People Admit What They'd Make Illegal If They Had The Power

People Admit What They'd Make Illegal If They Had The Power

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There are things that are pretty universally illegal, like murder. But some illegal things are culturally driven. For example, since 2004, only chewing gum of therapeutic value is allowed into Singapore under the "Regulation of Imports and Exports Regulations". Gum for dental or smoking cessation purposes can be bought from a doctor, but must be prescribed. The country did it to combat the expense of cleaning up after irresponsible masticators.

What if we could all make laws based on our personal preferences? A Reddit user asked people to consider just that question: "What legal thing would you ban if you could?"

Here's what people would like to see go the way of chewing gum in Singapore.

Full Disclosure

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How much is this medical procedure going to cost me?

Well we don't really know, but you're obligated to pay all of whatever we decide it to be.

Those Commercials

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Puppy mills.

Vikings in Diners

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Spam calls. Complete BS. My grandma gets about 30 a day and she can't even trust whoever calls her. Such a waste of time.


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Equifax. (credit bureaus have all our information but lax security)

Free, Except...

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Free trials that don't cancel after the trial is up, but start charging your card since you forgot about it.

Flexibility in Sentencing

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No/zero tolerance policies in schools, I fell short of them as a child and now as a teacher I still disagree with them.

Once you figure you're getting punished anyways, you may as well go all out.

Blinded by the Light

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Those bright blue headlights. They blind the absolute hell out of me. There have been a few times somebody has been riding with them on bright and it intensified their usual brightness so I've had to stop my car just so I don't potentially run off the road or hit somebody.

Net Neutrality

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Internet service providers being able to throttle your internet, when it goes slow they flip a couple of switches and all of a sudden you're back to a proper speed only to realize a week later you're back where you started.

Orange is the New Green

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For-profit prisons.

For-profit prisons prioritize keeping more people in prison for as long as possible, which is bad enough on its own. Besides that, they're also treated horribly (cheap food, cheap everything) to save money and increase profits.

Medical Advisory

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(US) Advertising of prescription drugs. I think medical self advocacy is good, but I can't imagine people's health outcomes are improved when they beg their doctors for a prescription for some drug they heard about on TV or a website banner ad -- instead of having the professionals, whom they are paying for this service, decide whether a given drug is a good choice for treating the problem.


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Commercials with ringing doorbells. Especially from online pet supply shops, who should, well, know better.


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Auto-playing videos.

Auto-playing unrelated or unexpected videos on say, a news article.

Running a Tab

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Restaurants/bars not listing the price of alcoholic beverages on the menu.

Save a Tree

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Junk mail

Especially when it's not even addressed to you, just 'Our Neighbor" or 'To our friends at'.

Making Money Off Me Twice

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Selling customers' information.

Adhering Adhesives

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Those stickers that when you try to peel it off it leaves most of it stuck on.

Hidden Fees

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Unknown fees added right before you pay.

"Online convenience fee"


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