People Break Down The Folks They Consider To Be Literally Evil

People Break Down The Folks They Consider To Be Literally Evil
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When we feel we have been wronged by someone, we tend to think the worst of them.


Evil, even.

But the concept of what is evil depends on the individual and their level of tolerance.

So what is pure evil then?

It's not always about demons. Because the truth is, humans are capable of doing some of the worst things imaginable.

Curious to hear about strangers' experiences with sinister forces around us, Redditor ThatOneDude44444 asked:

"Who do you believe is literally evil?"

Those who prey on the weak and vulnerable are some of the worst kinds of people out there.

The Scammer

"I knew a guy who retired from an investment firm before he was 40. I inquired if I could get a job at the firm. He told me 'if you can look a woman in the eyes, who’s scrubbed floors all her life, and tell her that you can quadruple her life savings by investing in a stock you know is worthless. Then you could work there' I felt sleazy just listening to him. I lost all respect for him. He preyed on poor desperate people, and ruined their lives, so he could retire in his 30s. I found out from a friend that the investment firm was a boiler room fly-by-night scam. Everyone who worked there was taken out in handcuffs."

– GoddamnCabbage

Manipulative System

"Health insurance denying treatments that your doctors have personally recommended."

"Health insurance companies insisting that you try other treatments first, or insisting that you work with in-network doctors who can't be seen for 6-8 months, intentionally delaying your proper treatment. It's f'king murder as far as I'm concerned."

"I could keep listing ways that the health insurance industry is pure evil."

– rachelsnipples

Where Is The Care In Medicare?

"My mother was just diagnosed with a very serious condition that if not treated will make her go blind, her insurance is refusing to pay for her treatment. She’s 73 and will now owe 1500 usd each month so that she doesn’t go blind despite having Medicare. This is our system."

– MamaFuku1

And there are those who are the devil incarnate.

The Moors Murders

"Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. The tape recording of one of their young victims crying for her mum while being tortured is awful. They refused to say where they buried Keith Bennett and that boy's poor mum died without knowing where he was. I hope they are forever being tortured in Hell."

– joacaster

The Torture Mother

"Gertrude Baniszewski, the 'caregiver' of Sylvia Likens. Her story still gives me chills."

– gingeritis90

"I barely made it through that story it was so, so horrendous. And our f'king legal system did barely anything to the heinous b*tch Gertrude and her evil daughter."

– astrongerpeyote

The fact that an individual can be solely responsible for a major national crisis is unthinkable.

But here we are, and several people came forward to share their stories.

Origin Of The Opioid Crisis

"Richard Sackler specifically would be the more correct answer in my opinion. The rest of them are greedy and borderline sociopathic sure, but I think few of them truly understood the ramifications of what Richard was orchestrating. Richard intentionally orchestrated the opioid epidemic and he knew exactly what he was doing and what the outcome would be. He banked the future of his company on creating a legion of opiate addicts that had no idea they were becoming opiate addicts. That is evil."

– aveganrepairs

Victim Speaks Out

"I am a victim of this f'ker. Slipped a disk and was prescribed Oxycontin 2 40mgs a day. Within 6 months I was upped to 80mgs 3 times a day. That's the equivalent of 48 5mg percocet. I'm still struggling and this happened in the late 90s."

– bucklebee1

Time For Commiserating

"I’m so sorry to hear that that happened to you and that the effects are lingering 3ish decades later; that’s a significant period of time/portion of your life."

"I would like to also let you know that I am victim of this f'ker/family, but in the opposite way. I have had 2 discs in my neck collapse, I have had 2 spinal surgeries, I am in intractable pain. And all I can get is Rx ibuprofen or aleve or other NSAIDs that don’t touch the pain and can cause kidney and liver damage at the dosages I’m being prescribed. I’ve gotten to try every treatment EXCEPT opiates: surgeries, injections, lidocaine patches, antidepressants, nerve medication, massage, yoga, acupuncture, physical therapy, prolotherapy, and plasma rich protein treatment. The one time I asked for low dose opiates (like a single 5 mg Percocet as needed - not 48 daily), I was discharged from the pain management practice immediately for 'drug seeking'. And they’re the biggest practice in my state."

"Further, in the intervening time between my 2 surgeries (before I knew I needed the second surgery as my second disc had collapsed), I presented to the ER in intractable pain with physiological indicators like elevated heart rate and blood pressure. Not only was I not given any pain medication at all (not even toradol, an NSAID), I was also urine drug tested and told that even though I had no drugs in my system that I 'didn’t deserve' any medication and was wasting their time when they could be saving someone else’s life."

"We are BOTH victims of the Sackler family and the opiate prescription practices that led to what’s being called the 'opiate epidemic'. I am not trying to invalidate your experience (and I hope that comes through). I am just trying to show people reading these comments my side of the coin too. I see you u/bucklebee1. And I validate you. And I send you nothing but the best."

– caboozalicious

Anyone who is capable of taking another life without even a hint of remorse doesn't deserve the title of being human.

They are purely evil.

And what's terrifying is that we don't really know the capabilities of most people until they snap.

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