People Break Down The Most Disrespectful Thing Anyone's Ever Done To Them


In a perfect world, we'd all go around doing our own thing and minding our own business. A nice bonus would be that we'd be surrounded by people who respect themselves, their neighbors, and everyone's boundaries. But that's not the world we live in and you'd be surprised at the things people have done because they think they can get away with it.

After Redditor SemiFunny asked the online community, "What is the most disrespectful thing someone has done to you?" people weighed in. We find ourselves feeling angry on their behalf!

"My first job..."

My first job as a photography intern, my boss posted on Facebook that he was going to fire me hours before he told me. We were friends on Facebook at the time.


"When I worked a kiosk..."

When I worked a kiosk someone sneezed into their hand and wiped it on my back when they passed by.


"It was the first day..."

It was the first day of one of my college courses and we were telling everyone our names. I said mine and the professor said "My husband wanted to name our son that but I didn't want him to get made fun of."


"He helped me put a couple of track segments together..."

I'm sure others have had it way worse, but when I was about 17, I was assembling a ride on train track (about 2 feet between rails) for an indoor amusement park when the owner of the company came in. He decided to help me. I don't know why, I didn't ask for help and didn't need help.

He helped me put a couple track segments together and decided that was enough work for him so he got up off the floor and wiped his greasy, dusty hands off on my jeans. With my leg in them. I was seriously incensed.


"She started yelling..."

Was working at a Dairy Queen when I was 16. It was a hot summer day and a lady came in and dumped her melted blizzard upside down on my arm/hand. In the process it covered my register, the wall and the floor.. She started yelling about how her ice cream melted and how I need to make her a new one. She was served in the drive through....I was working the front counter inside. My coworker said she had left over 20 minutes ago. I still had to make her a new one and give her a refund.


"Later that week..."

My ex-husband and I were on the road to divorce. I had done absolutely everything I could possibly think of to turn us around, and as a last ditch effort, I wrote him a letter. I knew it had a 0.1% chance of doing anything, so it was also kind of a "thank you for the good years" letter, too.

We were living with his parents because originally, we sold our house to make an upgrade. I guess that was his window of opportunity. Anyway, his mom found the letter and not only read it, but took pictures of it and shared it with multiple people, who started tearing me apart via text.

How did I know this? She never hears her phone go off, so I would usually bring it to her. I went to do that and saw the mentions of a letter and saw the context of what was sent.i didn't say anything, just set the phone back down and went outside to get a breath of air.

Later that week, she said she was tired of me being around and that he needed me to sign the papers then and there and I didn't get a say in anything. I mentioned sharing the letter, and she said she was allowed to do that because it was in her house. Therefore, it was her property.

Still trying to wrap my head around that one.

And then they sat there and watched TV while I packed my things.


"A kid at school..."

A kid at school when i was younger who put out his cigarette out on my face.

Still got the burn scar.


"From a short distance..."

Locked my new bike up outside a supermarket and ducked inside to get some yoghurt because it was Friday night and that's how I destress after a long week.

Self-checkout line was busier than expected but I was in and out in about ten to fifteen minutes. Didn't want to leave it for too long because someone had pinched the seat from outside my house a couple of weeks earlier.

From a short distance I could see my bike was facing the opposite way I'd left it and felt a little confused. I got closer and saw my U-lock looking like a pretzel. It seemed like someone had tried to wrench off my lock, failed and then just picked up my bike and tried to use it as leverage to pop the thing off, failed again, but succeeded in completely destroying the entire aluminium frame; total write-off, could not be fixed.


"I had someone I considered a close friend..."

I had someone I considered a close friend send an unprovoked email outing me to the entire staff of the place I worked. Not only that, he took a screenshot of an online dating profile as proof and told them to keep their kids away from me. (I was a teaching professional at a country club.)


"He immediately began to yell at me..."

Yesterday at my job (supermarket) I went outside with some guy to bring the handicap scooter back in. He immediately began to yell at me and curse at me about how he's handicapped and for not helping his wife unload their groceries. I tried explaining to him that because of the current situation, we cant touch people's groceries unless they specifically ask us. He wouldn't even let me talk, kept interrupting and insulting me. So I just stayed quiet and he eventually threatened to call his grandson to come kick my @ss, then drove off with his wife who was also insulting me under her breath. Being an essential worker sucks...


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