People Break Down Myths That Some People Still Believe Today

We have a number of names for adages that aren't true or are simply stories with no proof. One of them is "urban legend." Another is "old wives' tale." These things are in your daily life and influence your decision-making, even if you aren't fully aware of them.

For example, the thought "I should grab a jacket so I don't catch a cold." Being cold doesn't give you a cold. A virus does--one that's not necessarily going to be in exclusively cold air.

There are so many of these, that Redditor JustBeiv asked:

"What are some myths people still strongly believe?"

Here were some of those answers.

Einstein Was Truly A Genius, Sorry Y'all

"That Einstein failed his grade school math class."

"It was the subject of a Ripley's Believe It or Not column in 1935 and Einstein himself refuted the article. In primary school he had been at the top of class and by 15 he had mastered differential and integral calculus."-TimEWalKeR_90

I Be Up In The Gym Just Workin' On My Fitness

"Fat turns into muscle during workout."

"Yes I know many people who actually believe that fat cells transform into muscle cells when you workout and skinny people need to get fat before gaining muscle, it's not metaphorical."

"Also another common fitness related myth is sweating on it's own causes fat loss which is not true, it's only water weight that'll be lost."-smashingher

Narwhals Are An Example Of When Truth Is Stranger

"So many people think Narwhals are mythical."

"A more serious one, that people who have been hurt or oppressed are morally better. My Mom thought that because she had been hurt by her Dad, whatever she did to the family was somehow justified."


So did you think you would see any of these coming up? Did you know about any of them?

Good News For Your Razors

"Shaving makes your facial hair grow back faster. It's just a coincidence since you're also going through puberty at the same time. So many people still believe this."-TimeTravellingBread

"It doesn't make it thicker either. It's a bit of an optical illusion because when you shave it you're cutting off the tapered end into a flat one which looks thicker."

"Just because the trunk of a tree is thicker than the top branch doesn't mean that cutting it off will make it grow back thicker than before."-Faust_8

The Stupid Anti-Vaxxer Argument

"That vaccines cause autism. As the mother of a child on the spectrum, this stupid fake report has been a thorn in my side."

"I noticed something was off at 2 months old when he wasn't looking at me or smiling back or responding to his name...long before he had the MMR."

"When he was diagnosed years later, we realized my husband also checked off the did his dad and his brother."

"It's genetic and if people would truly look at themselves or their kids, they'd realize that it was there long before vaccines were invented."-sj4iy

Again, Thank Every Woman And Girl For Putting Up With Our Dumb A**es

"That women pee out of their vaginas. And for people are just now discovering this."

"Women do not indeed pee out of their vaginal canal, they urinate from their urethra, which is located at the opening of the canal, or could be a little more upwards towards the clitoris."

"Edit: I never thought my first award would be on anatomy of females. For more clarification, people use the word vagina incorrectly describing the whole outside and inside portion."

"The vulva is everything on the outside such as the clitoris, urethra, labia minora and majora, and the vaginal opening. The vagina is the hole/canal that goes to the uterus, ovaries, cervix, and Fallopian tubes."

"The urethra is in different places on every female. Sometimes it's closer to the clitoris or it's closer to the vaginal opening (sometimes it may be a little bit inside the vaginal opening). I highly suggest people look at a diagram of a vulva to better educate yourselves and to not spread false information."-TheShining02

You might even be learning something you didn't know was fake is, in fact, fake.

We Use The Soap Of Tomorrow

"That you can't use soap on cast iron. This is a common misconception that's been passed down by our grandparents."

"Soap from their generations used lye which would damage the polymer structure that makes cast iron non-stick, but modern soaps don't use lye and are really good at cleaning oil."

"Check out this video for some more info on cast iron:"-wewillcallitTHISLAND

I Said Whoever Burned The Library Of Alexandria, Ya Mom's A Ho

"The Great Library of Alexandria housed troves of scientific information, and its destruction at the hands of Christian anti-science zealots held back human progress by centuries. All of those details are false."

"When it was destroyed, it hadn't been used to store books in centuries. When it stored books, it doesn't store anything remarkably special -- there were libraries all over antiquity and book copying was standard, so anything worth copying in Alexandria would've existed in other libraries anyway."

"It was burned down once accidentally by Julius Caesar, centuries before its destruction."

"When it was destroyed by Pope Theophilus, the main issue they had with it was that as a museum (literally: shrine for the Muses) it was a pagan religious building. It's all laid out on the Wikipedia page:"-PersonClubMember

Humans love to spin stories and make up rumors, so it's natural that some of these have persisted over time and become full blown myths.

Hopefully as we continue to learn more and more about the world, myths will give way to truth.

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