People Break Down Which Totally Obvious Scams People Still Fall For


It's not news that everyone's parents and grandparents are on social media. What started out as a cutting edge way to spy on your exes have now become the family communication tools most associated with the dreaded feeling of, "Oh no, Aunt Karen posted WHAT about WHICH political figure now? Cancel the reunion, everyone. We can't do this." Misinformation has a way of spreading stupidly fast online, but fortunately the computers in our pockets are connected to the largest library in the world which could potentially help see through the lies and the scams.

Unfortunately, the fact these scams still float around online is proof positive people don't use them that way.

Reddit user, u/iamiconick, wanted to hear about:

What totally obvious scam do people still fall for?

Let's Go Catfishing

"I love you. Please send me money so I can visit my dying sister in COUNTRYNAME. I know I've only known you two weeks online, and we've never met in person, and I've called you from three different burner phones--but that doesn't mean we don't love each other."


Yeah. Definitely On The Dark Web.

My freshman year in college I got a phone call (on my dorm room phone) from someone saying I won an all expense paid vacation. I remember giving them a bunch of my information expecting to hear back from the soon about the details of my free cruise. I of course never did.

It wasn't until a few years later that I thought about and realized how shady it was. It's been over ten years and nothing has happened but I'm sure my info is still out there somewhere on the dark web.


If A Strange Asks You Lots Of Questions, Be Very Wary.

I'd say anything that involves social engineering.

People are too trusting, which leads to hackers being able to access accounts and private information.


Captivating Ads, But Never Enter Your #


To sign in you have to use your CC, if you do sign in though they will say something like the site is needed for maintenance. The they'll use your CC.


Never Share.

Facebook posts which state

"Apple are giving away 10,000 iPhone XS phones that can't be sold because they are stock! To enter just share and like this page and comment why you should get a new iPhone"

It's an obvious scam and yet people not only fall for it but then leave multiple paragraphs about why they should receive a free phone, with most comments relating to their current shift situation due to poor life choices.

How is it a scam? Whoever is running the Facebook page will wait until the page has 100,000 likes and then sell it to whoever wants it to promote their product or service. They can then change the name of the page to whatever they want and they now have 100,000 organic likes from people who won't un-like the page.


Anecdotes =/= Facts

Medical advice from Facebook, or anyone without a medical degree. Hearing a story or anecdotal evidence and immediately buying it with no question. I can't believe how gullible human beings are.


Win Money Right on The Street? Score!

People still try to win at three card monte in NYC. A quick google search will explain that it's totally rigged and all of the other "players" are just people who are in on the scam.

You can't win even if you know how the dealer is throwing the top card. If you pick the correct card, one of the other "players" will quickly bet more than you on the wrong card. If you start arguing, one of the other "players" will yell that the cops are coming and they'll quickly pack up their sh-t and start heading up the street. It's all just a scam to take your money.

There's no way to win. Just don't play.


Only $1?? Wow!

"You won a new iPhone 11! There is just 1 missing dollar so enter your credit card and-" yk where I'm going


Supreme, Indeed.

Drop shipping.

Such trash - lazy little white kids buying $3 watches on AliExpress, marking them up by 4500% to $130, and selling them as their own on instagram with a bunch or fancy branding on hot models.

A waste of humanity that suckers so many people


We're ALL Bored. Doesn't Mean You Post Personal Information.

Making lists of personal information and posting it on a Facebook wall for data mining. They post massive lists with hundreds of entries sometimes!

Favorite color

Mothers maiden name

High school

First car



Even The Online Gaming World Can Fall Prey

Free Csgo skins website! Ppl enter their steam account details and end up losing their account as pishers use stolen accounts to cheat in games


Gift Cards?

"This is your boss, yes I'm calling you from a phone that you don't have saved in your contacts. I need you to buy $1,000 in iTunes gift-cards and send me photos of the codes through text."

Unfortunately, this actually happened at my job yesterday.


Ahh, A Classic.

A nice exiled Nigerian Prince contacted me by email. His royal family has been overthrown by the military who has blocked access to the bank accounts whilst they are in hiding. Fortunately their accountant still can access their wealth and they desperately need a foreign account to move the money so it can't be seized by the state until they are safe again. With amazing luck, they chose me in Australia to help them, which I must for the generous offer of 25% of the millions they need to move as long as I provide my bank details and a scan of my passport just to confirm I'm real.

If I don't help, I would never forgive myself. Apparently I'm their last chance as others have failed them and I'm to keep this just between the Prince and I. I'm probably putting myself and the Royal Family at risk by discussing it on Reddit, but thought this post worthy of bringing awareness to their plight.


You know what, Toby? When the son of the deposed king of Nigeria emails you directly, asking for help, you help! His father ran the freaking country! Okay?!


A Phone Call From A "Friend"

"Hello madam this is MicRRROsoft Josh speaking, fram United states...can I get ur credit card details?"


Remember to always keep scammers on the line as long as possible. The more of their time you waste, the less time they have to call an elderly person who would fall for this


The websites that lets you bid on expensive sh-t for cheap prices.

Madbids for example.

You can bid on a camera for as little as a dollar but in reality you always be outbidded by a bot. Until you spend money on the autobid credits that let's you automatically outbid the bot.

You might end up paying 50 dollars for a 200 dollar camera but you would've paid 180 dollars in autobidding credits as well.


I always thought these worked because you paid your bid whether you won or lost. So if everybody bid, in dollar increments, up to $30, then the winner gets whatever it is for $30, but the site gets $450.

It's still a scam, obviously, because you're literally paying to lose. But at least it makes fiscal sense for the site to actually sell the items.


Years back when these sites were just getting out, we had one as a client. You're exactly right about the margins the website is getting off the items. They don't care if the eventual winner gets a phone for $20 bucks, the website cleared a grand on it. What killed me was that my coworkers, despite knowing how exactly the scam worked, ended up sinking a bunch of money into the site in the following weeks. Helped me realize just how stupid most of my coworkers were


It's The Spelling Errors. That's What Should Stand Out First.

Your computter is infected with 7 viruss. Click here to install imediately an anti-virus and protecc your computer!

Edit: added spelling/grammar errors in the scam, as some users pointed out


All Together Now: PYRAMID SCHEME



Hey hun πŸ‘‹πŸ’πŸΌβ™€οΈ, I know we haven't spoken since high school 🏫, but I totally just thought of you for a great opportunity πŸ’…πŸ»πŸ’„πŸ’‹selling amazing πŸ₯°products and being your own boss πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ’•!!!!! I make 6 figures πŸ’΄πŸ’°working from home 🏑😁❀️! Hit me up soon ⏰ cuz I only have one spot left on my team πŸ₯³! Bye girl πŸ˜˜πŸ€—


Gift Cards? GIFT CARDS?

Hello, ma'am. I'm calling from the Internal Revenue Service to let you know we've discovered fraudulent activity on your social security number, so we're cancelling it.


Then they ask you to pay with iTunes gift cards. Their whole scam is so obvious it's sad folks fall for it.


I had to actually buy $1000 worth of gift cards for a work event at Target, and two different managers were called over to talk to me to try to convince me I was being scammed and not to buy them. It was annoying but I super appreciate that they do it!


The IRS has said over and over again, and they say it every year, and it is on the news, etc.. WE WILL NEVER CALL YOU. Yet people fall for that all the time.


From what I remember of my college classes, the IRS will never OPEN communication with you by calling. Once communication is established, calling might be a way of communication forward.


This is it right here. I've been audited twice, both times because the IRS screwed up, and said I owed more than I paid in taxes. They send a letter first giving you a case number, explanation of what they found, what you owe, and what the penalties are and will be going forward. Complete with dates for when payment is due. They leave a phone number for you to call, you give them the case number on the paperwork the mailed you, and then an agent is assigned to your case. I managed to prove to them they screwed up on both audits and kept my money. They apologized both times.


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