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While menstruating is a completely natural bodily function, accidents happen and many are embarrassed by it. Oftentimes, especially for young people, peers reinforce this shame by ridiculing any visible signs of a period. But an unlikely person gave one teenager a hand when the situation could've been made the subject of a joke.

As a Reddit and Imgur user explained:

"My daughter started her period on the bus ride home today. A boy a year older than her...that she doesn't really know...pulled her aside and whispered in her ear that she had a stain on the back of her pants and gave her his sweater to tie around her waist so she could walk off the bus. She said she was kind of embarrassed and originally said it's okay, but the boy insisted and told her 'I have sisters, it's all good!' If you are this boy's mom, I want to say thank you and that you are raising him right!! We hear so many bad things about today's youth and I wanted to share something positive!"

Yes, you read that right. A young boy helped make sure that the situation didn't escalate.

Getting a period is nothing to be ashamed of, and many people are sharing their first period stories in an effort to "de-stigmatize" it:

1. Education needed

"I was probably around 11 or 12 when I first got mine. I had no idea it was even a thing

One day I went to the bathroom as per the usual. When I wiped I discovered a red tint. I wiped several more times before screaming for my mom.

When she came in I was in an uncontrollable panic attack. Tears streaming down my face I told her I was dying, and how. She tried for all of 5 seconds to keep a straight face before bursting in to laughter. I was so confused.

Once she explained every thing to me, and taught me how to take care of myself, she left the bathroom. When I finally came out she was telling everyone in the house I was "finally a woman". Ugggh. It was so embarrassing."


2. Moms are the best

"I love reading first period stories, so comment them down below.

Here's mine: Only recently did I get my period. I was 14, almost 15 when it happened. I was going to bed one night and was using the bathroom. I saw a little dark thing at the bottom of the toilet but it was in very low light so I disregarded it.

Next morning I woke up and felt upset. Didn't know why! I get up to use the bathroom and...holy shit. This isn't happening. A series of curses ran through my brain. "Nope nope nope not my period!" I thought. I went back to bed and laid in it on my phone for 3 hours pretending to be asleep. I had stuffed a price of toilet paper "down there." Eventually I got back in bed and just laid around.

My mom came in and told me we were going to the lake. "Nope, no way that's happening," I thought. I knew I needed to tell her

I went back to sulking in bed, my mind racing at all the thoughts of "I'm not a little girl anymore," "I always thought this day would never come."

I called her in and motioned for her to come over to my bed. She did and I hid my face under the covers with my eyes only peeking out. I stammered "" I almost died with embarrassment. Her face made a big "O" she whispered and we had a nice conversation. She told me I didn't have to go to the lake and I could stay in bed all day. She then brought me a delicious bar of chocolate to eat.

I binge watched an entire TV series on Netflix that day!

When my family came back from the lake, they stopped at target. There my mom bought some things and made me the nicest care package there was. She got me pads, Advil, a mini stationary kit, mini clipboard, water bottle and blind bag figurine. I was so glad she was there for me.

I'm so grateful to have my mom be so wonderful and helpful. I still feel awkward about my period, but it's getting a bit better! Currently it's my fourth one. Talking about it and knowing I'm not alone makes me feel almost a million times better.

Bonus: ways I've told my mom I got my period ~I'm part of the world's largest club. The Women's club ~My subscription to Women's Monthly just renewed ~The Curse is back

Thanks for reading! And commenting your stories!"

-First Period Stories

3. Always be prepared

"I was 13 in 1st period gym class (the irony is not lost on me). I went to the bathroom and there it was. Another girl was in the bathroom with me and I told her what happened. She ran out and announced to everyone that I started my period. Someone was nice enough to give me a pad and luckily I had a change of underwear and clothes."


4. It's hard to talk about

"Never told anyone this story, but then again no one really asks. So, I was 12 and at school. I was very self-conscious and ashamed of my developing body, and I wore at least 2 shirts all the time to hide it. I can't remember when I actually realized I had gotten my period for the first time. Maybe I blocked that part of my memory out of fear.

What I do remember is going from the washroom back into the (mercifully empty) classroom for a pad during lunch recess, and rummaging through my backpack for it when the teacher walked in. He was in a good mood and asked me how I was doing and I said I was good, despite the pain I must have been in, and waited nervously for him to leave the room so I could take the pad out of my bag without him seeing. After putting the pad on in the washroom, I went to the office and asked to go home with the excuse of feeling sick. I think it was my dad who took me home, because it wasn't until sometime in the late evening that I told my mom about what had happened, by pointing to my underwear and saying something along the lines of 'there was blood'. I can't remember what her reaction was, but she never gave me 'the talk' or anything, so she might not have said much. I was uncomfortable with saying the word 'period' for a good few years."


Take these stories as a lesson: periods are normal and it's super easy to be helpful and kind to anyone suffering because of them.

H/T: Independent, Reddit

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