People Break Down The Most Annoying Things Their Neighbor Does

Not all neighbors are good ones. Despite what Mr. Rogers would have you believe, sometimes neighbors are rude and completely out of touch with how to live amongst others.

When we live next to those people, it straight up sucks. They produce interesting stories for us to tell other people, but at what cost? Our sanity?

u/anyasianwilldue asked:

What does your neighbor do that annoys you the most?

Here were some of those answers.

Annoying On Both Sides

Well one has a garage door that sounds like a puppy being set on fire which they refuse to oil, one is a street racer boy who's sound system is enough to shake the walls every time he starts the car up, and one parks their harley pretty much directly outside my bedroom window and has a preference for going on rides at midnight.

And y'know the worst part? They're all really nice people so I don't want to have to get on their a**es about it otherwise I'll feel mean


Prying Eyes

They're just always freaking watching us, in a non-creepy but annoying way. They're bored and sit outside facing our house just observing.

Privacy fence and buying a place with decent distance from the neighbors is on my must-have list for the next time we buy.


Just Creating More Noise

It's their damn dog holy crap I've never heard a dog bark so much in my life jesus. I think it's a Bloodhound. It doesn't stop barking.

The friggin owner will yell at the dog and be like stop barking, and all the dam derp does is wag its tail at the owner, while the owner is yelling at it, and continues barking on its merry way.


Inferiority Complex

They're simply better people. They're always willing to help with anything. The call us in concern when a car pulls up to my house that they don't recognize.

They call to check on us if we have an ambulance show up. They bring little home made chocolates and other treats during the holidays. They're never disruptive in any way. All around, some of the best people I know. I am garbage compared to them and it annoys the hell out of me.


Oh You Just Don't Want Us To Live

Calls the cops every time we have the property sprayed for ticks and mosquitos. It's bad enough that we decided to move.

The new neighbors are suing us to stop us from building our new house.

New neighbors think the new house is too big and they don't like pools. So they tried to stop the zoning board from approving the project and when that failed they filed suit in Land Court. It's been in court for 1 year, and shows no sign of wrapping up. We decided to start construction at risk.


It Was Probably The Explosion

Well, last Christmas he had his whole family over, and that caused a whole world of incidents.

- His cousin emptied his RV's septic tank into a storm drain.

- His uncle then lit a cigar by said storm drain, making it explode.

- He ripped off a part of his house's gutter, which crashed into his other neighbor's house.

- He puts so many lights on his house that I was seeing spots for hours after he turned them on.

- For some reason, a SWAT team raids his house in the middle of the night.


It Takes A Village

We have several annoying neighbors. There is one house that has a whole village inside. There is one elderly person, 3 adults and 4 kids. They blast music. They impatiently honk their car horn early in the morning.

One time the Pre-teen/teenager had a crowd and her in our driveway. They were about to fight another girl! I had to come out and tell them to take it somewhere else, so they went in our hecking yard! I go back out and her mother told me "they aren't in your yard. Mind your business. They are working it out." While the other girls mom yelled " beat the sh*t out of her! I'm tired of her nasty a** giving you lice."

It was so trashy and I had to break it up. I was shocked bc their mothers were probably 15-20 years older than me and was just they sucked.


Noises From The Boys

She has a couple of kids, nothing too young (10 - 14), and the one that shares a wall with mine can get really loud. Sounds like he's slamming into stuff. They're typically pretty polite people, a lot better than some neighbors I've had. The ones below us at the last apartment complex we lived in was horrible.


Walk Away

I post on a lot of my neighbors. Most of them are pretty decent (catsitting for one of them now), but there's one or two who's a little off the rails. I posted on this one neighbor a while back, this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life that I will repost it again and again.

He's a Trump supporter, and was mad he lost. He's ranting and raving about how there's fraud, and me, not wanting to get involved, simply said "well, it's going to court." I hoped that'd shut him up, but it only made him reply with the dumbest thing ever to come out of any human beings mouth, "well, what good's that going to do, all these judges, even the Trump appointees, are only going to rule according to the law. Not much good that'll do."

I had to walk away. He and I don't agree on much politically.


The Loudest Music Of All Time

The ones behind us had a LIVE MARIACHI BAND out of nowhere and then they got insulted when I asked what time the band would be done playing so I could put my 10-month-old and two year old to bed.

They frequently (nearly every weekend) blast their music loud enough to be heard over my tv with my windows doors shut and get rude af if I ever ask them to turn it down. The worst is that they stream their music via their phone so I hear every text message they get.

And sometimes they can't decide what they want to listen to so they play about 25-30 seconds of a song at full volume before skipping to the next one, never straying from full volume. Noise complaints to the police don't do much because they just turn it back up later or the next day.

It's so unlivable for me that we sold our house last week because of it & are in escrow for a new house...that very deliberately does not have anyone behind or next to us (a canal on one side and the runoff for the canal behind us)


Grassy Knoll 

He mows his grass twice per week in Summer. He's retired and he probably has nothing else to do.


Our neighbor mows every three days which was never something I paid much attention to, until I started working from home. I can't even count the number of times he started up the loud leaf blower this fall... I feel like it was once a day.


Saddest dog

My neighbors have a very cute white pit bull mix who they leave outside all the time and she's constantly just sitting there staring at us, longing to go on walks and to get pets and to do dog stuff that doesn't involve sitting outside looking sad.


Green carpet

They hire that landscaping company that makes extensive use of very loud gas-powered leaf blowers to blow every single leaf off her yard like it was meant to be a green carpet.



30 of them live in the same 2500sq ft house with 4 Yukon XL SUVs parked outside and bright led spot lights and pot lights on 24/7. Illegal fires in the backyard, burning tires and furniture, etc. Locking naked kids in their shed in the cold as punishment. Btw this is in BRAMPTON, not the middle of nowhere.

Called bylaw many times (actually u can't call you can only submit things online) and not one time have they responded.



Matt if you're reading this stop drilling holes in your wall. It's my wall too and, honestly, I can't believe it's still standing.


Since they moved in

Either the person upstairs is locked in the bathroom, or they are on the same poop schedule as me. Every. single. day. since they moved in.


Never had a formal complaint 

Coughs extremely loudly and obnoxiously while he smokes directly below my bedroom window and immediately outside my kitchen room window. He's also built a tent outside in our parking lot out of blue tarp and lawn chairs and often chills out in it in nothing but his "shorts" (I think they are underwear).

Otherwise, he's a nice enough guy and I've never had a formal complaint for him but I'll be excited to leave it all behind when I move.


Rule breakers 

I live in a townhouse. My neighbour always walks out to his porch and stares EVERY TIME we leave our unit or return home or have someone arrive at our front door. It's creepy and intrusive. He also constantly coughs, spits and horks on his front porch at all hours of the day and night and yells "PEE-PEE!" at his dog (even at 3 am). He liters our driveway with cigarette butts (which is not a shared driveway, he flicks them there from his porch). He calls bylaw on everyone, especially for parking violations that don't impact him, and then blames other people to create infighting with neighbours. Meanwhile, this guy is constantly breaking bylaws.

He has a dog that always barks. They leave it tied outside for long periods of time and have it do its business along our driveway without picking it up. He also spreads fake gossip about everyone in the townhouse development.

His wife is also creepy and one time popped out from a grocery display at the supermarket to intercept us and continued to stalk us around the store as we ducked in and out of aisles to avoid her. And his daughter's boyfriend has a modified exhaust on his car, which he loudly revs at all hours.