Daters Reactions To A Partner Who Wants To Wait Until Marriage

There are several prerequisites people might look for in a partner before agreeing to marry them.

Stable profession, where they see their future going, how well they get along with friends and family.

Then, of course, there's the matter of how they are in bed.

Something which might pose a problem should they find themselves dating someone who wants to hold off until after marriage.

Antiquated as the policy sounds, more people choose to abstain till marriage than one might imagine.

A policy which might not only prove problematic in finding a prospective fiancé, but could also be a potential deal breaker at the very start of the relationship.

One Redditor was curious to hear how people would react, or how they actually reacted, if their new romantic partner told them they wanted to abstain till after they got married, leading them to ask:

"If you were dating someone and if they said they don't want to have sex with you until they are married to you, how would you react?"

Depends On The Person

"My current boyfriend was like this."

"He wanted to wait until marriage."

"If it were anyone else, I would've dipped tf out."

"But for some reason, with him, I told him I'm willing to wait."

"Then a month passed into our relationship and he asked if we could have sex because he kept getting too turned on when we would do other stuff."

"Now 2years later, we have a healthy sex life and overall relationship lol."- acidic_crocodile

Will Only Wait So Long...

"I wouldn't mind waiting as long as they needed but I probably wouldn't get married to someone unless I knew we were also sexually compatible."- polywha

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Love Is What Matters Most

"That was what my wife said to me."

"We would kiss and pet but not much more."

"I love her and what is important to her is important to me."

"She decided she wanted to after she figured out that I was serious about her and our relationship."

"We had sex about a year into the relationship, and we got married 4 years into the relationship."

"Someone saying that they want to wait till marriage might simply mean that they want to be with the person they are going to be with for the long term."

"You should always respect a person's boundaries and if their boundaries are not something you can respect, don't be with that person."

"It really is worth it, no matter who it is."

"And btw, we have been together since the late 80s and have both had boundaries that we respected, but it has always been worth it and i and glad to be her husband."

"This is my experience with the woman that I love and adore, I don't advocate thinking someone saying they want to wait is anything but straight up facts.

"If my wife wanted to wait the 4 years til marriage, i would have gladly."

"But since she did change her mind after figuring out i wasn't leaving, my statement of some might is accurate, but not all or probably most will change their minds."

"It is up to each person to decide if that is the situation they want to be in, but regardless, I think you should always respect the choices a person makes for themselves."

"Love and respect should always go together."- Equivalent_Ad8133

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Details Needed...

"I would inquire about the reasoning, then act from there."

"I respect the choice, but I need to know the logic behind it if I'm going to commit to someone."- Blundell1992

That's A Dealbreaker...

"I would tell her that I am the wrong man for her and wish her all the best for her future."- Dense-Palpitation-55

Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It...

"This was my now wife."

"I'd been around the block a few times and had been with many partners."

"She was up front about it a few dates in."

"She came from a religious background and I definitely did not."

"At first I wasn't so sure."

"I agree with all the other comments here about sexual chemistry."

"However I found there was more open discussions around what each other liked and didn't like compared to previous relationships I've been in."

"Interestingly I felt a stronger connection with now wife then I did with previous gf's."

"Relationship is built around love and knowing each other and not just sex."

"We've been together for 8 years, married for 6."

"Have 2 kids and never had an argument."

"We made up for lost time after marriage.... Haha."

"If I had my time over, I'd do it exactly the same."- tuc_47

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Be it for religious, personal, or no reason at all, a person's decision to wait till after marriage should always be respected.

If that's a dating deal-breaker, that's your decision, as much as theirs to abstain.

Though, you might want to delay your decision till after at least a date or two.

As you might find yourselves connecting in a way you've never connected with others.

And what good is sex without a connection?

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