People Break Down The Most F**ked Up Thing Their Parents Ever Said To Them

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Not everyone is meant to be a parent.

The nasty, cruel things some parents say and do is mind-blowing.

This is why I don't watch the news.

What some people do to children is unspeakable.

Some shouldn't even buy a plant.

Redditor DynastyLoops asked:

"What is the most f**ked up thing your parents said or did to you?"

When I was a waiter, the things I heard parents say... like, where is CPS?!

Broken Trust

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"I haven't trusted you since the day you were born.' Not even sure what I did as an infant to lose her trust."


"I mean frankly small children aren’t very trustworthy in general but other than that yeah jeez."


Not Much

"When you graduate high school, you’re either going to start paying rent or move out. I was working at freaking McDonald’s at the time so I’d be essentially homeless. I joined the navy the next day."


No Harmony

"When I was 12 my dad took me to New Harmony State park to go fishing. He got drunk and passed out on a picnic table. After 5-6 hours he came to but was still trashed and he forced me to drive home. 1st ever driving experience. When I managed to help him into the car he passed out again within a few minutes. About 20 miles or so into the trip home we woke up. He looked over at me and kinda growled 'you little mother f*****' then he just started hitting me."

"He started crying as he was hitting me which made it even worse. I was scared to death. 12 years old driving down a highway, getting beaten while driving, and really hurting to see my dad in that condition. Idk if it’s the most messed up thing him or mom did but it definitely made the top ten list."



"My dad looked me in the eyes, said he settled for my mom, and that he would rather get drunk than be my father."

"My mom I'm conflicted on which it is, it would either be the time she hit me so much and so hard with a wooden spoon it broke, or the time I was excited about a book and tried to tell her and she said 'you're saying this like you actually think I care.'"


For You

"My parents were not abusive or alcoholics by any measure. They were as caring as anyone could be. But the thing that f**ked me up was that they looked at us to pick sides between their arguments. And say stuff like 'we are together only for you etc.'"

"'Dude, we didn't tell you to marry each other. How is it my responsibility to maintain peace between you?' Ironically, my brother and I live in foreign countries and my parents have to take care of each other."


This is too depressing.

How are people like this?


"When I was 12, my father got really drunk, and told me that I was born to save his marriage, and that I was a failure for not doing so."


A Bad Spiral

"I was living with my parents at 16 years old and my older siblings were away at college/out of the country. My dad told my mom he was leaving her, and my mom went into a downward spiral of depression. My dad left the house leaving me with a very depressed mother to look after."

"I remember she locked herself in her room for 3 days, I begged her to open the door. I went in and fed her. My dad would come back occasionally to the house to get something for his new place. They told me to not tell a soul about their marriage falling apart, not even my siblings."

"One day I got home from school to an empty house. The police came saying they had a call from a counsellor saying that my mom is in danger and may hurt herself. I completely broke down. Luckily she didn't do that but she got checked into the hospital for a while. My dad stopped by that night and I told him about it, he kind of just shrugged."

"I was completely alone. It was a horrible time. We are all okay now though, thankfully."



"My mom lit something on fire and threw it on my shoulder. I still have a faint scar on my shoulder. She claims she didn't do it on purpose but didn't have any remorse. I was either 6 or 7 at the time."


"The Narcissist's Prayer. That didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And if it was, that's not a big deal. And if it is, that's not my fault. And if it was, I didn't mean it. And if I did, you deserved it."


His Loss

"Parents are divorced. When I was 14 my dad told me he really only wanted one child. I'm the youngest of 3. It’s been 10 years since I’ve spoken to my dad. He’s a narcissist. Long story short, my dad never forgave any of us for basically forgiving our mom in the divorce, which we were all children at the time."

"It’s taken me a long time to deal with it all but my mom remarried 25 years ago and I feel very fortunate that my step-dad is the person I consider my dad. I got lucky. I used to feel sad for my dad but it really is his loss."


I Wanna Stay

"At 16 my mother took me out of school, made me get my GED so I would not be better than she was. They had to put the school on lockdown, because I was no longer a student and a threat to the school. All because I kept trying to fight it and trying to stay in school. My teacher walked me out and cried with me."

"I was a threat to the school Because I technically wasn’t a student anymore and I was still on school property. I thought if I kept going I could fight it so she couldn’t make me quit... but nope. She was my mother, I was a minor.. I lost. So I took my GED test, passed with A’s but in the late 90’s a GED was looked down on."


Gas Station Hero

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"My dad kidnapped me and my brother and sister when we were little but my sister told a gas station employee and they locked us up and called my mom who was one state over and my dad had to drive to California without us."


Well I have never been more grateful for my mother. I will tell her.

Do you have any similar parental stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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