People Who Have Been Roasted Online Share How It Affected Them

People Who Have Been Roasted Online Share How It Affected Them
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Some of us can take being subjected to jokes at our expense and some of us can't. It's as simple as that, and that's what we learned after Redditor jbehr04 asked today's burning question: People who've posted on r/roastme, how did that affect you?

"I honestly got a kick out of it."

I honestly got a kick out of it. I was hoping for something more creative, but most of them went for the low-hanging fruit and said I either looked like Walter White, a thumb or a penis with glasses. It's always interesting to get a look into the minds of what others are thinking when they see you, but ultimately it had no real effect on me.


"It didn't."

It didn't. I liked reading the insults because they were hilarious! I put on there that i was a bisexual janitor with a drinking problem. The best response was "You look like a bisexual janitor with a drinking problem."


I did. Hilarious! My favorite comment was "What will that small town do when their whore is gone?"


"I laughed at a lot of them..."

I laughed at a lot of them, but most of them were just kinda disgusting. Like, most of them weren't roasts, they were just weird sexual comments and gross remarks. Like, I was expecting things that were "funny because it's true". A lot of them weren't even mean, they we're just edgelords getting off on thinking that they we're destroying me with unoriginal remarks.


"My girlfriend on the other hand..."

I posted on RoastMe a couple years ago on a different account. It didn't get a lot of traction and most of the comments were low hanging fruit. Didn't affect me personally at all and forgot about it a day later.

My girlfriend on the other hand...she posted on RoastMe more recently and the post blew up. 5k+ upvotes, thousands of comments. I read most of the thread and it was disgusting. Just pure hatred toward her for no reason. Lots of "jokes" about rape and she got what would be considered death threats on any other page on the internet. Loads of PMs from guys asking for nudes. She didn't expect the thread to blow up like that and just wanted some roasts to laugh about and move on. Instead Reddit went off on her and pretty much ruined her life for a while. I've been a redditor for years but after that I saw the true colors of a lot of the users here.

Also she knows my reddit so if you're reading this, hi honey I love you!


"My classmate posted me..."


My classmate posted me and captioned "she thinks she's unroastable" so they'd go extra hard. Most of the replies were just "unf*ckable*" I got a kick out of it for the most part, and a little bit of accidental advice: eyebrows too thick.

Some random guy in my school saw it, stopped me in the hall, asked me about the post, and told me good luck.

I've never really cared what other people say about me, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Really depends on your mental state.


"I had a few people tell me..."

I had a few people tell me I looked like I take it in the arse or something to the effect, was pretty underwhelming, especially since they were right.


"I used to be..."

I used to be 300+ lbs, 8 inch long beard, bald on top, but long on the sides. Yeah, along with some other things that happened, after I posted to r/roastme, I lost weight, shaved on the beard, and kept the rest of my hair short as well. (The biggest comment was something along the lines of looking like a serial pedophile who targets the elderly; i.e. disgusting and too stupid to do things right)


"My confidence..."

My confidence is too high didn't affect me really at all. I wish it blew up so and got better comments. I was hoping for some daggers to the heart, alas


"Mine was hilarious..."

Mine was hilarious, and went kind of viral. There was twitter accounts and Facebook accounts posting screenshots of my picture and the comments. I took it all in jest, the best comment was "wish you would use the wings on your eyeliner to fly the f*ck out of my sight."



Badly. I suppose I learned a lot. It taught me was that I am not as resilient as I thought I was, and that my locus of validation was way more external than I believed.

Most of the insults were pretty generic and unoriginal but the ones that actually 'hit the mark' genuinely upset me. I've since deleted the entire account.

I guess my point is just be certain you are as thick skinned as you tell everyone you are before you post there.


"A lot of people asked..."

A lot of people asked if I was related to Squidward or other insults about my nose. I 100% knew they were coming and tried to come up with comebacks that would get a laugh, but they kept downvoting me for some reason.

My favorite comment was "You look like a Wisconsin 8 but a California 6."


"I'm pretty real..."

I'm pretty real about myself and well aware of how i look. I liked the roast and got some compliments as well. I ended up deleting it because I was in company uniform.


"Most of the insults..."

Most of the insults were just kinda eh, not super creative.

A couple were genuine, well thought out roasts and I thought they were hilarious.

The ones that commented on my appearance I used to improve myself.


I laughed at most of them. They were mostly jokes about my oversized forehead and my baby face. It was all fun and games until one girl told me that to kill myself. Yeah, pretty weird.


"I deleted mine..."

I deleted mine because I didn't want my boyfriend to see it. (He knows my Reddit.) All of them were really boring and just not creative. None made me laugh. I should have thrown in some personal details to make it hurt. I plan to resubmit in the future.


"Someone told me..."

Someone told me if Thanos wanted to get rid of my forehead he'd have to snap twice and I laughed so hard I cried.


"I got a good laugh."

I got a good laugh. But honestly, It got repetitive. Same joke, just explained differently. I got a decent amount of useless internet arrows though.


"Honestly I enjoyed it."

Honestly I enjoyed it because it was refreshing to hear people be so upfront. Even though some of the comments stuck in my mind whenever I thought about my appearance, they didn't say anything awful about my skin or hair like they do with most people


"I had fun with it..."

I had fun with it at the time and even made it to the top posts since I was a cancer patient. But then years later people were still randomly messaging me telling me to die, so I'm glad I don't have that account anymore and the post was deleted.


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