People Break Down The Spookiest Thing That Has Ever Happened To Them


Confronting our worst fears can be invigorating, a reaffirmation we're alive and able to overcome hardships placed in our way. However, sometimes things are so scary you need to bury that memory deep down in your mind so it never comes to the surface. Why waste any time thinking about that scary lawn gnome your grandmother had?

You're thinking about it now, aren't you? It's okay. Some other things are way worse than that, as evidenced by the stories below.

Reddit user, u/toastorboast, wanted to know:

Paranormal or not, what was the scariest thing to ever happen to you?

The Worst Fear Of All: Familial Pressure


I got peer pressured into facing my biggest fear and it did not go well. On a trip to Mexico, my family pressured me into facing my terror of deep water by jumping into a cenote (very clear, deep pool in a cave). Being 16 and an idiot, I eventually did, and panicked so badly when I hit the water that I actually have no memory of getting out. The next thing I knew I was back on land, crying and gasping for air. I apparently climbed back out on my own at lightning speed, but it was so stressful that I actually blacked out. It's the only time in my life so far that primal instinct literally overtook me.



I got stopped on dark road once by a stray pup, he came running towards my bike and I stopped to check on her, she was shaking and before I could understand, two dudes came around with a stick in their hand and asked me to give them the pup. I didn't think well, I just put the pup in front of me, and drove away really fast. Fostered the pup for a week, and my friend adopted it later. Informed police about the situation. It was scary as sh!t for me


This Sounds Like Something Out Of A Short Story

In the old neighborhood where I grew up, there was an abandoned windmill that had once been used to pump water.

One day I was playing with friends in the lot around the huge windmill, and all of a sudden the large wooden blades starting rotating - something we had never seen happen before. (For years it had stood motionless.)

If one of my friends hadn't yanked me away, a windmill blade would probably have decapitated me.


Dying Next To A Loved One

Woke up in the middle of the night to horrific pain in my abdomen. Turns out I'd had an undiagnosed ulcer perforate in my intestines and it had flooded my abdominal cavity, I couldn't move and my 2.5 week old daughter was in her cot next to me. That was the most terrifying thing ever. The pain was 10x worse than childbirth and I thought I was going to die next to her.


Oh my gosh, what happened after that??


Thankfully my Mum had stayed at mine that night to help out. I had to physically shout for her, she called an ambulance and I got taken into hospital whilst she stayed with my daughter. I had to have emergency surgery, briefly be put into a medical coma, 4 days in ITU then more time recovering on a ward. This was a little over 2 months ago so my daughter wasn't allowed in to visit me at all, which was really sh!t. I have a pretty epic battle scar to show for it all now!


Trapped In Your Own Body

Back when I was a kid I use to sleep at my nans house in the box room and I always woke up and couldn't move or speak. When I spoke to my dad and uncle about it they said the always had the same experience in that room.

i have never suffered from sleep paralysis in my life


That's A Harsh Thing To Realize At 7 Years Old

The first time young me realized we ALL die one day. Through a dream. Woke up at 2 am, 7 years old, screaming and crying until my father came upstairs to me and comforted me.

That and some nightmares where I basically get these hyperrealistic monster faces that pop up in a flash in front of me seems like and it feels like as if I am on drugs because it feels as if it zoomes in and out, wobbles and all kinds of crazy shit. Still unsetteling.


Old House. Old Noises.

I was a kid and on vacation with my parents and my cousin. During one night I heard this weird sound and my brain made it seem like it was someone walking back and forth in the room around the bed. The stepping was too light to be human though so my mind thought it was logical that it was a paranormal creature that wanted to kill me and my cousin. Lots of heart pounding and sweating later I somehow went back to sleep and told my parents in the morning. Turns out it was just the radiator.


So Long As You Gave Proper Thanks


Happened to my friend, he was playing soccer with his friends. The ball accidentally got kicked into an abandoned house near the playground. The whole neighborhood know that noone lives in that house and its always dark in there. As soon as the ball got past the house wall, the ball immediately got thrown back out to them.

(Thank you Satan I guess)


Close To Everyone's Reality

I've mentioned this story before but when I was about 16, me and a friend (let's say Mason), were going to another friend (let's say Daniel)'s house after school to hang out. For context, me and Mason are black. Daniel is white.

So, me, Daniel and Mason walk from school to Daniel's house to hang out but his family is having some event at their place and Daniel has to stay behind to be social and whatnot. So me and Mason decide to go to the nearby park. I went to elementary, middle, and high school in this neighborhood, so I know the park is open to the public until about 7/8 PM.

Me and Mason make it to the park and just start chilling on the swing sets, talkin, just wasting time until we can go back to Daniel's. It's just us two out in the park. All of a sudden, a cop shows up. Apparently there are reports in the neighborhood of "suspicious individuals" who are spray painting and putting graffiti everywhere. So he asks if we have any markers or pens or spray cans on us and we say no (we didn't even have our backpacks, we just left them at Daniel's since we were coming back).

So he starts asking us questions, why are we here, where do we go to school, etc. and we answer everything honestly: we go to school nearby, and we're just waiting to go to a friend's house. We show him our school ID's and everything. Both our parents are military too, so we also have our dependent cards that we show him. Before we know it, we're surrounded by 6 cops. They all have us pretty much surrounded in a semi circle.

They're all asking us questions at the same time, obviously trying to trip us up and get us to mix our details up somehow. Basically just trying to catch us in a lie that didn't exist. Then they start getting antagonizing, "playing on swing sets? My 5 year old swings on swing sets.", that kinda stuff. We don't give in, we just try and stay calm. At this point I'm very much afraid, but I remember being so clear headed and super aware of every movement they were making.

After some time of them questioning us and antagonizing is, Daniel shows up. As soon as he walks on the scene and sees what's going on he asks "what's going on here?" And the cops immediately disperse. It was so eerie. Like, no apology, didn't even really look Daniel in the eyes. As soon as they saw him coming up they walked away.

To this day, I wonder what might've happened has he shown up even a couple minutes later.


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