People Break Down The Places That Are Easy To Enter But Difficult To Leave
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The shower. Your bed. A warm and comfy position on the couch. What do all of these things have in common? Once you get into them, you don't wanna get out.

Easy to enter, difficult to leave. Once you are in, you are in. And getting out isn't going to be the cakewalk that you want it to be. You are gonna have to do some work to get yourself away.

Redditor SingleFunction223 asked:

"What’s a place that is easy to enter, but difficult to leave?"

Love Your Elders

"Your grandparents' house. My grandpa has been gone since 1989 but I still remember what he would say as soon as we would get ready to gather our things to leave."

"He would say 'What’s your hurry? What’s your hurry?' I can almost hear him. I still miss him."-Traditional-Worth295

Human Maze

"My wife and son went to a corn maze that had a trivia question posted at every decision point. Based on your answer, the sign directed you which path to take."

"They were stuck in there for hours! They tried multiple answers at some point. Eventually, they could see the edge of the maze and they just busted out the side."-badwhiskey63

Oh My Gosh, How Are You?

"The store when your mom sees one of her friends and starts talking" - OwnerOfABrainCell

Excuse Me, Clear Out

"Apparently my house if you are a moth."-Midnight_grizz

"I open the door, point to it, and ask them repeatedly to leave. This works a surprising amount of the time."

"My mates didn’t believe me till New Years Day, then they all just stared at me after 4 flies left the house. I don’t know why they leave when I ask, but they do. Have you tried asking them?"-keytherz

We've All Been There, And Never Allowed To Leave

"Apparently malls in my dreams."

"Whenever I enter 1 in my dreams, I Instantly know I'm fucked. Only hope is finding someone familiar or conscious (idk why all the people in my malls are just black blobs)" - Duck_with_a_Sandal

Everyone, Remember Where We Parked!

"A large parking lot. 20 mins to find your car followed by a maze to find your way out." - jujublackkkk

Can We Go Already?

"A friend of your moms house. “Time to go!” Twenty minutes later, their still saying their good byes" - Fnaf_and_anime_weeb

These things will wrap you in their warm embrace and never let you go....ever.

It's A Downhill Trajectory


"Plenty of people don’t realise how flimsy it all is. One or two mistakes and you can find yourself in a financial situation that’s going to take years to escape."-ElMothMan

"In the US, it doesn’t even have to be a mistake. Just get sick or injured enough, and you could have done everything right for decades. It’ll all be wiped out in months."-asianpeterson

The Furniture Void

"Furniture stores, but--There are a few tricks to IKEA. For one, you can enter from the register side and directly go into the area where you pick up your boxes."

"Ideal if you already know what you're getting as you can skip the showroom maze."

"Secondly, the employees have to get around easily too, so even when you do go into the showroom, look around a bit."

"There are shortcuts everywhere. They're not marked very well as the company wants you to walk past everything, but they're there."-NMe84

The Descent

"Underwater caves (specifically without cave training/gear). The water is air clear, so it's very inviting. Super easy to go just a bit too far."

"Once you're in, there are a lot of ways to die. You can take a turn down a side passage without realizing it, stir up the bottom with poor technique, have a light failure without proper backups, stay too long and not reserve enough gas for exit, get stuck, have an unfixable reg failure without redundancy, etc."

"Lots of really experienced open water divers have kicked the bucket in caves. Sometimes they were right near the exit, they just didn't have the training or gear to get there."

"Cave diving is awesome, but you have to be prepared for it, and your PADI DM cert will just make you more confident as you swim to your death."-helodriver87

Welcome To The Hotel California

"I’ve dealt with a lot of addicts in my family. The only thing that I’ve ever seen get them on the right path is nearly dying or being told they’ll die if they continue."

"It doesn’t matter how much they harm their loved ones. It doesn’t matter how much strain they put on all of those around them."

"It doesn’t matter to them that they scare the f**k out of their little brother. It’s sickening. Don’t do meth."-JustinWendell

Even if you want to exit these things, it's going to be a fight to get away for real and for true.

They Got You, They Have You

"The Marine Corps"

"Good luck getting that TRS done when it’s only offered on another base. Or final physical. Even if you get all that done you gotta deal with admin and pray they don’t lose your paperwork." - justarandomguy61

The USA Making Life Easy As Usual

"Mexico, if you're entering from the United States."

"Seriously, you can just walk into Mexico whenever you want, but leaving you have to wait in a very long line and get your passport checked and sometimes your car/bags searched even if you got nothing illegal going on..."

"I love Mexico, but man, going back into the States is always a hassle lol."-miss_noodle02

You Don't Know What To Do

"Any kind of abusive relationship, especially if you’re young and don’t have much experience." - awake-but-dreamin

The Benefits Are Too Good To Walk Away From

"An easy great-paying job, but at the end of the day it sucks your soul away and changes you as a person." - offspring3000

American Horror Story: Nobody Believes You

"Notoriously, mental institutions. Once you've convinced someone you're a psychopath, it's nearly impossible to convince the staff otherwise."-SemKleeven

"Wasn't there an actor who spent some time in s psychiatric hospital for a little bit, and the crew had to get him out because they wouldn't let him go?"-SturfandTings

"Brad Pitt, read this on Quora just the other day."-Moistery_Machine

Volunteer Your Time Or Your Life?

"Any kind of volunteering. For me it is teaching children's church. Once you start there is no easy exit. Girl scout leader, flag football coach, company birthday planner .. idk .. just about any volunteer gig."-henriettaroxs

"Can confirm, I volunteered at a youth house and the number of volunteers kept dropping, I couldn't abandon it or otherwise it would have to cease their operations. It wore me down and dragged my mental state down with it."-TradesSexForFood

It's not always a bad thing that something can enrapture you so easily once you are in it, but exercise caution and agency when approaching any of these things.

Otherwise you might just find that you've let a ton of time go by stuck in it--and what good is a life stuck in anything?

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