People Share Which Fictional Characters They Absolutely Hate


Write them out!

Characters we love to hate are the backbone of great storytelling. Every hero needs a villain to overcome or a character that will at the very least, leave a mark that changes our hero forever. Literature and entertainment are full of fabulously flawed characters we despise. They haunt us yes, but we'll never forget them.

Redditor u/CleverUseOfGameMecha wanted to discuss all the people who aren't real in the corporeal form but in our minds thanks to literature, music, film, television, theater and so on feel very much present but we hate them anyway by asking.... What fictional character do you absolutely hate?

Lotso Hate....


Lotso from Toy Story is the bane of my existence. Dope_Nibba

old testament-like....

That cowardly, weasley, rat faced looking, nasty little savage Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile. Forget that little fool. Klown1327

But bless Stephen King, one of his many gifts as a writer is he makes sure the animal in the story gets it good so you can have that super delicious, primal satisfaction of seeing old testament-like justice served up! robindowny

Great Matt!

Dr Mann from interstellar. He was such a coward. DweltStorm30591

Underrated comment. He sucked, and I think Matt Damon did a great job portraying a fallen idol/sniveling coward character. tragicbeast

We hate you Muffy!


Muffy from Arthur. Yeah her character is supposed to be the snobby rich girl, but she goes far beyond being just that. She is rude to all of her friends and doesn't even try to acclimate to her school environment. The only time she does is when an episode doesn't feature her and she becomes a voice of reason for someone else facing a conflict, and she isn't good at that at all.

One time when Francine's family hosted her, she was the worst guest ever, complaining about everything when they were doing the best they can to make her feel welcome, then when Francine is annoyed by it (as anyone would be) Muffy is the moron who plays the victim.

Another example is when she scheduled her birthday party the same day as Arthur, even though it wasn't her actual birthday, and Arthur had people from out of town coming in. She's just a sociopath that never feels empathy for anyone and her character isn't a good example for children. She has no redeeming values at all. jcrystal099


Abigail Williams. Read The Crucible in high school and I still hate that woman. Reddit

It's Proctor's fault for having an affair in the first place, but man, does Abigail take crap too far for her own gain without facing consequence.

At the end of the book, it says she apparently became a prostitute iirc. XarrotD

I hate this guy. 

Commodus from Gladiator. I hate this guy. He's absolutely the worst cheating, abusive untrustable lying POS of a traitor.

This character is so well written (and acted) that to this day, I still resent viewing the actor even in other roles. rothotto



The duck from the duck song. For some reason reddit loves him but all he did was give that poor lemonade vender a hard time. Like, he's a grown man selling lemonade. His life is already hard enough so there's no need to be a fool. Endmo1

We all feel that....

The Charmin bears. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR A KID SING ABOUT HIS BUTT!!! Jlinn0036

Mindy sucks.

Micah Damn Bell. That backstabbing, manipulative moron.

Also, Mindy from Snowpoint City, in the Sinnoh Pokemon games. She trades you a Haunter but it's holding an Everstone so you don't get Gengar. Forget Mindy, and everyone who looks like Mindy. Mindy sucks. up766570

Hell No!


Seladon from The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance. She is NOT redeemed. She doomed her entire race, cast out her sisters, damned her own mother, and suddenly she gets a little scratch and 'oh she's redeemed'? Hell no! starstruck_cat98



Caleb from King of the Hill..."Dusty old bones, full of green dust." ThisMeansWarm

No to Myrtle...

Mertle from Lilo and Stitch. She constantly picks on Lilo, and when she finally retaliates, Myrtle plays the victim. I hate her with all my being, forget that little piece of crap. FuzzyMonkey95



I was gonna say that Ramsay Bolton would be among the most hated Game Of Thrones character, but now i think Joffrey Baratheon would be the absolute worst as a character. bob_buttlicker_

I see your Joffrey and raise you Walder Frey. jordanballz


There was a show on Nickelodeon called As Told By Ginger. The main character, Ginger, her best friend was named Dodie. Well let me tell ya,


All she wants is to be popular and would/and has backstab Ginger.

Now the rich girl in the show, Courtney, was a nasty in her own way but throughout the series became friends with Ginger. She treated her better than her original friend Dodie. Courtney always had Gingers back. Bkbee



The Governor in the Walking Dead Comics. I was physically angry reading those comics. StealIris

 She was the worst. 

Kai Wynn from Deep Space Nine. She was the worst. Renmauzuo

The fact that Benjamin Sisko quickly started facepalming whenever he'd hear that she'd arrived on the station tells you just how much Kai Winn is annoying. SamaritanPrime

Oh Bob.


Bob Ewell from "To Kill A Mockingbird." Easily the most despicable villain of all time. Danromm13


Leonard from The Umbrella Academy. I could see right through him from the start and I never saw what Vanya saw in him. I'm not going to spoil what happens to him, but Im just happy that he got his comeuppance. goeatsanta

I like that I hate them......

Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - a cold, heartless tyrant rather than the caregiver a nurse is expected to be, she's the personification of the dehumanizing effect of living under authoritarian rule. VictorBlimpmuscle

I guess there's a difference between characters you hate because they are well portrayed, exactly as the director intended, and characters you hate because they're just annoying you. Nurse Ratched and Kai Winn are both good examples of the former, I like that I hate them. _Norman_Bates

I love a good villain....


The mother figure in Tangled, Gothel.

She reminds me of the worst traits of my ex-wife. The passive aggressive comments and put downs, with an "I'm just kidding" excuse behind it all... the manipulation and guilt trips, and elitism.

I love a good villain, but this one hits too close to home for me. When you've seen that kind of attitude in real life, it is sickening to see being portrayed on TV. Hellboybandez


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