Growing up I honestly believed I really hated green beans. Then I got to college and my roommate, who came from a totally different environment than I had, cooked.

Turns out when the only vegetables you've ever had are canned, there's probably a lot you think you don't like!

One Reddit user asked:

What's a food most people hate that you actually like?

And honestly the major lesson here is to learn what you're doing with vegetables. Boiling is almost never the right answer. Fresh is best if you can get it.

Oh, also give people a heads up if the cookies are Oatmeal Raisin (which are delicious, I will totally die on this hill) because when you're expecting chocolate chips and you get a wrinkly former-grape, it can be a little jarring.

Still delicious, though, fight me about it.

The Sauer-est Kraut

For some reason, everyone I know doesn't like sauerkraut. I like foods that have strong flavors, like salt and vinegar chips and drunken noodles, but most people I know don't like how sour it is. I prefer to eat sauerkraut homemade, it tastes fresher that way, and usually eat it homemade, although occasionally I might eat a Reuben or something.

- EskettiMySpaghetti

I love sauerkraut, but I cant eat it because it makes me cough and sneeze. Apparently it's a food that is high in histamines. Everyone once in a while I'll just bear down and eat some with kielbasa.

- born_at_KFC

Broccoli's Biggest Fans


I like it with chicken. I like it by itself. I like it with carrots. I like it in my soup. Mixed in with eggs is nice too.

- zipzap21

My dog fcking loves broccoli stalks, which is perfect because I can't digest them and I'm paying for the whole head of broccoli anyway, so it might as well get eaten.

- SwiftlyGregory

Oatmeal Raisin

Apparently not a lot of people like oatmeal raisin cookies?? I love em

- PennySuplex

Oatmeal raisin is better than chocolate chip. People only say they hate oatmeal raisin because it's cool to hate on oatmeal raisin.

- steamycupajoe

Oatmeal Raisin cookies are my absolute favorite and I do not get the hate.

But then I also really like raisins and not everybody does soooo...

- ChickenInASuit

Popeye Wasn't The Only One


Spinach is the sh*t.

When I was younger I would take 'spinach salads' to school. Everyone thought I was crazy when I popped out my Tupperware with only the dark leaves and douse it in ranch and go to town.

Anytime I tell people now they use the "vegetarians eat grass" joke, but I loved this sht back when I ate meat. Also, raw is the way to go fam, cooked is too slimy. Pan fried and smothered in garlic is the only exception.

And yes I do actually like spinach, no it's not just ranch that I like. Any cream based dressing, lemon juice with salt n pepper, or specifically Olive Garden Italian absolutely slaps on Spinach.

- _soaps_

Came here for the spinach man! When I was a teeny tiny infant, my mom apparently had to prepare spinach for me like every other day because it was one of the few things I actually liked and ate reliably. Still love spinach to this day and never got why all the other kids hated it so much.

- Jackyxyz_

Goat Cheese

Goat cheese. it's like someone beautifully melded sour cream and cream cheese together in the perfect combo of texture and flavor.

- darkwingmouse

Who hates goat cheese?

Edit: apparently everyone hates goat cheese. Crazy.

- bobsaspergers

Yes, this! Also the more firm goat cheese is delicious (same texture as Gouda). It has so much more taste than regular cheese.

- cerosal

To me the aftertaste reminds me of vomit. I eat almost everything but goat cheese I just can't stomach.

- pikabuddy11


Brussel sprouts umm sooo good

- TimmyOnTools14

Back when Brussels sprouts were America's #1 hated vegetable, almost everyone boiled them. Slimy, stinky skunk cabbages.

Roasted sprouts are a completely different animal.

- PSquared1234

I used to love, love Brussel sprouts. I had a lot one day and didn't know I was about to encounter a horrible stomach flu. It was coming out of both ends and the smell of Brussel sprouts make me almost vomit on first sniff now.

- -VisceraEyes-



Tofu! Now that I know how to cook it, I absolutely adore it... but so many people hate and refuse to try it in the first place. I was in a wellness class recently and we were discussing our healthy foods and when I said tofu, there was an audible sigh of disgust from almost every other person at the table. I don't get the hate! It's such a versatile protein.

... oh well, all the more for me!

- AikenRhetWrites

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