Generation by generation we can either uplift or destroy this thing called life.

There is so much baggage we as humans carry for far too long.

Time for some cleansing.

RedditorPara--Dise wanted to discuss the things that we need to make sure don't hold back the generations behind us.

They asked:

"What's something that needs to stop being passed down the generations?"

We have so much to do to help the next few gens. Let's get started.

Creepy Clown

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"This damn cookie jar, I told my gram it creeps me out. It’s a freaking porcelain clown head! I put it as deep in my closet as I can but I know he’s still watching me."



"At least in my family, the fancy wine glasses. No one ever uses them, everyone keeps them hidden in cupboards because they're too nice to use. They're not even sentimental, someone just picked them up one day and handed them around the family."


"My mother has a lot of Waterford crystal that she's very proud of. She'll bring it out for holiday dinners. I'm 100% inheriting this stuff. It's beautiful, but it's just not me. I guess maybe after it's mine, I'll invite friends over for dinners and make sure the pretty things get used."


The Inherited

"Inheritable diseases and medical conditions."


"Severe anxiety disorder runs very strongly in my family. I got that one. Alzheimer's also runs very strongly... I'm scared."


"With Crispr and other gene editing technology, we'll likely see many major inherited diseases entirely treated, if not completely cured, within the next decade."


Just Do It

"The idea that what you like to do isn't worth anything."


"Yeah it was always weird growing up when my parents would scoff at someone having fun or living their life. For example, they mocked my brother for taking scuba diving lessons because they thought it wasn't productive."

"Or they would talk crap about family members who took vacations that weren't at a resort or tourist trap. I grew up learning that mentality. It took me a while to get over it. Why am I going to watch a medieval knights tournament? Because it's FUN. Because I WANT to do it. It's like they need some kind of justification to enjoy themselves."



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"The whole narrative that because someone is older they deserve blind respect and obedience."


"I always approach older people with respect, as a default. Then decide if they deserved it out not and act accordingly."


We really are a mess as human race. Let's clean up.

Extended Fam Issues

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"Being forced to spend time with distant relatives. It's ok not to be around those that live polar opposite lifestyles than you. I have relatives that will never know where I live and for good reason, yet family is always 'you need to keep in touch...' The heck I do!"


Break the Cycle

"Child Abuse."


"Amen to this. By all accounts my dad was beaten bloody so often by his dad it was just normalized in his family. He left home at age 16 and joined the Air Force. I barely knew my grandfather before he died of cancer. My dad almost hit me once and stopped."

"I can still remember his eyes and how he lowered his hand and walked away at the last second. He never hit me or my sister. I think it was tough, going against his conditioning and his trauma response. He was a distant father, I am not going to lie. But my daughter has been raised in a loving, kind and caring home with no violence. Breaking the cycle and healing generational trauma is tough."


I'm not a bank...

"Making your child your retirement fund."


"This is a timely comment. Father-In-Law just called saying he is broke and about to be homeless. (hasn't paid taxes since leaving the military in the 80s.) Hasn't talked to his daughter since leaving the wedding early, before the reception, over a year ago.. but she says we cant just let him be homeless."


don't do that to our kids...



"I have noticed my parents always did things the way their parents did. They never questioned it or remembered how it made them feel like crap. My friends and I are the opposite and question everything and have pin pointed what was awful growing up and ya know... don't do that to our kids."

"The amount of things growing up in the 80s/90s that were just answered with being hit or punished or yelled at or sent to my room or told to just deal with it and be quiet was extraordinary. I hope I can pass that mentality down to my kids as well."


It's not mine...

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"The biggest mistake I've seen people make is saying ANYTHING relating to the remaining debt. Treat debt collectors like a cop. Don't say crap about it."

"If you're asked about it, don't respond. The moment you do, the flood begins, regardless if you say 'it's not my debt.' The pressure will begin right away. As for the constant requests, you can respond stating it's harassment and you'll report it if any more come in."


Debt is the top of my list. You see the National debt? Lord help us all.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments down below.

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