skills you can hone––and it opens up lots of doors.

"Take time..."

"Take time to be grateful. Studies have shown out of hedonism (self-serving), altruism (helping others) and gratitude, gratitude actually is the most powerful in increasing joy and happiness."


Well, guys, what do you think? Take these to heart: They're bound to pay dividends in the long run.

Have some advice to offer? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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