People Admit Their Most Panicked "Time To Get Outta Here" Moments

People Admit Their Most Panicked "Time To Get Outta Here" Moments

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_There are so many times in life where we doubt that little bit of psychic self we all have; some call it intuition but psychic prowess is way more fun. When we do doubt it we always get ourselves into trouble. NEVER ignore the red flags... when we do it only ever leads to trouble. Always listen to the inner Madame Cleo, frequently your life will depend on it. _

Redditor _ljjpaulsen __posed the question wondering when people realized the moment they were in a past situation that they had to get out of dodge!_


When I was little me and my dad went out to check a fire not too far away. He used to be with the police and approached an officer (old colleague) on the scene if he was right that it's a local fireworks storage that was on fire. he was right. that was the moment he decided we should go. Less than 100-200 meters later the whole thing went KABOOM. I dropped my bike and just ran away. I remember seeing the shockwave knocking out the windows of all the buildings street by street. Which was cool until the wave hit me myself.


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Every once in a while, your gut tells you something is up. I'm at a party and get that tingling in my gut telling me I'm not ok here. I finally just decide to leave with a few friends to chill at my place.

A few hours later, i get a phone call from another friend asking if i was ok. Apparently the house belonged to a guy who was affiliated with gangs. Some thugs tried to crash the party and when they got kicked out, they started fighting people. A big fight breaks out and a few people ended up in the hospital. Eventually the house owner brought out a gun and shot a few rounds in the air and that's when everyone scattered away from the area. The cops were called and people were arrested.

Meanwhile I left hours ago and was currently playing drunk video games with a couple friends. Sometimes your gut's right.


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When I was in high school I delivered pizzas for a very small shop in a dead end town. Map-quest couldn't pull up 90% of the addresses.

Order comes in, I take it. Guy gives me directions.

Follow said directions and go a mile down this dirt road into the woods. Instantly freaked out.

Pull up to what looks like a burned down trailer, guy is standing on his porch with a giant bird on his shoulder.

Give him pizza, he starts flipping dollar bills in his hand counting while staring into my soul.

"Do you wanna pet my bird?"

"No thank you"


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Leaving a bar one night in sketchy northern Canada town some girls talked me into riding with them to a party. I get in the back of the car, followed by about 8 more people who came out of nowhere and before I can squirm out the "driver" gets in just hammered and proceeds to drive like a maniac. Icy roads way way too fast all over both sides of the road. So many people crammed in I couldn't see much so I just closed my eyes and waited for the sweet release of death.


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I was walking to a cafe when a group of oddly dressed people (one was wearing a cloak and literal cape and one had some sort of mask) very creepily invited me into their car. I did not accept.


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In 2004 my parents filed for divorce. My mom worked a traditional 9-5 job, and my dad worked as a contractor. It was my dad's responsibility to get us to school in the mornings, so my mom would drop my sister and I off before work. One morning we were running late because we had managed to hit every red light on route to dad's house. Typically when we were late my dad would hold out a sign that detailed our tardiness, but today he was not outside. Instead, he walked to the car from the house as we pulled up, walked over to the window, and handed my mom an envelope. Though the behavior seems normal, something felt wrong. As I turned to say goodbye to my mom I heard a shot. My dad had shot my mom, and continued to do so two more times into her thigh. Time seemed to stop, and I got my sister back in the car with her head down at the same time I screamed for help. At this point my mom had assured me she could drive, my sister was crouched in the back footwell, and I was trying to dial 911. I felt the need to "get out" as we pulled up, but I had to stay put through the entire situation.


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I was walking home from the gym in Seattle, and I would always walk by this weird house with blankets over the windows. There was also fenced in side yard packed with old busted RV's and garbage.

This particular night, there was an old dude with a long white beard standing in front of the house in a bathrobe, smoking a cigarette. I had never seen anyone in front of the house before. Then, I heard was sounded like a Prius pulling up to a stoplight... but was in fact several Seattle police cars rolling up with their engines and lights off. I don't even know how they got that quiet.

Then I saw a few officers approaching the house and the old man with their guns drawn... completely silently. One of them made eye contact with me, and made a fairly violent hand motion for me to go a different direction. So I did... very quickly.

About a month later that house was torn down. I have no idea what happened that night. And I'm glad I didn't have to find out.


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I was 9 or so, about to go wading in a creek, when I noticed a snake in the water. Just a little snake, maybe a foot long, just hanging out mostly vertical with its tail in some mud and reeds and stuff and its nostrils sticking out of the water.

OK, no big deal. I just won't wade right there.

I moved downstream five feet or so, and guess what? TWO little snakes right where I wanted to put my bare feet. And another one in the reeds! And...

Most of those weren't reeds.


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I live on a cattle farm, and one time we (my dad, granddad, and I) had to move a bull into another pen so that we could give him medicine for his injured leg. To do this, we spread out in a fan, with what are basically big rattles on sticks to make noise and get him to go the other way. When we get to the open gate, the bull looks at it, looks some more, and decides there must be a better way to go. He turns, faces us, we make noise to get him to turn around, and the cycle repeats. Finally he starts freaking out. He turns, faces directly at me, and JUMPS. I found my inner track star and climbed the fence to get away. Needless to say, we left him alone after that.


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I was digging a trench in my side yard during a massive flood to get the water moving again. I heard a loud series of cracking noises behind me, and turned around to see branches falling off of a large oak tree.

When the cracking got louder, I sprinted out toward the street. Twigs whipped my ears and back before I was safely away. So, probably that.


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I used to deliver pizza, guy opened up his trailer door with a shotgun in his hands... Yeah... Made sure I never went back to that place ever again.


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Was doing some urban exploring with some friends at the old Packard Plant in Detroit. We were hanging out for a while on the top floor, playing guitars, etc., when I heard a loud glass smashing sound from afar. I walked over and looked down to this "courtyard" and there were a few guys smashing up a very nice Chrysler 300.... With baseball bats. They did not see me or hear us, but I imagine if they did things would have gone a lot differently.


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High school party, out in a field behind the host's house. All was going well until some guy brought fireworks. Suuupperrr dry season. Did not wait around to see what would happen. Heard the next day almost 2 acres went up in flames, and the OPP & Fire crew paid him and his folks a visit.


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When I was in Iraq two years ago visiting family and ISIS took over my city. Nope, got the hell back to America on the next flight.


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I'm a wedding photographer.

One wedding was taking place at a "historical village". It consisted of 100+ year old houses which were once disassembled, moved to their current location, then painstakingly reassembled inch by inch in order to maintain this piece of history.The groom's mother was the president of the venue organization. She, of course, was very proud to host her son's wedding at the same place she volunteered at.

The wedding was great: laid back and non traditional. I stayed even a little bit longer than scheduled since things were so easy. Things finally started winding down around 11 or so, and everyone was drunk. But they had one thing left in store - lanterns! The kind that you light and then they fly away into the night. Nothing quite as romantic as lanterns....However, alcohol + floating fire + tall trees + historical village ARE NOT a recipe for success. While everyone tried to light their lanterns, the groom's mother caught wind of what was happening. She ran out into the village screaming for everyone to stop. Drunk and distracted by the challenge, no one listened. Everyone kept trying to get their lanterns to take off, and one finally did...

Right into a lush tree that sprawled out approximately 20 feet above the village. This is when I thought it would be a good idea to leave.

The lantern was stuck between some branches, burning ferociously. Groom's mother literally crying watching what she thought would be her beloved historical village going up in flames. Walking out, I saw the lantern narrowly drift through an opening in the branches and fly off into the distance.


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When the meth came out at a party that already had some nasty vibes going around. Went right over the backyard fence and out the neighbors gate without saying goodbye.


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I was walking home from work one night when a man put his hand on my shoulder. I turned around and he told me he was going to put me on top of a spiked, iron fence naked. I said "NO THANKS." very loudly and sped walked away. I didn't expected it to work but he didn't follow me.


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Today, when I found out my wife hasn't just been having an affair but has also been sleeping with people for money.

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