People Break Down The Exact Moment They Thought 'F*** This Job' And Quit On The Spot
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Ever work a job that you hate?

Believe it or not, most of them are not jobs you hate right away. It builds up over time. There's a disappointment here, another disappointment there, and before you know it, you dread getting up in the morning (and you might start looking for another job).

And sometimes jobs get on our nerves so much that we decide to quit on the spot. People shared the reasons why they left their crappy jobs after Redditor ragingbull955 asked the online community,

"When did you go "F*** this job" and quit?"

"That's right."

"My last job working customer service. I was working for a major rental car company. Guy calls in in full meltdown mode because the car that he picked up didn't have a push-button start.

That's right. The car he was given was a key start. Apparently, this was the end of the world for him.

Quit after that call and have never worked customer service since. Now in a quiet little data entry role for an insurance company and couldn't be happier."


There are some customers who just shouldn't be allowed in public. Ridiculous.

"I laughed in his face..."

"I had a job at a cafe, and one time a customer asked to purchase a gift card. They happened to pay for a coffee and a portion of their new gift card with a gift card they'd already had. I mixed up the cards and accidentally gave them back the empty one instead of the one they'd just purchased. When they came in a few weeks later and realized, I apologized and found the card I'd accidentally mixed up with the full balance on it. I'd just thrown it in the junk drawer under my till.

My boss, who was an ahole to begin with, cut my hours from full-time to 3 hours a week even though we were understaffed. He regularly did this to employees to punish them if they did anything wrong, I guess he assumed I meant to steal it. I gave my quitting notice the day after he posted the new schedule, and he had the balls to ask me why I was quitting when I was one of his best employees. I laughed in his face and never looked back."


"When I worked..."

"When I worked for eight hours with one bathroom break and no lunch at a packaging company and they still expected me to stay put."


Sounds like Amazon.

It might not be Amazon, but... it sounds like it.

"I responded by..."

"My prison guard job.

I was having nightmares and various mental health issues stemming from the things I witnessed that I wanted to get therapy for. I asked HR to help me find support and they decided instead to take an unannounced month-long vacation. I asked my security head for help and he essentially called me a pu**y. So, I went and found therapy on my own dime, then the prison found out (unclear how though I suspect my ex was involved) and put me on indefinite leave. I responded by resigning.

Also in the process of sueing them.

The only real downside is having to build a new life and career for myself (it's been quite rough)."


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"Worked at a furniture store..."

"Worked at a furniture store after moving to a bigger city. They told me it was $10/hr which wasn't great but it was something. Worked about 47 hours my first week and 45 the next week and I was pretty excited to be getting some OT pay. But when I got my pay stub there was no overtime on there. I asked the manager and he said "it's a salary position, you don't get overtime pay". Told him this was never discussed in the hiring process and he said it should've been and if I don't like it I can leave. So I took off my work shirt and walked out of there shirtless."


You know, I can't blame you for this response. You're free now! WOOOO!

"I was told..."

"I was told that my work hours would be 8:30-5:30. Instead, I learned that the expectation was for every one (5 staff in a small company) to stay until at least 7 pm every night, with 9 pm finish times occurring on a regular basis. I was trying to convince myself to stick the job out until I found a new one, then I learned my boss had given my personal mobile number to clients so they could call me whenever they want. I called the recruiter who had placed me in the role and said "no f****** way." I left at the end of my 8th day."


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"My idiot boss..."

"My idiot boss yelled at my coworker for something he didn't do, made him cry on the sales floor. So I went up to my boss and yelled in his face, got sent home, and never came back. Found out later that everyone in the department quit after they found out how we got treated.

I wish I could've been there when the moron had to explain to corporate how he lost the best sales team in the entire company in the span of a day."


Any boss who makes an employee cry shouldn't be a boss. I hope that boss had a hell of a time explaining how he messed up.

"Three days..."

"Three days working in a set of immediate place homes for kids who had been taken from their families and put into foster care.

I'm a kind and loving and caring person. I wanted to take every kid home and seeing the incompetence of the system and my inability to literally do ANYTHING made me leave. I wish I could handle it but I cried every day and I still cry about those kids."


"One of my old bosses..."

"One of my old bosses was a nice person, very chill to work with. Conversely, I was motivated to move up in the company to a better role, with a new title, responsibilities and a higher salary.

They kept promising me over and over that I was going to get the promotion "soon" and always complimented how I was doing great and I was "the best person they've ever had." In hindsight, this should have been a major red flag.

After two years of being led on, I stopped them dead in their tracks and asked them point-blank "What's the plan?" They gave me a confused look and I reminded them again about the promotion they had promised repeatedly. They said it'll happen soon, so I asked them to specify, "Be specific. What date?"

Their response? "Uhhmm…"

I leveled with them and requested a written plan they had to get me promoted, with phases and execution dates and all. I told them I'd like to see in one week from then, and they BLEW UP at me.

Needless to say, I didn't stay much longer at that job."


"I got an entry-level..."

"I got an entry-level system administrator job. I had to deal with an egotistical manager. I don't remember the details but my manager asked us a mental math question regarding one of the software settings. I said it was ".75".

My manager laughed at me and said "the education system is failing" implying that I was wrong. The answer he was looking for was "3/4". I and my teammates tried to explain that it was the same thing. He kept insisting that it was wrong. He had a big problem with people telling him he was wrong.

It was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I quit within the hour."


No one should be treated badly while on the job. And if you know a job isn't the right one for you, make a plan, and just go. You'll save yourself time and preserve your sanity. That's what counts.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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