Parents Reveal Which Christmas Gifts They Already Regret Buying For Their Kids


Where is the receipt?

It always seems like a good idea when you're in the moment. You see something cool that you know your kid is going to flip over. Then you have a flashback of those times you never got the cool thing you wanted when you were their age, so you of course buy the cool gift, because you are the cool parent. Then they open it. They love it. They love you, you're perfect in their eyes and ALL is now right in the world. And then... they turn on that super fantastic gift and begin playing.

Life as you know it is now over! Congratulations!

Redditor u/tjb591 needed to vent some truths with other parents out there by asking.... Parents: now that it's the morning after, what do you regret getting your children for Christmas?



This floating ball thing that flies on it's own and senses where your hands are. It looked cool on the box! And it is cool! They just didn't say on the box that it sounds like a symphony of 100 dental drills while it flies around the house! pillow_pooter

My son also got this from his grandparents. Really cool and really loud. We ended up telling him to go to his room if he wanted to keep playing with it. We could still hear it. Sola_Solace

That one is on you Sweety! 

A bucket of slime. I knew better. I now have a bucket of slime all to myself. Anyone know how to remove slime from a couch? DharmaCrumbs

Slime is really just glue and borax, so theoretically you should be able to scrape it off, then pat the rest off. But who am I kidding, the slime they used to desecrate your couch is probably full of dye and glitter. So do the best you can and put a sheet/cover over your couch like the rest of us and ban slime all together. dainty_flower

Your sister may soon be an only child....

Gave my 6 y/o nieces snake in a cans. They spent the whole day shooting them at people.

I don't regret it. I think my sister regrets me though. WeeklyPie

Those were the days. I had a shark in the can and my sisters each had a different one. It was amazing fun. CardWitch

Don't Play it Again Sam! 

A new guitar for our 14yr old son. He has a headset that plugs into his amp, but won't use it because "then all my friends can't hear me" as he calls each and every person he has ever met since birth to personally serenade them the 4 songs he knows how to play. Smoke on the Water, Master of Puppets, Wonderwall, and the solo from Bohemian Rhapsody. He has other songs up his little sleeve, but isn't ready to share with the world since they aren't "perfect" yet. I, personally, think he's awesome at all of them. EvieZeGreat

Legos are of the Devil! 


A set of build-your-own dinosaurs, with mix and match parts. I've been stepping on lego dino pieces every 20 minutes or so for eighteen hours now. Pennyem

I used to step on them all the time. As long as it wasn't a whole build (I was careful to avoid those anyway; a smashed build is a sad build), I am perfectly fine walking on them. BenjamimaPancake

Don't you Yellie me! 

My 16 yo sister got my 7 & 9yo sister's these things called yellies. They move when you yell at them. They were doing it for like half an hour yesterday and I'm so glad I don't have to live there listening to those. QueenLexa

Is your sister Satan by any chance? xacffoke

Why have you forsaken me Santa?! 

A ukulele for a 6yo who refuses to learn to actually play it and just strums away on it. Oh and it came with a harmonica. Santa hates me. mamakelkel

My seven year old got a ukulele and a karaoke machine. She enjoys strumming and making up random songs while singing into the microphone. MrsPooPooPants

6 year olds don't voluntarily learn, you have to trick them into it... happens up until their mid 20's. 6 year olds are great at destroying stringed instruments though. foil-time

Face 2 Face....

Noise canceling gamer head phones. Now I have to walk to him and make eye contact to talk. I forgot he likes being upstairs when I am always downstairs, I can yell all day but he can't hear me. So frustrating but liking the workout. HealersDeath

Wish my parents understood this. They just stand at the bottom of the stairs yelling for ten minutes to get my sister's attention before texting her or me having to get her.

The entire block knows her name... I_died_again

Overcompensating is no! 

We got them too much. Last year, we felt we didn't get them enough, and this year we went overboard. So many presents including a Switch. Kids are 3 and 6. Little one wanted to stop opening and just play. Older one kept talking about how Santa went all out. Overwhelming. They were well behaved though! L-P8TO

Tonka Paranoia....


A Tonka police car. Multiple sirens and lights flashing. If I still smoked I would have PTSD thinking the man is breaking down my door. LionsPLZwin

We had a Christmas gathering of friends on the 23rd. We agreed not to exchange presents amongst the adults, but the kids would participate in a gift swap. You can be damn sure that we brought they loudest toys we could no longer stand to that party. canadianbydeh

Get thee back Satan! 

Hatchimals. They were super fun to watch hatch but they are super loud and make the most annoying sounds. And they're eyes are like Lazer pointers. They are like a weird new version of the furbeys from when I was a kid. Creepy little things. joey1886

Stop Yapping! 


Robot dog. It is a beeping barking nightmare. thebeardguyofdenver

This! Last Christmas, I hate that thing. I had to break the toggle so now it's stuck in demo mode. She has to keep playing with it for it to make noise for more than 10 seconds at a time. Robeartronic

Shut up Google! 

The Google home that I then connected to my Pandora account. The phrase "okay Google." Or "hey Google." Reddit

Dad got my boyfriend and I a Google Home Mini... Boyfriend enjoys "Ok Google, tell me a story!" "Ok Google, what's ____?" ...I prefer using it as an extension of my phone- calling/playing music. Soliterria

The Sky is NOT the limit!

Not a particular gift, but just the amount of gifts. It was the first year that our son was really into Santa and toys and gifts, and everyone went way overboard. Between the gifts we bought and our families bought for him, he had about 45 things to open. He was really excited for the 8-10, but then it became a chore and he just wanted to play with the stuff he already had. In hindsight, I really wish we had just done two or three bigger gifts from us. hairylikeabear

Above the belt....


Got my step-cousin Max some hulk fists. They're really fun. To hit other people with it seems and he has this thing with trying to hit every man in the nuts but me after getting bollocked off me. He has 3 sisters as well which he frequently has a temper with. Already got a text asking why. jackmoo01


A motion sensored plastic sword. Its 11.30pm at night and that damned thing still keeps making a clashing sound from our empty hallway, I don't know to what movement. Now I am too scared to go to the loo. p0lestar

Too Much to name....

I regret getting my 2yr old so many things. She was just happy tearing the paper so in hindsight I could have just wrapped a box of baby wipes to give her and she would have enjoyed it just as much.

Her birthday is coming up in March so a handful of the things I got her went back to the closet. I'll re-wrap them and save a few bucks on her birthday. suaveSavior

Download Fail....

Bought what I thought was a digital download code for PS4s Spiderman off ebay. Turned out to be the login info for this guy's account that had access to Spiderman. Didn't feel right so asked for a refund and the guy was cool about it. Got it directly from the PS4 store and didn't even have to redownload. So not really a huge regret. Overall great Christmas. darkesttool

Why? Just why?

Slime making kit with approximately 364830 of glitter. And glue. Lost 4 dishes to the glitter glue. I didn't even know that was a thing. My 9yo had been asking for slime forever and I've forbidden it from my house because I dislike the texture. But... Thought I'd get her a treat. Luckily she used it all up yesterday. jaearllama

Stop Yelling!


My Sister in Law bought our nephew this toy where the louder you yell, the faster it moves. Except only grandma was yelling at it and I had enough regret about the purchase for the whole family. bizarregospel


There must be so many parental gift moments when upon reflection you think... "WTH was I thinking?" Share with us....

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