It seemed like a good idea at the time. A person's name is an integral part of one's identity. It's a very specific part of first and lasting impressions. So when you're a parent the pressure is on to get it right and sometimes parents.... have a massive fail. Think ahead, whiskey may not always be you're go to. Also, originality is cute but you may want to save it for the fish.

Redditor u/TheKaleidoscopeEyes wanted to hear from parents who are wiling to admit mistake by asking.... Parents of Reddit: who has regretted the name they gave their child years down the road?

Historic Rethink.


My former boss has a cousin in her 20's named Isis. Her parents were both anthropologists that met while doing field work in Egypt and so named her in honor of the Egyptian goddess. Had to change her name a few years back :/ AvatarTreeFiddy

Maybe leave off the 'h?' 

I named my daughter Sarah. It is a family name but more importantly my best friend and sister's name. Where I grew up there weren't a lot of Sarah's. Seemed safe. One year we had 5 in her class. Poor kid. She hated it. Now she is an adult she has decided being named after her aunt is a good thing so it's not so bad I guess. zim3019

How high were you?

Not a parent, but my aunt once taught a kid named Pocahontas McGinty. My mother used to know someone who named their son Richard. Their surname was Tickle. They named the kid Dick Tickle. never_too_uncouth

Destined to be Hot. 

I got named Chad and now its a word for douchebaggery. So that sucks. chadnotchad

Chad is the hot guy. Brads the A**hole. Congratulations, you're a hot guy. peacewiIlwin

Burn baby...


Parents of Daenerys and Khaleesi might regret their choice after this last season. PM_Me_Ur_Nevermind

I mean, naming your kid after a fantasy tv show character is something they'd probably regret either way eventually. Or at least their kid will. Anzai


My 8 year old daughter is named Lana. Spell it backwards. I'm just waiting for the kids at school to figure it out too. Omfgimaweirdo

Just have her push the whole Lana Del Rey thing, i guess. Not sure if that's any better. jimmbie

Oh la la. 

We have family friends from France who named their daughter "Myrtille," which means blueberry and is pronounced sort of like "Mere-tee." It's a very cute name and they didn't regret it for a while. Then they moved to the US when Myrtille was 4-ish, and then their little blueberry became Myrtle, which is a very not as cute name lol. jimmbie

B & B. 

I had classmates in second grade named Beyonce and Brittney (twins btw). I wonder where they are now. AwesomeNinjaYT

Leave Britney alone. YimyoLa

How Regal... or not. 

My name is Anastasia. My mom regrets the name because it's associated with an oligarch and a character in a porn book. I was actually named for a Catholic Saint. haloarh

I mean, probably 10% of women in Russia and the other former soviet countries are named Anastasia (and the associated nicknames: Nastasia/Nastia/Stasia/etc). There were at least 5 on the rhythmic gymnastics team that I coached. tsukiii

The Calm Before....


Kylie Jenner named her daughter Stormi righhhhht before the Stormi Daniels controversy. usernameeightandhalf

Nah, it was right in the middle of the Stormy Daniels controversy. I'm not sure Kylie's up-to-date on what's going on in the world though. smash__lampjaw

You don't have to turn off your red light....

I worked with a Roxanne at my first job out of high school. I sang a few words of the song at her after learning her name (I didn't mean anything by it, it was just kind of a reflex). She went straight blank face at me and replied, "Wow. Thanks. Love to hear a song about a hooker sung at me every single time I meet someone. That just never gets old."

I only did it that once. ZooieNewbie

The old Standard.


My brother's name is Owen, which wasn't a super popular name at the time. Now it seems like everybody has at least one nephew named Owen so it feels like a little kids name (he's 23). Reddit

Hip-Hip Hooria!

My high school relative (girl) was named "Hooria" (nickname: hoor ) which comes from the Semitic word "Hoor" that means "the blessed virgin/mermaid." After they moved to U.S.A, ummm the girl needed to change her name because of some ...misunderstandings. AerisRuby


My sister graduated with an Ivana Mann and my dad used to date someone back in the day named Penny Nichols. popaquickHonthebox

Oh the Finn! 

In Finland "Jonne" was a popular name until it became the name of a stereotype for badly behaving kids that drink energy drinks. (Yes this might sound weird and specific but I would say about 50% of Finnish kids fall into this category nowadays. kappelikapeli

Do You Hear the People Sing?

As someone named Cosette, try not to name someone a name that has multiple songs about you? Especially if one of the songs says how much someone loves you. It's super awkward. I walk into a room and everyone breaks into song about how much they love me. Could be seen as cute, i see it as creepy. Fjellhum

Listen Closer.


My cousin's initials are A.S.S.

My aunt was warned, she refused to listen. ilaughathorrormovies

The "T" Card.

I'm a 35 year old man now, but some people still try talking down to me like a child and emasculating me when they get into an argument with me by calling me "Timmy."

It used to drive me berzerk when I was younger. Now I just think it's funny. You're so worked up and mad that you're gonna pull the "timmy card" on a grown man? What other childish things do you try on adults when you don't get your way? lol.

I'm sure plenty of other Tims here know what I'm talking about and have dealt with it plenty of times themselves. My advice is to just laugh in their faces. The_UnApologist


My mum went to college with two lovely people who named their children Ira (a boy's name of Hebrew origin) and Isis (an Egyptian goddess) both of which are now also terrorist organizations. Just unusual the way it's both names. Yaaaboy1

Where's Sophia?


My cousin named her daughter Dorothy after her (cousin's) grandmother.

Her daughter ended up being picked on in school for having an "old lady name," not to mention all sorts of Wizard of Oz jokes from kids who knew what Wizard of Oz was.

It got so bad that her daughter now goes by her middle name. jacobr1020


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