People Break Down Why They Got Banned For Life From Certain Spots

People Break Down Why They Got Banned For Life From Certain Spots
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Society has rules.

We follow those rules to make sure we have a tranquil, peaceful existence. Yet all that goes out the window the moment you try to sell books back to the college bookstore. It's inhuman! It's a crime! It's...enough to get you a lifetime ban.

Reddit user, u/PsycheAsHell, wanted to hear why you're no longer allowed somewhere when they asked:

People Who've Been Banned From Somewhere for Life, What Happened?

Some business establishments don't want you to take advantage of the offers or deals they have. They want you to come in, spend the appropriate amount of money, and leave without using the coupon or sale. It's when you bend that "generosity" that they start to have a real issue with it.

Hey! Only We Can Monopolize Things!

"In college, at the local college book store, I attempted to sell some books back to the store. After hearing what the buyback value was, a guy behind me said he'd pay $20 more for my books (he was taking the same course the next semester sand the store's mark up would by 100%). The bookstore owner warned me if I sold to this other dude, I'd be banned for life. I told him money makes the world go round and took my extra twenty."


Your Poor Digestive System

"My uncle got us banned from a mom and pops dinner in the 90's. The unintended but totally foreseeable consequence of doing their "eat a 72oz steak in under an hour" six goddamn times in two weeks. I know for a fact he does not regret it."


Seriously! You Only Get The One Digestive System!

"In my senior year of HS the local tbell did a $100 giveaway if you could eat 100 tacos in 2 hours during our exam times so for a week I went in and would do the challenge I made $300 before they banned me"


That's How Browsing Works?

"Got banned from a John Lewis (kinda upscale retail gaff in the uk) for browsing items. This was pre covid too. The jobsworth of a guard came up and told me to leave since I was and I quote "just picking stuff up and putting them back again" like no sh-t sherlock thats how browsing in a physical store works. So now I'm banned from John Lewis"


"2 weeks later"

"Man I can't believe online retailers are taking all our customers! What are we doing wrong?"


Over Legos? Legos?

"Went to a holiday resort, got my whole family banned for life."

"Went to the kids play room, did not properly clean up the legos."

"Manager, instead of cleaning up legos, reviewed the security footage of all kids entering the play room and discovered me. Then reviewed the front desk footage for the last week until he saw the family. Then looked at the check in records to discover which condo we were in. Then phoned our condo mid dinner and demanded we all front the front desk right now."

"At the front desk, the manager explained what I did, and pointed to a sign listing many rules about the playroom. Mum told me off and sent me to clean the legos, I said to the manager "sorry, I forgot.", and went to clean up the legos. Something about this pissed the guy off. He said not to because we are now banned and had to leave. Mum seemed to think that was unreasonable, and refused to leave without a refund."

"The manager became unhinged threatened to call the police, then started accusing me of killing a duck. Mum looked at me in fright, I said "no way, you know I would not do that". She questioned the man for further details. He said I threw a stone and hit a flying duck, which fell into the lake, so there is no body. She expressed doubt about the story. He then started making up some other weird accusations..."

"We got out of there the next day. I never forgot to clean up legos again in my life."


​Taking Advantage Of The World Wide Pandemic

"Planet fitness I tried to cancel my contract (this was the 10$ plan which said I could cancel anytime) with them and they said I had to pay 150$ to cancel for god knows that reason. I called my bank to tell them to not let them withdraw from my account since they had my checking account information. My bank said they have multiple situations happen with planet fitness about their Unusual financial practices. 2 months later I got a letter from planet fitness saying I'm banned from ever signing up with them again. Planet fitness is a POS corporation."


"During the pandemic planet fitness got in a lot of trouble for shady practices. Turns out they required you to go up to the desk to cancel, but due to the pandemic, they never had anyone at the desk, so people had to pay their membership fees for months because they made it impossible to cancel. Massachusetts attorney general got them in a lot of trouble and they had to pay everyone back"


This story feels like a rebellion against injustice, with those getting what they deserve at the very end.

We're All Going Down Together

"I was banned from a bar I worked at, the same night I got fired."

"The owners wife had a friend, who had her bachelorette party at the bar. The bar had hired me because they had already been in LOTS of legal trouble for overserving and other bad things (someone was sexually assaulted in the girls bathroom, they needed a woman that could walk in and check on things)."

"I saw the man sitting at the bar, wearing his winter jacket indoors where everyone else was wearing their "desperate for a lay" skimpy clothes. I noticed the badge that he wore on his belt, mostly hidden. I was doing my job the way I was supposed to."

"I cut off a super intoxicated man, after he threw up all over the place. Turns out, he was part of the little party the owners wifes friend was having. She screamed at me in front of staff and customers. She fired me and banned me from the bar for life. I smiled and left, knowing what would happen."

"As they had already had multiple warnings, they were 1 warning away from being shut down. Guess what happened? Yup, psycho washed off the X's I had put on drunkys hands, and told the waitress to serve him anyway. Cop busted them for intentional overserve, they lost their liquor license AGAIN and got a huge huge fine. That was the last day they were open. They had to sell the place."

"That life time ban? Well, the bar died that night, so turns out it was for the life of the bar, not my life. I was back in there as soon as the new owners had their grand opening."


Former Anti-Vaxxers Explain What Actually Made Them Change Their Mind | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

These are silly.

These feel like people in a position of power just taking it personally for no reason.

Swords In A Parking Lot. What's The Worst That Can Happen?

"My friends and I are banned from the local mall."

"We decided it would be a good idea to go outside late at night with a couple of swords and swordfight in their parking lot. Somebody saw us on the security camera and called the cops, the police responded with like 15 cars, saw that we were minors, let us off with a warning and a ban from the property. I´ve been there several times since."


Bet Those Chicken Tenders Were Exquisite

"Me and my friend stole a golf cart from a hotel and drove it around for about 2 hours then jumped the gate and swam in their pool for another 2 hours then went to the restaurant and ordered food. The manager came up to us as we were eating chicken tinders and called the cops on us. Long story short we were banned for life but nothing with the law."


Almost Trapped In The House Of Mouse

"So not exactly what you asked, but related: I was at California Adventures (theme part connected to Disneyland that has more of the thrill rides) with some friends. We were riding Tower of Terror. I decided to toss a coin out the window at the very top, as you do when you're 16 and smooth brained. When we get off the ride, one of the attendants looks us dead in the eyes and says "Don't come back"."

"All the workers at this ride dress as creepy bellhops to fit the theme so we were just thinking this guy was giving it his all with the acting. It suddenly dawned on all of us that he was serious and he saw me throw the coin. Most of us run like hell. One of my buddies couldn't get away. The employee thought it was him who threw the coin. To this day I am not sure how he got away, but he was able to escape before they could identify him. We all would have ended up in Mickey's gulag and on a permanent ban list if they had been able to identify us."


Ha. Nice.

"My college roommate got permabanned from Target for putting Wet Floor signs next to the 50 Shades of Grey display."


Boy, Is My Face Red.

"I was banned for life from attending Late Night with David Letterman because I cancelled my reservation. I guess it was hard to find people for the audience in freaking New York City? The intern (I assume) who I talked to was very serious: "You should know if you cancel you will never be allowed back. Ever!"

"Somehow I got over it."


Not Planning On Coming Back

"Got banned from my highschool library, while I was in school still mind you. Used the computer there to email mom that I didn't have practice that night and would need a ride home. Librarian didn't like that because I wasn't doing research. She ordered me to stop, I told her, "no, I need to make sure mom knows about today.", and finished sending the email. She screamed at me the whole way while I was walking out about how I am never allowed back, basically told her, "good, wasn't planning on coming back here again anyways."


Society has rules, and we should follow those rules.

Most of the time. Don't feel indebted to sell your books back to the bookstore.

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