They say those who have it never talk about it; it's because they don't have to. When you have cash or confidence, you find it's something you don't have to prove. Now there are plenty of people who still feel like they have to, but that is for them and their therapists to discuss. Most people who are trying to hard to fake it are just trying to make others feel less then; to overcompensate. They need to be put on notice.

Redditor u/Connect-Tea wanted to know how others have been able to tell if someone was faking finances by asking.... What screams "pretending to be upper class"?

The Accessories....


McMansions without curtains or furniture in the upstairs. GreenBois77


Talking about how expensive everything you have is and how much money you have.

I've found the truly wealthy people don't feel compelled to talk about it constantly. tappytaps

A friend of mine said that a woman she had to deal with would spend $20 on something worth $10, and then tell her she spent $30 on it. fd1Jeff

Dad Knows....

My family was pretty well off (my dad was a doctor and my mom didn't work) and when I was a kid in middle school other kids would call us "rich" and things like that in a sort of derogatory way. My dad grew up extremely poor in Detroit, MI and we never were just given things so I didn't really think we were well off.

I remember asking my dad about it after kids kept bringing it up and all he said was "real rich people don't tell other people they're rich." Maybe it's just because he wasn't born into the wealth but that has always stuck with me as pretty much meaning that your amount of money doesn't/shouldn't define who you are as a person. thor0123



Throwing parties every week, and calling everyone old sport. pancakeQueue

The I Do's....

Getting married in a big fat wedding by taking out loans, borrowing from friends. Plus, getting super expensive rings when you cant afford 1/10 of it. Archiver_test4

It's time for that comment again.

This may not be as bad as some of the other answers, but a friend of mine took out a loan for $250,000 (I promise, I am not exaggerating this number) to pay for her "dream wedding" to a guy she had known for 3 months. They got divorced after less than a year and she is still in debt from it. Yuli-Ban

Credit Check. 

My uncle and his wife are perfect examples.

They bought a brand new Mercedes that they can't afford, live in a house that's too big for them, bought a caravan in a park where the ground rental is nearly 50k a year, they bought their kids expensive ass bikes that were never used and what did they use to pay for all this?

If you guessed credit cards then you are correct. Credit cards and loans from my grandmother which they will never pay back.

Then they make fun of my mother and I for being working class. Might as well spit on my grandfather's grave since he was working class through and through. Matttaay2410

Vroom Effect...

Definitely buying cars you can't afford. I'm solidly middle class and drive a Ford focus (don't buy one, they're crap) and a lot of people I work with (that make less than I do) roll in driving big expensive trucks or Mercedes cars. If I can't afford that, I know they can't. ASoft7

So Normie....


I heard salespeople at high-end shops can tell immediately if someone was actually wealthy in places like Rodeo Drive. Even if you dress up nicely and walk into a high-end store, they could pick you off as a normie. bingbangbaez

Drink Up....

Oh... actual upper class story. Have a wine snob friend coming over for a party. So I bought the a cheap obscure wine (like $10 bottle) and when I cashed out I asked them to take the sticker gun and put $80 on it. My friend thought it was an amazing bottle of wine. kfh227

I had lots of customers like that. They'd gush over our house wine, and tell their dinner friends how special it is, the amazing taste, etc. Basically trying to act like a wine snob.

I used to get a sick pleasure, telling the folks at the table, that it was box wine. GarnetsAndPearls

All the Features....


When I sold cars for 5 years the people with the worst credit/income/finances were always trying to stretch to buy the most expensive & newest car. They were the easiest to impress with new features, special colors and performance specifications. The people with the best finances were always looking for a basic Corolla or Camry. They were usually replacing a 15 year old Toyota they handed down or sold online.

After having that experience whenever I hear someone say they "special ordered" a "special color" or that theirs "only x amount of this car made" I just think to myself that they are a sucker and probably have bad credit. And when I see someone driving an old beat up car I don't automatically think they are broke but instead I think they are probably hoarding cash and have a nice retirement ahead of them. oquechingados



Struggling to scrape together the minimum payments on a luxury car. ArthurOfVandelay


I work at an exotic car rental branch. I have plenty of customers that rent our cars and ask us to take the ID tags off the key ring (understandable). Then I have some that INSIST they get the same license plate each time and will flip out if I give them the same model as usual but with the plate one digit off. They're trying to make the appearance to whoever that they own the car and get themselves in a trap where they have to keep renting to keep up the illusion. That charade never lasts long. TigersNsaints_ohmy

The Rich did it....

Rich people on Instagram are probably mostly fake rich. Buying followers. If I were a billionaire, I would not want to be tagged partying on a yacht. Especially not in 2020. screenwriterjohn

The only rich people that like to be tagged on their yachts are stupid kids and celebrities that make a living off being a public figure.

Most mega rich people that can afford a yacht don't want people to find them through social media. RollTide16-18


Wearing brand clothes that have the huge name of the brand on them. I used to work in one of the brand stores and these were literally made for the lower class that wants to show off. More expensive and higher quality items never had this flexing on them. octokoala

Save the Spotlight....


Saw some guys at a stoplight in a convertible 6 series BMW with the top down blasting music and wearing expensive clothes. I can see his dashboard: every possible warning light was on. iqstick


Talking down to working class people. Don't get me wrong there are definitely snooty fool upper class people however in my interactions with them as a working class person in services they've always been extremely nice. My guess is because we both know who we are in "society" so there are no pretensions.

Fake upper class people have to completely reinforce the class divide. It had to be absolutely clear that they are and always have been above you. Part of me thinks its resentment at what they might have used to have been and the other part thinks it's how they think other upper class people behave. FagnusTwatfield

​Taking out loans to get your family on a little vacation.

Taking out loans to get your family on a little vacation.

My friend is doing this. I told him to save up for a trip like that. Apparently stuff around the house is stressing both him and his SO so badly with their kids that they are fighting over taking out $20K or $30K to go on a vacation. One vacation. Then it's back to fighting and what not. Absurd. Imagine, knowingly going into debt to go on one vacation. They both work too which is even more baffling. VengefulRainbow

'pretending to be upper class'

We don't get anything that scream 'pretending to be upper class' in Australia at the moment, thanks to our mining sector; at the height of the boom, someone could leave High School, get some tickets, and pretty much walk into a 6 figure job on the mines. So the young man driving around in an expensive muscle car while covered in tattoos, slabs of beer in the back, may not be pretending, but could be a CUB (Cashed Up Bogan). AussieSkittles81

They all wish....

One of my husband's best friends comes from a filthy rich family (think, billions). We went to his wedding a few years ago and the social experiment that ensued was beyond fascinating.

The guests themselves were a mix of anyone from broke college kids (us) to doctors, to millionaires and billionaires. Some trends definitely emerged amongst the people who were obviously self-conscious about their wealth though.

They were frequently dismissive (and sometimes downright rude) to the serving staff. They made sure logos of their belongings were plainly in sight (your hotel room is literally connected to the reception venue, so I know you didn't need to bring your $1200 Canada Goose parka to dinner). They also made sure to talk loudly about their expensive plans for the future and highlighting any wealth-related attributes in the process ("Oh well, my girlfriend is graduating medical school next year, so we're starting to look at houses - mostly in the 800k-1mil range").

It was a stark contrast against the people who were comfortable with their social status (wealthy or otherwise) who were all just happy to be there, having fun, drinking alcohol and wholly unworried about which stranger they'll never meet again knows how much money they wish they had.

edit: Is complaining about how expensive homes are in big cities in Australia a thing? Like, we all know decent housing is expensive in big cities across the globe, right? We also all know that the vast majority of new college grads cannot afford a million dollar home right off the bat, right? box_o_foxes

20 Dudes....


20 dudes who pooled their money to pay for ONE bottle service table at a Vegas club.

Source: was one of those dudes..... Mild__sauce


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