You never forget the worst things you've tasted.

Potato chips are a universally loved snack, and everyone has a favorite brand or flavor. Sometimes, potato chip companies think up a new flavor for the masses to enjoy. New things can be exciting, and customers flock to anything "limited edition" or brand new on the shelves. But with newness comes risk, and that new flavor can end up being the worst you've ever had.

Redditor u/eloncrustpizza asked people "What's the worst potato chip flavor you've ever tasted?" and many were able to recount times that their favorite snack disappointed them.

10. Leave it as a pastry


"Lays Cinnamon Roll. WHY!?

It tasted nothing like a cinnamon roll and was just a confusing experience all around."


9. Pure hatred

"Lays had a Mango Salsa one that tasted like salt, sugar and hatred."


8. Almost tartar sauce flavor

"In Finland there is a brand called Taffel and one of their chips has this flavor of pickles and mayonnaise. Needles to say It was the worst flavor I had ever tasted."


7. Off brands have no business doing this

"An off brand attempt at 'ketchup'. It took me a while to figure it out - it tasted like gasoline smells."


6. Doesn't sound so bad...

"bread flavour, a local producer thought it would go down well. it didnt"


5. Some would say brussels sprouts are the worst vegetable

"Brussels sprout flavour. I really like sprouts when they are cooked well, but I tried the crisps at Christmas and couldn't even finish one of them."


4. Does Lays still have the "Do Us a Flavor" contest?


"Lays Chicken and Waffle. The 'maple' smell is overwhelming and they taste vile."


3. Totally missed the nuance of wasabi

"Wasabi dorritos, made my eyes water and my nose burn, no true flavour just spice and pain."


2. They can't compare to a real cappuccino

"Does anyone else remember the Lays cappuccino chips? that gets my vote"

1. They just tasted like vomit

"The Lays Limon. It tastes like someone drank Limeade then threw it up in your mouth."


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