People Break Down The Most Frustrating Double Standards In Today's Society

We can't life be fair? Why do we seem to have learned nothing from mistakes of the past? Why do we continue cycles of inequality and bad behavior? When we each a time when everyone stands on the same footing? Is it even possible?

Redditor u/SizzlyStanThePlanMan wanted know what are the most hypocritical and rage inducing society equality issues we face by asking.... What are some insane double standards in today's society?

Diet Thoughts....


People think it is okay to comment on how skinny I am and suggest that I eat more, but if I even try and provide helpful advice to a fatter person I will get called out on it. CoolFantasyGM


The way workplaces see maternity and paternity leave. 3amWednesday

So true. If we want to encourage men to be dad's and take their share of familial responsibility, it's only fair they get the leave too. AlternativeQueen

Otherwise it never lasts on your face. 

That women can wear skirts and be business professional but when I show up in my cargo shorts I have to have a meeting with Francis in HR. TableTheBill

Business professional for both sexes suck.

  • Men: locked into three layers of clothing. Undergarments, a shirt, a jacket and a tie. Plus matching pants. You either overheat OR you sweat into your shirt/jacket. Your arms are pretty much uncomfortable and not to mention spilling stuff on yourself - you'd have to deal with the three layers.

Women: A reasonably lengthy skirt, a blouse, pantyhose and a face full of makeup. You either freeze to death (there is no amount of clothing that is comfortable like that) or you have to sit uncomfortably for the rest of the day, your pantyhose can run (you can accidentally rip it or worse), and the shoes pinch and you can never have comfortable feet. And you can either sweat off your makeup OR constantly try to reapply your makeup. Not to mention that "good" makeup costs $$$$$$. Otherwise it never lasts on your face. astrangeone88

Society Says....

Women: "I don't want kids, I'm not cut out for it."

Society: "Oh, you'll change your mind when you meet the right man! You're just being silly/stubborn."

Men: "I don't want kids, I'm not cut out for it."

Society: "Oh, that's completely understandable. Not everyone has the patience for kids, so it's very responsible of you to make that decision now for yourself." SheWhoLovesToDraw

Dressing in Public...

When women dress in men's cloths in public it's seen as cute and attractive. When men dress in women's cloths in public it's seen as "creepy/disgusting/weird" They're much more likely to be harassed while doing it too. People are horrible. InarticulateToast

With my Hands....


I have built this bar with my hands. I have cut the wood, treated it. Nailed and screwed it there, where it stands now. I made the seats by myself, tanning the leather and all. The leather comes from cows that I have fed by myself. Do you think people care about that ? No, they don't. They never say, "look at that dude, he made all this only by himself". No, they never say that. They don't care about the thousand hours I have passed here, building this bar. Yoda-is-a-gremlin

Just Talking. 

My younger sister turned 13 and is starting to talk to boys. My mom is allowed to call 13 year old boys cute. I know if my dad did that it would be weird and he would honestly probably literally be kicked out. pikfin

We're ALL paying....


That Americans go bankrupt with healthcare but are pleased that they're not paying for other people's healthcare...

Then, people in countries with free healthcare complain that the wait times are too long and you need to pay for parking. Radioactivocalypse

That Americans go bankrupt with healthcare but are pleased that they're not paying for other people's healthcare...

The irony is that they are paying for other people's healthcare and just haven't taken 10 seconds to think about it. That's literally what health insurance is, by definition. And even if you take that out of the equation, hospital prices go up when people skip out on the ER bill so they're paying for it there as well. Keinichn

Throwing Punches. 

A woman can hit a man as many times as she wants and suffer no repercussions but if a man hits a woman just once (even if it's self defense) he's seen as a woman-beater and promptly arrested. CosmicBanana616


If your wife takes your kids a bunch of your stuff and leaves you without warning... everything is cool and you owe her all your money.

If you take your kids a bunch of her stuff and leave without warning it's abandonment and she get's all your money. eightvo

All about you.....


Expect me to change, but want me to accept you for who you are. Back2Bach


Zero tolerance policies at school. It's important to protect the victim. Unless the victim tries to defend himself/herself. In that case, the victim is just as bad as the attacker. Reddit

The rule isn't there to protect the victim from bullying; the rule is there to protect the school from lawsuits. pjabrony

My middle school had a stupid rule that if you even watched a fight go down, you would be punished just as bad as the two fighting. Issue (and good thing) for me was the fights always happened at the end of my street for whatever reason. I would get called into the office every single time but had a legit reason for being there. CoolFantasyGM


2 girls kissing - "They're just messing around, girls do it all the time"

2 guys kissing - "That's gay!" T-Money8741

Having Kids. 

Mom out with her kid = She's being a parent.

Dad out with his his = He's babysitting. ladies-pmme-nudespls

Yes! I came here to say exactly this. And to elaborate - if a woman refused to tend to her baby all night, leaving her partner so exhausted he can barely even manage a shower or a meal for himself the next day while she continued with life as normal, people would call her abusive. Yet when men do this to the mothers of their children, it's normalized and seen as par for the course of having a new baby. Scroll_Queeen

Get Help.


Don't let the stigma of mental illness stop you from getting the help you need! But, ohhhh just don't let it impact Your job in any discernible way. Ladyughsalot1

That doesn't make it OK. 

I'm a male massage therapist. It's legitimately disturbing when some creepy old lady whips her breasts out and leers at me like she's doing me a favor, but most of the time I mention it in passing people treat me like I'm a little fool for complaining. I get it, guys are usually more physically intimidating. It's got to be worse having it happen when the gender roles are reversed. That doesn't make it OK. thisplacemakesmeangr


Sentencing disparity - Differences between races but also genders. The fact you can commit a crime but depending on your race and gender means your sentence can be radically different. vkbuffet

18n & Up....

18 is old enough to go off to war, but too young to buy cigarettes. Scrappy_Larue

Yeah, don't mind the literal ton of almost odorless vehicle exhaust and greenhouse gasses all around you, only cigarette smoke affects health. not_better

Loud Voices....

Just had an argument with my mom. She thinks it's ok to scream at someone's face but it isn't ok for a man to do it back. Now we has no fam. BadCat115

My parents liked to do something similar. Even if you didn't raise your voice, if they just perceived something rude about what you said or didn't like the tone you spoke in they would scream for 15 minutes minimum and be mad for the rest of the week.

Now they can't seem to understand why 2/3's of their children won't even speak to them. thotwater91

$$$ Talks....


One word: Affluenza

If you're rich you can pretty much do whatever you want. The richer you are the more evil crap you can get away with. PunchBeard


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