I don't mean to nitpick, but...

In Back To The Future, Marty makes sure that his parents end up together. Being such an important part of their relationship and why they're married, wouldn't they remember him? Or wonder why their son looks just like the guy that brought them together?

Redditor u/crabsmoker75 asked people about the biggest plot holes they've ever seen, and people broke down why even their most favorite movies and shows were flawed.

10. Professor Xavier wasn't thinking smart

"In X-Men, Xavier can't track Magneto because of his helmet, but he knows Sabertooth is there with him, so why not just track him?"


9. A good premise that fell apart

"In the Butterfly Effect, the entire premise and point of the movie was that tiny changes in the past can drastically change the future.

Yet, while in jail, the main character went back in time to stab his hands so that he would have "the stigmata' on his hands to scare someone. This made zero sense in the context of the movie, and was a complete a**-pull that went against the entire rest of the movie."

8. Players sat there asking, "Why can't Fawkes do it?"

"Fallout 3 before DLC, having to die instead of having your super mutant friend handle the massive radiation."


7. Maybe Ariel knew she had sloppy handwriting


"The Little Mermaid. Ariel can write. She could have just wrote it down for Eric. No miming involved."


6. Harry making his life harder for some reason

"why doesn't Harry Potter use his magic to cure his eyes so he doesn't have to wear glasses?:


"Why does he try and grab a letter out of the air instead of one of the hundreds on the ground? He's not the brightest which is a shame because his parents were extremely bright and talented."


5. Meanwhile, Dumbledore wasn't the best decision maker either

"All Dumbledore had to do was get the Ministry to check Sirius Black's memories and they would've known he was innocent. Especially since at that time he had a lot of influence in the Ministry. It was said by Hagrid in the first book that people had been wanting Dumbledore to be Minister for a while."


4. When editors make bad cuts

"The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The scene of the boat with the T-Rex arriving at the harbor. With the edits and scene cuts that were made here, this scene makes zero sense. How did everyone onboard die? What killed them? The Rex is in the hold and clearly didn't get out. Even if it had, how did it get to the crew on the bridge without completely destroying it?

Supposedly there were raptors on the boat as well, but this bit was cut from the final print, yet the aftermath of their presence is left in the film? Why?"


3. Is he a prince or not?

"I'm sure someone else will say this too, but in Aladdin, his first wish was 'Make me a Prince' then he makes a grand princely entrance. Then for the rest of the movie, he's struggling with the fact that he's a beggar and not a prince but ... the most powerful being in the universe (with ittty bitty living space) made him a prince ... so how is he not a prince?


2. Time makes no sense in the Dragon Ball universe, just deal with it

"Namek will blow up in 5 minutes."


1. Rich parents?


"How spongebob manage to have his own home with a garden , a massive library , sun roof and other extremities and still manage to afford boating school given that mr crabs is extremely stingy"


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