A global pandemic ratchets up the intensity on nearly all facets of life.To that end, it reveals so much about individuals, collective groups, and institutions.

A recent Reddit thread asked users to share their keenest observations.

Their hot takes spanned the spectrum from the minutest elements of daily life to grand, sweeping cultural tendencies.

And, refreshingly, the Redditors’ impressions contained both positives and negatives.

Sure, the negatives are easy to anticipate, But some unexpected, optimistic surprises are helpful to read and think about

khopoli asked, "What is the one thing you realized during this pandemic?"

Cutting Out A to B

"How much time is wasted by commuting. Working from home, the '8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours play' thing actually works." -- 0xMii

"this!! and getting ready takes way less time, if only because you don't have to pack a lunch. 12-hour workdays don't sound that bad until you realize you actually have no free time at all because 'early is on time' and traffic and showering and making lunch and blah blah blah" -- akiramari

No More Excuses

"Self-improvement, and doing all those hobbies I've sworn that I could only do if I had more free time."

"Apparently time is not the bottleneck I thought it was; my biggest enemy is motivation and a lack of inertia."

-- DangerousPuhson

Acing the Test

"My wife and I get along very well. We are now living AND working together which means we hardly ever have an hour apart. Been doing this since March and not even an argument."

"We have witnessed many other relationships fall but ours is stronger than ever 15 years later."

-- Sirnado138

Emphasizing an Existing Conclusion

"I became even more certain that politicians are stupid and power hungry f***ers who do not care for their people." -- Luxny

"Like when they decided a pandemic was the perfect time to carry out the largest upward transfer of wealth in American history while throwing $1200 to the rest of us one time and then walking away?" -- ThisCityWantsMeDead

A Love Letter to Working From Home

"I really like teleworking because I get sporadic interruptions from my daughter and I get to see my wife nearly all day." -- hidethemilk

"Working from home is exactly as awesome as I always suspected it was." -- Brisco_Discos

Simple, but Difficult 

"I am not as good at being alone as I thought I was" -- an0n_us3r

"Same here. I thought I'd love it, but it just stresses me out." -- selfishbutready

"For me, I've discovered that I'm probably too good at being alone." -- CoronaBlue

Cat’s Out of the Bag

"Doctor's offices have been pepetrating some major bullsh** on us for quite some time. Now you call from the parking lot when you arrive, walk right in, see the doctor, done, not sit in a room with other sick people for a damn hour waiting."

"This should be how it is from now on."

-- penny_can

Exposed, All at Once

"How much critical infrastructure in the United States has declined. After decades of cutting budgets and prioritizing profits we have a system that can not handle a pandemic on any level."

"Hospitals are going bankrupt, the CDC is underfunded and ignored, schools are forced to reopen without proper precautions, Universities are on the brink of bankruptcy, the federal government can't agree with the state government that can't agree with the local government."

"It's like we've been running on this delusion of greatness while everything crumbled around us."

-- mushroom_print7

Principles vs. Actions

"I grew up in a very rural area and got fed the 'when stuff hits the fan, we county folk stand up for each other' line my whole life."

"After seeing my 100th 'you can't make me wear a mask even if it does protect people' post on Facebook I'm more than a little skeptical."

-- Rhodehouse93

Laying it All Out

"It brought out the true nature of people. For way too long people were allowed to put on whatever show they wanted, and were able to convince everyone of who they wanted others to believe they were."

"This situation has brought a lot of sunlight out, and the true nature of people has been shown. There have been a lot of people that we never thought in a million years would be so unkind, selfish, and uncouth, but they couldn't hold that lie anymore."

-- llcucf80

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