Pauly Shore Pays Emotional Tribute To His Late Father And Comedy Store Co-Founder Sammy Shore
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Comedian and actor Pauly Shore announced the passing of his father, Sammy Shore, who died on Saturday of natural causes. He was 92.

Sammy Shore was the co-founder of the world-famous Los Angeles comedy club, the Comedy Store in West Hollywood, California.

His career spanned nearly seven decades performing in venues from the "Borscht Belt" summer resorts of New York's Catskill Mountains to Las Vegas and Hollywood.

Elvis Presley chose Shore to be his opening act for his comeback tour, and the comedian went on to open shows for Tony Orlando, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis Jr., Tom Jones, Ann-Margret, Connie Stevens, Bobby Darin.

Pauly Shore, who is known for comedy films from the 1990s like Encino Man (1992) and Bio-Dome (1996), penned an emotional tribute to his late father.

"I'm saddened to let everyone know my father Sammy Shore recently passed at the age of 92 from natural causes," Shore wrote, accompanied by a photo of himself with his dad.

"Dad, you lived an amazing life and I'm so proud to say that you are my father. When you're in heaven I'll be killing the crowds night after night and carrying on your legacy."

Sammy was married to his first wife Mitzi Saidel with whom he co-founded the Comedy Store in 1972 along with writing partner Rudy Deluca. Saidel became the owner two years later.

The pair divorced when Pauly was three years old and was raised by his mother, but Sammy remained an influential figure in his son's life.

Sammy took his son, an aspiring comic, to his first gig.

Eventually, father and son teamed up and took their family act out on the road.

Sammy was additionally known for his hilarious appearances in The Bellboy (1960) with Jerry Lewis and the Mel Brooks films Life Stinks (1991) and History of the World Part 1 (1981).

But his proudest achievement was in introducing his talented son in front of audiences.

Touring with his father for 20 years is something the 51-year-old fondly reflects back on.

The scion concluded his moving tribute by telling his late father that he will continue "killing the crowds" and honoring his legacy.

"Dad, you lived an amazing life and I'm so proud to say that you are my father. When you're in heaven I'll be killing the crowds night after night and carrying on your legacy. Love you Dad. Rest in peace. Your son and fellow stand up comic, Love, Pauly."

The Comedy Store changed their marquee to honor its co-founder.

The tributes continued on Twitter, with many expressing their condolences.

Sammy Shore leaves behind his wife of 29 years, Suzanne.

Rest in peace, Sammy Shore, and thank you for many years of laughter.

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