Some folks just will not allow themselves to be wrong.

People are willing to go to extremes to be right. Sometimes, those things are embarrassing, but sometimes, those things are absolutely 100% justified.

u/vasu1996 asked:

What is the most Extreme thing you've done to win an argument?

Here were some of those answers.


It was my dad, and it was to win a bet. After a snowstorm the snow on the farm had been plowed up into a big pile. My dad and cousin had made a $1.00 bet on how long it would take to melt. They had a date picked, and my cousin had after that date. As the date was approaching it was obvious it wasn't gonna be completely melted. So my dad got on the tractor with the snowplow and spread it out so it would melt faster.


Minor Victory

Landlord said I was smoking cigarettes in the apartment to try and evict me. Bought a couple dozen cotinine urine tests and gave the judge the pictures of all the tests. The case was dismissed with prejudice and the landlord was given a formal warning for lying. I still ended up moving out because the lease was month to month but I still won a small battle against that piece of crap.


Literally Going For Blood

Not me, but my high school Chemistry teacher. He had been arguing for days that "blue blood" isn't actually blue, that's just how your veins look through your skin because the blood is deoxygenated. Our class clown David, however, persisted. Blue blood is blue.

So one day Mr. N went into the science supply closet and came back out with a vacuum and a syringe, pulled up his sleeve and drew blood in front of the whole class into a vacuum to prove that your blue blood is, in fact, just dark red.

David never said it was blue again.


Edward Cullen Eat Your Heart Out

I read every Twilight book because "you can't criticize it if you haven't read it". They're sucky books, but I have earned my opinion and can back it up with facts now.


Bam, I Got Us Lost

I was driving back from London with the wife and we were on the M25 (For those that don't know, the M25 is a large motorway that goes around the perimeter of London... Like a giant roundabout with London in the middle) and my wife thought as were on the A12 heading towards Essex so as we're driving along she sees me signalling to go in to the lane signposted for Chelmsford (we needed to go that way as we live in Essex) and she said "Why are you coming off at Chelmsford", I explained that if we didn't we'd be miles away from home, she argued with me and refused to believe we were on the M25 so I stayed on it.

Note - It was 7pm, we had spent the day shopping and I had a car full of ikea furniture in the back.

We're driving along and suddenly she starts seeing signposts for Watford. She's like "Why are there signposts for Watford, that's in Hertfordshire, that's miles from home"

I was like well, you wouldn't let me come off at Chelmsford so we're now going to have to go right around the M25 to get back home... She started effing and jeffing but apologised so I turned off at Harlow which is inbetween Chelmsford & Watford... I was probably a 30 mile detour but it was worth it


My Own Hardship To Be Right

Insisted the lost item wasn't where my mum said it was, ran upstairs before she could, obviously found it where she said it was and so I did the only reasonable thing I could and hid it. Waited a good week to 'find' it again.


Fake Hair, Fake Values

Not me but a high school friend on thanksgiving got into an argument with his Uncle of a polar opposite political vantage point.

Started as just shouting and nothing really to write home about, but it began escalating to the point where he called my friend just an "idealistic kid who doesn't know sh*t about the real world" which prompted my friend to yell "real funny coming from a man with fake hair!!"

Room goes silent and his uncle is fuming. He rips off his toupee and throws it against the wall.

Then proceeds to scream "YOU HAPPY NOW???" before continuing the argument.


When You Need Evidence Of Your Own Words

Secretly recorded her, and then played back her own words when she denied saying what she said.

She tried to gaslight me so often that I bought a recorder just for her.


Fake Funeral

I made a post on Facebook that my sister didn't like. She's in her 50's. She made fun of me in a comment on the post so I commented back that she doesn't know what's she's talking about. My sister does not like to be told off. She thinks she is better than everyone and that no one has a right to speak to her if they disagree. She is against gays and she says all black people are prejudiced against white people because they are jealous. I put up with a lot of stupid ideas just to have her in my life. Well once I commented back to her on my Facebook page, she lost it. Sent me a nasty message then put me on block. I have a few pages on Facebook for other things and she went to all those pages and told me off as well.

So I told Facebook she was dead. They memorialized her account within 24 hours and she could no longer sign in.


Try Being A Little Nicer, Bucko

When I was 18 I worked at a bar/restaurant. The manager kept me working in the bar, then after three months, made me work as a waiter in the restaurant. I wasn't told any of the procedures (like, does this meal come with a extra bit or how to work the washer), but he insisted I should know because I'd been there three months. Even though I'd working in a completely different area.

Anyway on this night the dude that owned the place was in. The manager yelled at me to take something out the back. While I was out the back (and alone), I decided to fake a limp as though I'd had an injury.

When I fake-limped back into the restaurant, the owner called me over and asked if I was alright. I said "yes, it hurts, but I'm trying to keep up with everything. This is my first night on the floor and I'm not familiar with all the procedures. I'll try harder."

The owner then got angry with the manager because it looked terrible that one of the waiters was limping around and that he needed to look after the staff better.

I went home early with a full night's pay. Obviously I didn't work there much longer.

Probably the pettiest thing I've ever done... but that manager was really quite out of line, I thought.


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