People Break Down The Worst Texting Typos They've Ever Seen
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I'm pretty sure much of humanity lives in fear of committing some terrible autocorrect faux pas. Typos can be dangerous, okay?

But let's be serious for a second: Things happen and it's not the end of the world (though some environments can be much more high stakes than others).

The stories we heard are equally hilarious and mortifying thanks to Redditor DoesntUnderstands asked the online community,

"What is the most damage you've done with a typo?"

"G and T..."

"G and T are very close on the keyboard and for this reason "regards" is not my favorite email closing."


Oh noooo.

Now I will forever be paranoid.

"At work..."

"At work, the people typing up vendor listings for a convention listed the food vendor's lunch offerings. I was among the proofreaders. None of us caught the words "fried children" (should have been fried chicken). So, not MY typo, you know."


Maybe you should tap into your hottest new market: Cannibalism.

"A couple of years ago..."

"A couple of years ago my grandpa had surgery for pancreatic cancer. What my mom MEANT to text me is "the surgeons will give an update soon" which instead somehow came out as "the surgeons will give up soon."


That probably caused some awful and unnecessary pain. I can imagine you were relieved to find out the actual answer!


"I worked in the architecture industry for many years. One of the aspects of the job, when we were designing a new building in a community, was to present our plans to the public in a place like a community centre or a school gym, and they would be able to voice their concerns. The presentation materials would usually take the form of panels printed on foamcore board and placed around the space; these presentations are called public consultations.

In one instance, we had printed about 30 boards with the title "X Project Public Consultation" at the top, only the "l" had been forgotten in the word "public." Hilarity ensued.

Luckily the mistake was caught before they placed all the boards, and they were quickly reprinted, which cost a lot of money. If it had been ANY other letter we would have let it slide."


"He was not impressed."

"My father-in-law had just died. I text my other half saying, 'how's your dad going?' Instead of 'how's your day going? He was not impressed."


"I used to work for a museum..."

"I used to work for a museum booking group visits and educational programs for tour companies and schools.

Was working on a reservation and they had only told me how many students were in the group, but I also needed the number of adults. So, I sent an email to the teacher:

"Hello *teachername*, we'll also need to know approximately how many sluts will be visiting from your school."

Luckily, they had a sense of humor:

"Not sure how many of us are sluts, but if you meant "adults" it's going to be around 8 or 10."


Thankfully they had a sense of humor about it! Things happen. It is what it is.

"Asked a vendor..."

"Asked a vendor if they can ship out an urgent order the same day, except 'p' turned into a 't.'"


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"Nice of the guy..."

"Submitting forms for a job, got a real awkward call back - "Did you mean to check this box saying that yes, you've been been involved with illegal distribution of controlled substances? Because you checked no on all the other questions about criminal behavior..."

Nice of the guy to give me a chance to correct it, at least."


"My first finance job..."

"My first finance job had to do with managing corporate cash. I was moving funds from one account to another and accidentally hit an extra zero. I ended up moving $30MM instead of $3MM. Luckily it was between internal accounts, so it was easily reversible, but I didn't know that at the time. I shat my pants and my boss let me panic for 30 seconds before fixing it."


"It went out to a group..."

"Sorry for the incontinence."

I meant inconvenience, of course. It went out to a group of managers who reported to my boss. We were going to have really limited office coverage for the holidays, so one of their usual processes was going to be delayed, and I was asked to send the official email about how we were going to do business during the couple of days after Christmas.

Fortunately, they were great people and we all laughed."


Guess all of you will be more watchful when it comes to your autocorrect, right? Good. We should all be a bit more mindful about these things anyway.

Have some funny stories of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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