Nelson Mandela once said, "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it." Of course he was referring to human rights issues and the bettering of our global environment, not growing a pair and finally breaking up with someone you don't like.

Don't be a coward.

Reddit user, u/a_L_v_e_S, wanted to hear about:

What are the most cowardly things a person can do?

No One Is Perfect

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Refusing to acknowledge that you made a mistake and making excuses instead of being better.

We're human. We're flawed - all of us.


Stand Up For Your Friends Please

When a friend is being harassed or bullied infront of you and you just stand there and say "I don't want to get involved." even though later on you agree that your friend was completely the victim in the situation. Defend your friends please.


Letting Someone Else Take The Fall

Lie, to get someone else in to trouble.


That one time my porn didn't finish printing on the family computer and the next time mum used it the final prints came out and I blamed it on my sister bc she was always using Limewire and they believed me


Punching Down Is Never A Show Of Strength

Bully a weaker person to show their strength.


Being a bully, especially if you hold authority over them. Most of them will never have the balls to bully someone who can fight back and those who do only have those balls because they're too stupid and narcissistic to account for getting their teeth kicked in.


Just Give Up And Move On

Refuse to accept that they lost an argument and keep making it worse.


Puffing Out Your Chest

Act like a big shot with a waiter to try to impress someone


Anyone they feel like it's "below" them really. Punching down is cowardly enough, even worse than it's for no reason other than seeming like big sh-t.


Just Be Brave Enough To End It

Cheat on their partner.

Falling out of love, wanting out of the relationship is fine, it happens. But cheating is one of the lowest things someone can do that's legal in my opinion.


Zeroing In On A Weakness

Use people's weaknesses to manipulate them.

I lose respect for such people in an instance


Speak Up. Own Up.

Push the blame onto others when it's clearly your own fault


Hey, we all make mistakes. I'd be lying if I said I didn't do it as well. But we learn as we grow.


Seriously. Speak Up. Own Up.

Let another person take the blame and punishment for something they did.


When I was about 7 yo, someone cut the whiskers off the cat. Being the youngest, my parents blamed it on me. I pleaded my innocence, but got the strap and the rest of the day in solitary confinement (my BR). My older sister's conscience intervened and she admitted to the evil deed. She got praised for her honesty, no punishnent, and I recieved no apology.

My disfunctional family.



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Ghosting someone. Not having the balls to just admit that things don't work out and vanish into thin air never to be seen again. One of the most painful and cowardly things to do ever.


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