People Break Down The Best Advice They've Ever Gotten From The Internet


Ah, the internet. Home to all of humanity's collective knowledge. Sometimes it provides genuine guidance, other times it just provides grade-A bullsh*t. However, when it comes to Reddit, the advice that comes out of that site is actually really useful. Here are a few examples of Reddit coming through with those life tips.

u/little_shop_of_hoors asked: What is the best tip you've ever gotten off Reddit?

This is sweet.

Give people compliments behind their back.


I would never say this to her face, but she's a wonderful person and a gifted artist.




When a large cluster of people are walking towards you, you can make them all move out of your way simply by walking slower than them.

It's crazy how the human mind works.


A cool psychology trick.

If you want someone to answer your question in all detail, just keep quiet, in 99% of all cases they'll keep adding information just to fill the silence.


Smart move.

If you're long distance moving, make up a first day box consisting of basic cookware and ingredients, your wifi router, computer, some clothes, toiletries and whatever other necessities you need until you get all of your stuff.


Yes to this.


Never use more than 2-3 sprays of perfume.

If you can't smell it on yourself, means you're good to go.


"A scent is to be discovered, not announced."


Great advice.

"If you want to be good at something, you first have to be willing to be bad at it".


There's a rehash of Samuel Beckett's quote that has a similar message that I'm fond of.

"Fail. Fail again. Fail better".


Rice friend.

The best way to store leftover rice is to wrap it in cling-wrap and freeze it. Don't refrigerate it, this results in dry rice every time.

Later, take your frozen riceball, and microwave it on half-power for a few minutes. This re-steams the rice and it comes out awesome. Thank you random reddit rice friend!

Edit: Make sure your cling-wrap is "microwaveable" and leave it on during the reheating. Then open it carefully so the hot steam doesn't get you.


No judgement.


Tensing up your hand into a tight fist can help suppress the gag reflex. I personally use it to help clean my tongue, but if you have other uses for it, no judgement.


Hot dog eating competition here I come.


Oooh, this is useful.

5 second rules. If you're lazy to do something, slowly count to 5 and do it.


As a long term insomniac and a crushed student in final year, getting out of bed is the biggest use and abuse of exactly this.


Smart tip.

If you're suspecting that someone is following you while walking/driving, take 3 right turns in a row, if they're still there, you're being followed.


And if that is the case, drive to a police station.


Hiccups are the worst.


Not off reddit, but I feel like everybody needs to hear this tip: if you have the hiccups, take a deep breathe in, hold for 10 seconds, take three sips of something (water, juice, just swallow, whatever) without breathing, then breathe out slowly for about 7 seconds. If you have a really bad case it doesn't always help, but 99% of the time this solves it.


Hacking the college system.

Apply to college as an education major. Even if you have bad grades you will likely be accepted because education majors become teachers and there is always a need for more teachers. Once you are accepted, you can change your major to whatever it is you really want to do.


Nerd stuff.

Keyboard program control is in "99%" faster than mouse control.

There might be a learning curve, but if you use pc regularly the time spent on learning shortcuts will be well spend. just learning how to use arrows with shift, ctrl and shift+ctrl for text selection is the game changer for most of the users. I hate when someone presses backspace 10 times because they made a typo.

If you are a programmer learn vim or other editing program which makes you edit more easily (less mouse keeping both hands on the keyboard, less keystrokes for more editing) than WYSIWYG editors. You are gonna spend your life typing AND editing, so you better use the most efficient tools. when I now see other people typing and editing, i see the time difference. In vim you are able to edit as fast as you think, no need for repeatedly pressing arrow keys etc.


Yes to this.


I didn't learn this on Reddit but it was still social media and I find it really helpful:

If it won't matter in 5 years, you shouldn't spend more than 5 minutes worrying about it.

I've seen people being nervous about small things and I, being in the exact same situation, am totally calm and instead of worrying I can concentrate on solving the problem.


Garlic is everything.

Always add more garlic than the recipe calls for.


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