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Hobbies are great, but they can get awfully expensive very quickly. Not every hobby is going to cost you an arm and a leg, though; some are even completely free!

Reddit user Maximus100BC asked:

"What is a hobby that is 100% free?"

Cleaner Neighborhood And Relaxed Mind

I've been litter-picking and I find it more engaging than just walking and super soothing to help my community look tidier.


I've been doing around some trails near my house and the road along my street with my son. Sometimes my mom joins as well. It really does make you feel good until two weeks later when there is litter everywhere again. If there were not parks with garbage cans nearby I don't think I could keep up with it.


Libraries Rock!

Reading (public libraries)


Public libraries also offer free services in borrowing all sorts of media from other libraries. I watched all of the studio ghibli films by borrowing from public libraries


Observation Is Key

​People watching


Sometimes I like to imagine short histories about people I don't know based on the interaction I'm watching


This. I hate airports but I make it tolerable by making up narrations about other airport goers.


You Could Become A Grandmaster...Or Not

Chess. Online chess is totally free and materials to learn are all over the place.


Readers beware, chess can either be the best game in the world, or the most frustrating game in the world (due to the fact that you're not getting better at all).

Or both.


Put It On Paper



My husband and I are working on better recreational habits and one of the things we started doing is working on a sci-fi book together. HUGE bonding activity.


Don't Take Them All Home, Though

Volunteering at a local dog shelter.


The 12 dogs you end up adopting are definitely not free….


Rocks Are Cool

You could collect rocks. You can start that in your own backyard even.


I play DnD; I collect (math)rocks aka dice.


You'll Always Have Your Instrument With You



Straight up my favorite hobby. And you can enjoy it anywhere! Doing the dishes? Driving the car? Just sing!

Also: maybe it's just me but singing is so cathartic I can use it to calm down when really angry or upset. So that's a win too!


I love singing, but doing it on front of anyone is really difficult. I'm even somewhat confident that my singing is at least not unbearable to listen to as well, but singing in front of someone is just a crazy amount of anxiety. So basically the only time I ever do is in the car.



Train spotting


If you assume you have internet and don't use it just to watch rail cams, that's free. Virtual Railfan is great and you may get to see a shooting like the one in Arizona this week. Also go to a railroad crossing or even a park that is adjacent to some tracks and just watch.


Give Your Time, And Get Something In Return

Volunteering. You can meet great people, help others and learn something for life.


I used to volunteer in the hospital, that is how I decided to go into medicine as a career. Meet some really nice people, too.


Hobbies don't have to cost you hundreds of dollars to be rewarding.

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