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Something some people may not know about me is that I am a massive fan of thrift stores, as well as the dollar store. I have found some truly innovative items there for way less than you would find anywhere else. My husband found a pasta maker at Savers for only a few dollars, and now he uses it to make his own pasta. And it's gooooood.

Of course, you can find incredible, mind-blowing products anywhere for super cheap--you just need to know where to look. ToteMyRatchet asked:

What life changing item can you buy for under 100$?

You can really find some game-changers for cheap if you go to the right places.

​Be warned- these can work a little too well.

“Blackout curtains! I've never slept so well, and could kick myself for not doing this years earlier.”


“Pair them with a blackout curtain rod, and it's next level. I'll never go back.”


​Soooo worth it.

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“A good pillow. Granted, bedding can be unreasonably overpriced, but $20 pillows at Target are not awesome. Invest in a good pillow. You spend 1/3 of your life on it.”


“I bought an 'expensive' pillow from €100 to €50 in a sale. It makes so much difference! Any hotel I stayed couldn't offer the same comfort.”


​A must-have.

“An emergency roadside kit for your vehicle.”


“At Costco right now (in the US) you can get a CAT jump starter that's also a compressor to fill your tires as well as a power station with 120v, 12v, USB plug ins for $99.

Perfect for camping and if the power goes out as well.”


Good shoes are a necessity.

“​A decent pair of shoes on clearance. Nice shoes, like Eccos, that are good for your feet. You might not think about it, but your feet and how you treat them are crucial for the health of you ankles, knees, hips and back. You're standing on those mfs all the time. They work hard for you, so get good shoes!

I'm not talking about designer bullsh*t or whatever is trendy.”


Think of all the amazing stuff you can get for less than $100. That’s cheaper than a night out!

​Ooooh this is a good one.

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“Ladies... get a shower stool. I have a teak Japanese style one.. Shaving is infinitely easier without having to do shower yoga. Also, I no longer almost fall and die while switching legs. And it's easier to dissociate under the water.”


“I'm 1000% with you. I've had a chair in my shower for only a couple months and it makes everything easier. I also feel like I can sit in the shower and really REALLY tend to my feet without fear of slipping, falling, and dying lol”


Crazy Historical Events That Sound Fake But Are 100% True | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

​Life-changing af.

“A weighted blanket - my sleep life will never be the same.”


“Weighted blankets are great for people who like to cuddle or snuggle up to something when they sleep.”


​Grateful gums.

“Electric toothbrush. Your teeth and gums will thank you forever!”


“Can confirm. Was gifted an electric toothbrush and have been teeth ever since. Gums still send me holiday cards.”


Of course, some things are much more crucial than others.​

​Much needed.

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“Condoms. Your life will change if you DON'T use them!”


“True. It won't be $100 anymore but your soul and your paycheck.”


​A lot of useful info here.

“A good flashlight. The tl;dr here is that you need one more than you think, it's one of the most useful things you can own, and maglites and plastic crap are not even close in capability to what you can get these days.

Many of you have probably seen the feds recommending owning a dedicated flashlight- not the one in your phone. Which is absolutely good advice, because in the event you need a flashlight to see there's a good chance you're in a situation where you are not going to be able to charge your phone, and will have better uses for your phone battery.

And a lot of you are probably thinking "yeah no worries I have that plastic flashlight laying around here somewhere" or "oh yeah my dad's old maglite is in the garage." Guys, I love to break it to you, but the flashlight you have is probably terrible compared to proper modern flashlights.

And no, I don't mean the ones you get in the sporting goods section of WalMart- although some of those are reasonably okay, they're almost universally overpriced for what they are. And I sure don't mean this US MILITARY HIGH POWER EXTREME BEST FLASHLIGHT IN THE WORLD marketing traps you see on TV ads and kickstarters.

Nowadays you can get incredible flashlights that will light up your house better than your actual overhead lights, turn nighttime off in a 50 yard radius of you outside, or even fire a beam of light across a field or lake a mile away. For less than $100 bucks. Hell, in many cases, less than $50.

Now obviously I recommend heading over to r/flashlight if you want to do some research- although fair warning, you might catch the flashlight collecting bug and there's no coming back from that. But if you want my personal recommendation for some to check out-

The Sofirn SP36 is about the size of a soda can, and can put out about 100 times as much light as the flashlight on your phone in a big floody way that fills up rooms easily. Hovers around $60 on Amazon.

The Astrolux FT03: this is about as typical looking a flashlight as you can imagine, but the standard model can put out about 50 times as much light as your phone and will blast it out over 800 meters. About $35 if you're willing to sit around and wait for it to come from China in a couple weeks.

The Lumentop EDC18 is a pocket sized flashlight about the size of your thumb that can do over 50 times as much light as your phone. If you don't want a fancy user interface, go for the EDC18L. $50, or as little as $30 with a coupon on Amazon.

Anything from Olight, Sofirn, Convoy, Emisar, Noctigon, Nitecore, Wowtac, Thrunite, Surefire, Fenix, or Zebralight is going to blow your mind if you've not used a real modern flashlight before and will be probably be more than enough for a normal non flashlight fetishist. There are plenty of other companies I've forgotten to put in there I'm sure but I'll personally vouch for all of those.”


​That sounds fantastic.

“Smart bulbs. Put one in a lamp in your bedroom and have it slowly brighten in the morning. It will change your life.”


“I have them all over my house and love them. I set them up with Alexa so they turn on and off on a schedule, I can tell them to dim or brighten, you can go party mode with different colors that flash or brighten along with the music, they're LED so they'll last forever, and it's great "security" when I'm out of town to make people think I'm home. All for like $10/each. Worth every penny, my lighting matches my moods now”


​I hope all of you have added a few of these things to your shopping list. Put $100 aside from your next paycheck, and invest in a few of these truly life-changing item. You won’t regret it.

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