People Break Down Which Overpriced Items People Still Seem To Keep Buying

One of the hardest things to do in life is to stick to a budget. No matter how well you plan and how determined you are, you always seem to overspend a little.

Usually, this is a result of certain items being overpriced. Between run-of-the-mill inflation and shortage of goods, and the addition of pandemic-related inflation and shortage of goods, several items have been marked up.

In addition to goods, events and services are costing more as well.

The worst part is a lot of the stuff that is overpriced are actually items that people can't stop buying. People can't stop overspending if they aren't able to stop buying.

Curious about what overpriced items people keep buying, Redditor Sxzym asked:

"What's something that's way too overpriced, but people still keep buying?"

An Awful Business That's Always Needed


– sparklingshanaya

"Just throw me in the trash."

– snyder005

"I’m thinking about starting a business as a funeral planner. I know it sounds like a stand up bit, but I’m serious."

"It’s not like the average person understands the business, the rules and regulations, and the prices."

"So essentially, you’re making thousands of dollars worth of decisions while you’re an emotional wreck. Plus everyone is trying to squeeze extra money out of you by gaslighting you into thinking you’re a cheapskate that doesn’t care about your dead loved one."

"I go in not knowing the family nor the deceased and I certainly don’t give two sh*ts if a funeral director thinks I’m being cheap."

"The only thing that sucks is I would have to get paid too, so that would kind of ruin the whole point. So part of me just wants to volunteer my efforts."

"I just really hate when people get bent over and put in debt after losing someone. It’s so disgusting."

– Deleted User

Addicting Goods


– Poopikenz

"This one hits home. Everytime my mother buys a pack of ciggies and bitches about the rising costs but absolutely refuses to try the MUCH cheaper alternative which is vaping, the same device she seen me quit cigs on lol."

– ItsAnAvocadooThanks

"I feel this lol"

"I’ve had issues with other addictions in the past and managed to kick the bad ones but haven’t been able to quit smoking."

"At 2 packs a day with the price being between 6-8$, that we will call 7 is about 5k a year and I’m about a decade into this so I’ve depend around 50k on cigarettes in my life."

– GenericUsername19892

Fast Food

"Fast food. Gone are the days of the dollar menu"

– Bending_toast

"F*ckin fast food man, McD’s is expensive as sh*t now a days."

– iaintlyon

"Fast food. I see lines of cars in just about every joint I drive past. Spending who knows how much money on one meal that has no nutrients. I spend the same amount on food that will provide me three meals, with nutrients that will help me through my week."

– HeartPalpitations46

Medical Supplies

"Insulin. It's like they need it to live or something. Lol."

– uwumcuwu

"Inhalers too. So ridiculous it's not like I'm choosing to not breathe"

– adnoh1799

Apple Products

"Not to start a phone war, but i myself think that Apple products in general are way too expensive."

– Lo0tzz

"I might be wrong on this but it seems like every time they come out with a new iPhone all they add is a bit more battery life and a few better camera features when they’ve already had an excellent camera since iPhone X and 11 because that was the whole gimmick of those devices but they keep adding more camera stuff and then slap on a hundred more to the price."

– zRudy_Jimmy

The Essentials Of Eating

"Grubhub/Uber eats/door dash, etc"

– MonkeyDDeclan

"And when you have small children at home, thus making you unable or unwilling (depending on the circumstance) to just run out and pick up the food yourself, you wind up using then FAR more often than you should."

– dkonigs

The Completely Necessary

"Health care."

– dangoins

"Insurance I mean, it's necessary, but still..."

– asianchopsticks__

"Women's hygiene products."

"It should be dirt cheap, if not free."

– Marmite_Badger


"Water. Should never have to pay for it."

– mattekus

"Bottled water - obviously only where safe, clean drinking water is available from the tap."

– McStabbityStabStab

"Our tap water at our apartment tastes like dirt so we usually get a 24 pack and go through it in about 2 weeks. We always get the store brand, though. Never name brand."

– captainbuckybarnes

Fulfilling The Food Groups

"pre-sliced fruits and veggies at the store. The markup is insane on those things lol"


"In Tennessee a whole watermelon is $4.99. Also, 1/4 of a watermelon is $4.99."

– usedTP

"I hate myself a little every time I buy pre chopped veggies but damn it if they aren't worth it when my arthritis flares."

– thatspookybitch

Learn A Lot

"College education after associates."

– Cozycouchandtv

"University or college education"

– ThirdSpectator

Vrooom, Vrooom


– Equivalent-Ad-2950

"Gasoline, obviusly."

– notelpmiS

"Gas my friend…….. how else imma get to my destination without ending in west bubble f*ck☹️"

– londonmano235

Buy It, Don't Make It

"Boba milk tea has become overpriced where I live (used to be under $3-4 in my high school and college days but now most boba shops in my area are selling drinks for $5-7) but I still keep buying them from time to time because the last time I tried to make it myself at home, it was really bland and didn't taste like how milk tea should taste."

– booksandmatcha

I Gotta Play!

"In-game money or games. Some games cost like 500 in cash 💀 online. If it's expensive at a shop its understandable but online like steam? Comon bro 🌚"

– EllinorMetalhead-

Oh My God, Shoes!


– Temporary-Ad-4285

"Any Yeezy shoe, I like some of the designs they make. But I’m not going to pay 120$ for some slides"

– ItzzTokyoo

Home Improvement

"Major appliances. Has the technology changed that much to warrant the price increase? The bells and whistles might be nice but even basic appliance prices are out of whack. Seems fridges and freezers still use pretty much the same insulation and compressors. Washers and dryers haven't really advanced enough to justify the prices. Even ovens don't offer anything all that impressive. I suppose that's why they keep adding stuff like wi-fi connectivity; to account for the pricing. That and the home improvement shows convincing people they need new appliances every few years."

– litsalmon

What's A Movie Without Popcorn?

"Movie theater popcorn, snacks & drinks!"

– ChristmasOwl1886

Solid Advice...I Think

"Homes. Just rent. You are not going to live forever."

– celluloid_heroes

High Price For Comfort

"THAT bar soap. ya know the ones that have a whole plant in them."

– Maximum_Setting3206


"The American Dream."

– Thundersiege_Tank

"happy endings"

– revpar35

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