Over-Prepared People Reveal Which Item They Always Have With Them

Everybody has that one "momfriend" who somehow always has just what you need - even if you never knew you needed it. Whether it's an aux cord, feminine products, a pen, or sunscreen - there's someone in the group who just seems to always have everything. In my friend group her name is Kerry - and we've literally come to call her bag the "cool thing dispenser." It doesn't matter if you need the perfect shade of lipstick or a Leatherman to do some repairs; Kerry's got you covered.

One Reddit user wanted to hear from the Kerry's of the world and asked:

Overprepared redditors, which thing do you always carry with you no matter how much people ridicule you for it?

Now I know who to hang out with in case of apocalypse. Check out some of our favorite responses.

Tricked Out Truck

Carry on my person? Not much. But I drive out into the middle of nowhere for work all the time. 99.9% of the time you go out to the field nothing bad happens. But there is always that time when something does.

My truck has a full first aid kit, not a car sized one, but one with a full splint, suture kit, pain meds etc. I also have a Spot GPS emergency beacon, two full size spare tires, 100L of extra fuel, 20lb fire extinguisher, hatchet, hammer, socket set, multi-bit screwdriver, 4L of engine coolant, radiator sealant, j-b weld, 4l of engine oil, spare headlight bulbs, lithium battery booster, two tow straps, hi-lift jack, two traction aid ramps, thin thermal blanket and 4L of water with 2 days worth of energy bars.

People ridicule me all the time because I live in the city and my truck looks like it is ready to cross the fucking Sahara. The only thing I haven't used to this day for either myself or someone I've come across is the energy bar stash.

Save The Moment

I always have a BandAid in my wallet. Through the years it's saved the moment about a half dozen times. Usually for somebody else, not me.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Mocking

I never leave the house without a pen. My wife mocks me for it but then she often asks to borrow it.

Ballet Flats

A little pair of foldable ballet flats. Came in their own bag and everything. People look at me so strange when I pull them out of my bag, but jokes on them when they're the ones trudging up a hill in heels after a night out.

Spare Epi Pen

I used to carry a spare Epi-Pen on me (for my brother, even after he moved out.)

I was briefly ridiculed because I carried it in my knife roll for school, but I didn't expect people who don't have life threatening allergies to understand the severity of it. Thankfully we never had to use it.


I have a Leatherman multi-tool with me almost all of the time. They are so handy for little every day things


The last few years I have taken a sheep skin cooler bag that I put water, ice packs and other drinks in, to work and pretty much anywhere I drive. It has a little pocket in the front and I have bandaids, paracetamol, zantac, lighters, cigarettes, spare change and chewing gum. I get paid out daily at work and with friends for having a "man bag" (I'm a man) but it is so handy I don't care anymore.


Over the counter meds: pain, stomach, allergies. This habit has saved me and others countless times. I'm often asked if I'm opening up my own drugstore, and I love to just stare at those people when they whine. If you know you have health issues, come prepared.

Lord And Savior

A stapler. In high school, people made fun of me for carrying it around in my backpack, but they treated me like their lord and savior whenever they forgot to staple their essays, which happened pretty often.

Tampons For Men

A tampon or two in my backpack. I'm a dude.


First, life saver for my girlfriend or other female friends who get a surprise visit.

Second, the bastards are, believe it or not, amazing at soaking up blood. Who would have thought, right? If I get cut or a nosebleed I can just use it up to soak up the bleeding. I used to box so nosebleeds after sparring were common then. I also work part time as a roadie and old stages sometimes have sharp parts around. Plus shop work. Plus hiking. I'm also clumsy and do often to injure myself. Plenty of opportunities to stop the bleeding in my life.

But it's primarily there in case girlfriend's shark week comes abruptly, this is just an extra use-case. Sure I could use proper medical equipment for it, but this serves double purpose.



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