People Break Down The Best Things To Dip French Fries Into
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French fries, amirite?

What could be considered the quintessential American snack actually has a wide array of dipping options. Ketchup is the classic go-to, sure, but open your mind. Be willing to accept new things. You never know what life might throw your way...
...for, you know, your french fries.

Reddit user, u/iamtryingtogetban, wanted to know how to expand their fry dipping horizons when they asked:

What do you dip your fries in?

Let's start with the classics. Not the regulars, not the ones you'll see at a typical restaurant setting, but also not too far outside the realm of believability. These are the dips to try if you're venturing out for the first time.

Simple, But Effective

"Honey Mustard"


"This guy gets it."


"This is the way."


Has To Be Made Right

"Ranch or garlic aioli"


"How does garlic aioli taste?"


"It tastes a lot like a garlic ranch, but it's usually a bit thicker, closer to mayo, but when it's made right, it's a lot better than mayo"


Get That Tang

"bbq sauce"


"Ayyyy~ same boat! For me it can't be any BBQ sauce that's too sweet. It needs to have that tangy, smokyness."


Next up are the dips that start to break the mold, shattering all expectations of what you might think works as a fry "dip." Feeling brave? Try these.

Spicy Version Of "Special Sauce"

"Mayo with chilli sauce. Aioli if I've got it. Might have a pot of ketchup for every 3rd one though."


"I like to mix mayo with siracha"


Stay Focused On The Salt



"I knew a guy in high school who would like grind each fry into the salt, trying to get the whole thing covered. He'd have this thousand yard stare while doing it. It was weird. Normally you could talk to him, he was a fun guy, but not during his fries and salt ritual."





"You and my wife share the Canadian gene then. Poutine is only cool if you say it like a Jawa."


"I never had gravy on fried until I went to Canada. It was life changing."


SWERVE! It's A Classic.



"I can't beleive I scrolled this far to find ketchup"


"I can't believe there are so many monsters in the world. It's terrifying. Ketchup and only ketchup 4 lyfe"


This is it.

The good stuff, the real sauces, the dips that will make you see the other side of existence and learn what it means to enjoy french fries. These break the mold and make you special.

Icy Fried Potatoes

"Wendy's frosty"


"I have found my people."


"My non-Midwest friends think this is gross."


"And they are wrong."


Peanut Onions

"Pindasaus (peanut sauce) with mayo and [onions]. Its called a "patatje oorlog" where I'm from, translates to "war fries".


"Aw yeah, Dutchies! I go for a 'friet speciaal' usually haha!"


Become Enlightened

"Peri Peri Sauce. It's the best."


"I'm not familiar with this. Please enlighten me."


"It's a sauce made from peri-peri chilis and it I'd quite popular in southern African countries (angola, mosambique, Namibia etc.). The recipes vary but key ingredients are chilis and garlic."


No matter your fry preference, just know you're walking the footsteps of glory.

*goes and places an order for some fries

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