Getting the approval of your partner's parents is a key factor to a relationship's success. It's nerve wracking at first- you never quite know what exactly their parents are looking for. But good news! These parents of Reddit will tell you exactly how they judge their kids' new partners.



Parents of reddit: How do you feel when your kid brings back a girlfriend/boyfriend? How do you decide whether you like them or not?

All looks and no brains.

My daughter (13) wanted me to meet her first "real" boyfriend. I was nice and pleasant, but I knew it wouldn't last because he was all looks and no brains. Of course, as junior high relationships go, it was about a 2 month ordeal. I think all parents should try and be cordial, unless the person feels like a serial killer or something.


Happy Snail Day to you!


My 4yo daughter introduced me to the 5yo neighbor kid as a bf, she told me he's really good at running fast and he appreciates snails as much as she does. Needless to say, this is a keeper.


When's the wedding?


May 24th (Snail Day) :D


F**k that guy.

I gave my daughter's on/off boyfriend a chance. Tried to like him. He seemed a bit manipulative to begin with, but I chalked it up to being 15. Then she attempted suicide while snap chatting with him because he was telling her how selfish he thinks she is. All while she was already arguing with her best friend over him.

He didn't reach out to me or her stepdad at all. Just told all her friends that she was crazy. Started dating someone else while she was still in ICU. Then messaged a bunch of crap to her older sister calling her a slut and sh*t. I'll bury his a** in the backyard if he ever tries to get back with her.


This is a good parent.

When my oldest daughter introduced her first serious boyfriend, he was an awkward kind of guy, was pretty unremarkable, but he got super animated about topics that interested him. I had a chat with him about my daughter... he got animated. They've been married for 9 years. Good guy, works hard, is a staunch advocate for his wife, and I love his smile when he looks at their kids.

My oldest son's first girlfriend was... not an emotional investment he was willing to make. she was pretty, but that was it. I scolded him, he got defensive, almost married her, but she made the mistake of asking my son about my money.... About a year later he brought home a beautiful, talented woman with an electric personality and more self confidence than even my cocksure eldest, and I was never more proud of him than when he took that dive. Their kids are incredible... great couple.

My second daughter just introduced us to a college friend of hers. He seems like a decent person. He's young, but he's got a head on his shoulders and seems able to conduct himself politely. I'll need more time to figure it out.

My youngest son had a high school sweetheart girlfriend that's now his college girlfriend. When I first met her she was 9, so I'm pretty enamored with her. Her parents have babysat and house sat for us, and they're all good people.

My youngest daughter has introduced me to a girlfriend from her trade school recently. Pretty sure she has been dating her for a couple years. She's angry, contrary, and bitter. Under all that baggage it's hard to tell, but I'm hoping that my home can be a place where she can just let whatever angers her so much disappear for a while and I can find out who she actually is. I've asked a good friend of my daughter's if there's ever been any signs of violence, as that's my only real concern, but so far it seems fine on that front. My youngest has always been a bit more subdued and contemplative than my others, so I'm hoping that whatever bitterness is in her girlfriend's life doesn't hurt her. This relationship is the most concerning one to me, because my daughter is a very sensitive person, and I fear for her happy, cheerful spirit.


Big mood.


When they interact and help out the rest of the family. When my daughter didn't understand her homework and then her sister's boyfriend helped her it showed how much he actually cared.


I like to think I would do this but I probably wouldn't understand the homework either.



My daughter just started dating. She was mortified when I picked them up and asked if everything was Gucci.


Next time ask if they're having a yeet time. Doesn't work in the sentence, makes it better.



I decided that I liked my future son-in-law when I learned that my university-aged daughter had been slacking off. I phoned her and he picked up and tried to take the bullet for her, blaming himself for distracting her. I was so impressed with his altruism that I decided I liked him right then. Twelve years later she's doing her PHD and they're still together.


She's the one.


Not a mother but I'm a sister to a lovely brother. He had brought some girls in house in his teenage years, and instantly I would know if I liked them or not. The first one he brought, was super rude with me and my parents. She would eat alone in the bedroom when we are having dinner, force my brother to be mean to me, etc.

Few months after the relationship ended in a really bad way. After that brought some girls, didn't talk so much with them but they were nice and sweet (didn't last long, less than two months). The last one he brought, when I talked to her, just one thought came to mind "she's the one". Five or six years later, here they are, living together.


We love a good penguin conversation.

My eldest is 15, and boys in high school can be....gross. The way they speak to girls (and girls to boys) is just so far out of line it makes me ill. But her boyfriend is respectful to her and her family. Most importantly they're the same brand of weird.

They facetime 19 hours a day I swear, but yesterday they had an entire conversation about penguins both using the same weird fake Russian type accent. He's her safe place and without very good cause, I'd never get in the way of that.


Act naturally.

It's about respect, if she treats him right, and compatibility.

On the other end, not her dad, but my girlfriend's roommate is this old grizzled marine dude. She told me that he liked me because I didn't try to get him to like, which apparently most people do. I was just myself and acted naturally, which he appreciated. Just be yourself and the people that will like you will like you, and the people who won't won't. But always be respectful.


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